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February 5, 2023

Lismore mayoral candidate vows to bully his ‘stalkers’

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Mayoral candidate Mr Big Rob, who is heading a group of independents. (photo Darren Coyne)
Mayoral candidate Mr Big Rob, who is heading a group of independents. (photo Darren Coyne)

Lismore mayoral candidate Big Rob used his radio segment on Richmond Valley Radio last night to warn some of his critics that he would bully them next week by targeting them and the businesses they work for.

During the outburst, Mr Rob claimed that he had been repeatedly threatened by “freaks” and had listed no address because he had so many “haters” and was “always getting threatened to be killed or stabbed”.

The controversial candidate also described his critics as “little bitches” and said that he needed a “better category of stalkers” because he was bored with the present lot.

He said he had repeatedly been harassed during pre-poll in Lismore and online, and it was in fact he who was the victim of cyber-bullying.

He challenged anyone threatening him to ‘be a man, not a little wuss’, and said he would be justified in pulling out a stick and hitting them on the head because it would be self-defence.

Mr Rob, who operates numerous Facebook sites, has gained a reputation for blocking anyone who challenges his views, or is “rude” to him.

He publishes photos of people who he claims are stalking him, and in a number of cases has called people ‘paedophile’ online.

He claims to be self-funding his campaign to be mayor of Lismore and has promised to donate any allowance to charity should he be elected.

During last night’s broadcast, Mr Rob also accused Lismore City Council of financial impropriety during the recent Fit for the Future process, during which councils had to show why they should not be amalgamated.

‘I think they cooked the books a bit,” Mr Rob said, outlining alleged improvements to budget outcomes relating to the roads backlog.

Mr Rob has previously made it clear that he will not speak with Echonetdaily, describing this publication and other media in the area as ‘leftie’ dominated.

He refers to this journalist online as an ‘unprofessional gronk’.

Richmond Valley Radio manager Roger Wood OAM told Echonetdaily that he had listened to last night’s broadcast, but did not believe that Mr Rob had breached any of the station’s operating standards.

‘I see no basis for a complaint but if someone wants to make a complaint then they should do it in writing,’ he said.

It’s understood Mr Rob was previously a presenter on Lismore community radio station River FM but had his membership suspended after ignoring requests from the station’s management to stop targeting rival business owners in Lismore.








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  1. Oh dear, sad little man has made life hell for so many good people. He really should go away and try his ‘luck’ elsewhere, it has also been suggested that a running mate of his likes to bad mouth people in the area and give them absolute hell.

  2. There would be 1000 people who would say the same in The Northern Rivers.
    As Geoff Provest the members foir Tweed keeps saying “We need more police.” The place is out of control.
    Troy Grant where are you?

  3. This man made unfounded claims about the validity of my name on public radio, he has also photographed me & levelled a stalking accusation at me when I was in fact eating lunch in a local cafe and gratefully unaware of his apparently near-by putrescence, though the accusation was made behind my back in a cowardly fashion.
    I was given no right of reply.
    The bloke is just unstable, not to mention unoriginal having used a cliched Orwellian Big Brother theme for his “scam-pain” poster.
    I digress.
    I’d like to issue the same challenge to him that he bravely issued to others…
    Be a man, let’s see who carries a bigger stick.

    • Unoriginal indeed, I though the kebab shop logo looked like Buddha with facial hair added, Lismore council’s come to the heart logo and a mirror image or the Panda The World Wide Fund for Nature used for his facebook pages.

  4. So, Big Rob said he’d target people and the businesses they work for? Richmond Valley Radio manager Roger Wood doesn’t seem to have a problem with this statement. What if disgruntled bullied people started a social media campaign to boycott the station’s advertisers. Would Roger Wood be concerned then?

  5. A wonder if that includes some tow truck operators rival to his B=chum johnny where he squanders all of his so called knowledge from…..all sorts of junkies…guess his vice is attention….

