Words of wisdom from the Webb


‘Lindsay Webb is more than your average standup. He has an almost mindreader-like ability to pick faces in the audience and create a show purely on where they come from and what they do. The last time I saw him at The Arkaba half the show was a six-degrees exercise in linking audience members together; it was sheer genius.’

That’s what one reviewer said of him at the Adelaide Fringe last month.

Back in 2009 Webb took out the Guinness World Record for the Longest Show by an Individual – 38hrs 6min. It just shows what a relentless energy Webb has – able to improvise and create unique comedy experiences every time he hits the stage.

So Mr Webb… what makes you tick?

Every day I wake up and I think… today will be a great day!

Whoever invented… coffee should have a statue in every city!

Dogs are really great… at crapping on our front lawn!

The last time I… had a day off sick was in the year 2004.

I had this dream that I… helped the Government recognise the need for equality and they listened!

Being a man is hard work because you have to… take responsibility for men who have been less than equal in action and opinion.

What my kids have taught me is… that time is precious and English is a hard language to learn.

When I was a kid I wanted… fewer secondhand clothes.

Being a comedian… is the best thing that I have ever done for an occupation.

My greatest regret is… not believing in myself sooner.

Doing a 38-hour show taught me… that friends really can help you achieve anything.

The weirdest thing that has happened at a gig… was a lady laughing so hard that her eye popped out.

If I could have had a crack at another career I’d be a… detective.

If I were abducted by aliens I’d like them to… film everything for YouTube.

Something I like to do to annoy… is not let rude people know I think they are rude.

Dancing naked is… not recommended at funerals.

If I were prime minister I’d… abolish state government.

The world would be a better place if… we all enjoyed what we do for a living!

Lindsay Webb is joined by the superbly funny Ellen Briggs as support and, after two months’ absence, the long-awaited return of the undie-flashing talents of Mandy Nolan as MC.

Big Gig Comedy at the Ballina RSL on Thursday at 8pm.

Free show! Come early because this is CULT COMEDY at its best!

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