Rose coloured glasses

What an absolute disgrace wanting to put a seniors development near a hospital. Imagine how this will destroy the gateway to the Bay, what with its concrete plant, electricity substation and corrugated iron fence already beautifying the entrance.

Imagine having to look at landscaped housing and a small shopping complex – or is it all those old people we can’t look at? Maybe we could give everyone rose-coloured glasses as they drive in.

I’m pretty sure this development is not in anyone’s garden or space, so don’t worry – it won’t interfere with the studios that are springing up in backyards under the pretence of affordable housing.

The so-called outside developers have had interests in Byron Bay longer than most so-called locals have been here, so, no, they are not blow-ins. I think the NIMBYs need to look past their own agenda and see what could actually be good for the whole shire with jobs and facilities.

Or we can just say when you get to retirement age, ‘Fuck off’; we don’t want or need you any more.

Phil & Marie Boyd, Suffolk Park



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