National Party Richmond candidate named

Matthew Fraser... 'conflicted' on CSG issues. Photo Twitter

Matthew Fraser has again been preselected as the Nationals candidate for Richmond. Photo Twitter

Chris Dobney

The National Party has retained fast-food retailer Matthew Fraser as its candidate for the seat of Richmond at the upcoming federal election.

Mr Fraser, who failed in his bid to topple Labor’s Justine Elliot at the 2013 poll, successfully faced-off a challenge from Tweed lawyer and shire councillor Carolyn Byrne.

Ironically Ms Byrne, who has consistently sided with Tweed’s pro-development lobby, has been riled in the past by Echonetdaily referring to her as a National Party member.

Following his preselection, Mr Fraser vowed to ‘re-double [my] efforts to represent the people of Richmond.

‘I am committed to giving families in Richmond an accountable, local voice in government in Canberra,” Mr Fraser said.

‘I know I am the underdog against such an experienced politician as Justine Elliott, but I just believe we can do better.

‘Having a real vision for this area, and being prepared to stand up to the “big two” parties is the only way that we are going to get the real money we need for better schools, hospitals and to make this community the Healthy Lifestyles Capital of Australia.

‘If you want to make your voice heard, here’s your chance.  Politicians listen to their party bosses; I want to listen to you.  Give me your ideas, your insights, your input… and I will put them at the heart of my campaign,’ Mr Fraser said.

Malcolm’s man

But Ms Elliot has quickly returned fire following the announcement, issuing a media release saying that ‘there are three reasons why Matthew Fraser doesn’t deserve your vote’.

The first reason, she said, was ‘the harsh age pension cuts in the Abbott 2014 budget, [which] were praised as “especially necessary” by Matthew Fraser because he thinks pensions paid to the aged are, in his words, “unsustainable”. (Tweed Daily News, May 14, 2014).

Secondly, Ms Elliot said, that the small businessman wanted to see a cut to penalty rates.

‘Matthew Fraser wants to slash the penalty rates of hard working locals. If Matthew Fraser gets his way then thousands of locals working in jobs that rely on penalty rates will have their take home pay slashed. (Tweed Sun, August 27, 2015).

Finally, she accused Mr Fraser of being ‘Malcolm Turnbull’s candidate’.

‘Malcolm Turnbull and the Nationals have already made the choice to unfairly cut the age pension, family payments, local jobs and health services,’ Ms Elliot said.

‘Malcolm Turnbull has imposed an unfair $650 million cut to vital bulk-billing medical services which will see locals paying for pap smears, blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds.

‘Malcolm Turnbull and his Nationals are making health care more expensive for those who need it most – the sick, struggling families, and the elderly,’ Ms Elliot said.

Echonetdaily has approached the Greens Richmond candidate Dawn Walker for comment.


8 responses to “National Party Richmond candidate named”

  1. Serge Killingbeck says:

    By Mr Fraser’s comments it would appear that the Nationals are going to try and paint themselves as a minor alternative party, that the Nationals will, as he states, ‘stand up to the “big two”‘. Is he suggesting that he will renege on the cast iron coalition deal with the Liberals now of some 4 decades standing? So does this mean we will see the Liberals running a candidate in Richmond against the Nationals?

  2. Len Heggarty says:

    This quote seems a bit strange when Mr Fraser is not a president of a family organisation but a president of a business chamber for business by business, the Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce.
    ‘I am committed to giving families in Richmond an accountable, local voice in government in Canberra,” Mr Fraser said.
    I am available as a writer Matthew. I need work.

  3. Tim says:

    Fraser isn’t up to the job. He is treating locals as stupid with his comments. It’s his National Party that are in govt at both state and federal level. Therefore it is the National Party that is responsible for the high unemployment in our area, lack of services including healthcare and the 7yr jail terms for CSG protesters – all directly from his party. Trying to pretend otherwise is disgraceful. Go back to your junk food day job please!

  4. Roger Graf says:

    Is the National Party candidate suggesting in his comment that; “‘Having a real vision for this area, and being prepared to stand up to the “big two” parties is the only way [that we are going to get the real money we need for better schools, hospitals and to make this community the Healthy Lifestyles Capital of Australia].” the LNP will not support our electorate given that our sitting member is Labor and therefore funding is less desirable to our electorate due to the candidate being on the opposite side of parliament?
    Please explain exactly what you mean Mr Fraser!

  5. Robert Barlow says:

    Matthew Fraser does not deserve to represent Richmond going on his comments about cuts to the age pension and wanting to cut penalty rates. There are many people living in Richmond who, like me, are age pensioners or who are younger people trying to subsist on the mean wages paid out by businessmen like Fraser. I hope all of these people do not vote National. The National Party has done nothing for Richmond since federation. If Fraser wins Richmond he will only represent the big end of town.

  6. Marianne says:

    Here in Tweed Heads he has delivered promises made if he was elected. Funnily enough Justine Elliot has done nothing for Richmond.
    How can someone who votes along party lines only truthfully stand up and say they have done anything for Richmond.
    I almost split my sides laughing when she snapped selfies on Kennedy Drive claiming she got the money, well that is not what Hansard shows.
    She has also claimed O.T.C.P.’s withdrawal of funding for Tweed Women’s Services was the cause of that service closing. No, that is not the truth, anomalies in the use of the domestic violence refuge funding was the reason, what happened to the separately funded community programs they were meant to deliver.
    Then Ms Elliot claimed she made sure Sailability received their Federal Grant, yet another furphy.
    Ms Elliot treats her electorate as nothing more than a means to a good pension scheme, she does nothing, I have never seen her out and about talking with members of the public.
    The one time I went to her as the Federal Member her reply to my questions was simply “Vote for me and I will do something.”
    I just wish this woman would do the right thing and tell the truth, but I do not believe she is capable of that.

  7. Greg H says:

    Typical of many politicians Matthew Fraser is not specific about what he and the Nationals can do for Richmond. Matthew, its good that you are seeking ideas from the community, but what are some specific, positive plans that can make us believe that you(and the Nationals) can lead our Electorate better than Justine and Labor. The late US President John F Kennedy said Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country”.
    Justine, rather than just attack the opposition, it would be good to hear of some specific alternatives, together with your rationale and costings. Government expenditure has to be funded, so dont treat the electorate as stupid and not deserving of this information.
    For all candidates it would be good to hear your ideas about :
    -local plans for growth and development
    -tourism industry
    -youth unemployment
    Many residents Im sure would like to know also your position on national issues such as:
    -tax rates paid by large Multi-National businesses
    -tax rates on high income earners superannuation
    -mandatory immunisation
    and the definition of marriage.
    Responses to the issues will give the electorate true food for ‘thought’. Long live Democracy!

  8. jennings says:

    Mr Fraser recently sent me a letter saying that he is as frustrated as I am by our political process. Yet I have never expressed such a view to Mr Fraser or to anyone else. Neither did I ask his opinion about his feelings.

    Does Mr Fraser base his policies on similarly hollow guesswork as to what people really feel?

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