  6. Thank you Echonet ..

    I cannot believe how seemingly “protected” this imbecile is. He tells a few lies, plays the victim card or threatens to take legal action and all of a sudden some mediums suppress actions that would usually be taken against such insane behavior. I can only hold solace that these organisations are taking the stance of not giving this scandalmonger any further attention by holding off on giving him recognition. But this only means the public are not seeing the true colours of this miscreant and feeds in his small egotistical mind that he is RIGHT!!

    His prolonged abuse on his social media sites that spills across into real time situations is a true and accurate description of a BULLY. Is Richmond Valley Radio thinking that any publicity is good publicity because surely they have taken complaints and recourse from Big Robs tirades.

    The Northern Star have obviously taken or had direction to not publish Big Rob’s irritant behavior during the campaign trail, and there has been a lot. Additionally, some TV news have chosen not to include Big Rob in their coverage of pre polling, probably because the of the backlash he will inflict on them if they were to embellish on his commentary.

    The electoral commission in its reformism would be restricted to enforce or even challenge candidate’s legitimacy as our politically correct society would condemn for a myriad of reasons.

    The sanctity of our local representative on Council being an upstanding member of the community has diminished severely if Big Rob were to be elected. As I have said on many occasions I DO BELIEVE that the majority of constituents of Lismore have more intelligence than to elect a low grade representative such as Big Rob.

    Those that do vote for Big Rob and follow him purely are UNAWARE of the importance of having good, strong and conscientiousness representation in their home town, needed for future potential and economic growth. Big Rob and his ridiculous policies will never have fruition nor validation because his insatiable desire to abolish with what he doesn’t agree with in itself reprehensible.
    Vote 1 for a progressive candidate.

  7. Sadly, all this is only fuelling this man’s fire…… he’s loving the exposure from what I can see. Best thing anyone can do is ignore him.

    • What an immature response from you Big Rob, but would expect nothing less from you.
      Hmmm… Lets see What you will bring to LCC.
      Here is my Top Ten!
      1. Disgrace
      2. Humiliation on a grand scale
      3. Hatred of Authorities
      4. Disrespect of other Councillors & Staff
      5. Radicalisation processes
      6. Mismanagement of Council Information.
      7. Lack of progression
      8. Community indignation
      9. Policies with no validatory premise.
      10.Delusions of grandeur

      These are only the top ten but there are many many more unwanted attributes you would and do bring to Lismore.

      When will you realise – People see you as Clown, Fool, and my favourite the definition of Feral!!!!!

  8. So Big Rub is going to respond to stalkers, by stalking them? Well… that’s a mature response.
    I’m not sure he understands that unlike the internet, you can’t just delete and block comments (or people) that you don’t agree with, or that point out the logical fallacies of your argument. In public office, you can’t bully or berate someone you disagree with and then claim to be the victim.
    Big Rub claims he wants a better class of stalker when in reality he can’t handle disagreement, throws petulant tantrums with any who dare challenge his sagacity, and has nothing to offer our community.
    A narcissist with delusions of grandeur demonstrating a psychopathic disregard for any who dare to challenge him.

  9. He does not have to be like that online. I have wandered past his business shop a few times and heard him in rant mode against some of the local youth brigade whom are either still undecided or have shown an inclination of not bothering to vote at all. He’s not the first local narcissist with delusions of grandeur and a pathetic incapacity to use calmness,rationality, and be putting forward ALL of the facts(not just selective bits) to prosecute a specific debating point.

  10. I received a number of votes today because of this very poorly written article and all the adverse comments from all those hiding behind fake names.

    It seems many dislike bullies and support those standing up to them.

    Thanks all.

    BR xo

    • Dear Rob, Big

      Would that be 1 of the mere 700 votes in total you received Big Rob. You have more likes on your Facebook pages then you got votes. That’s truly very sad.

      The public has voted they do not like you – They do not want you on Council and some would say they don’t want you in their village. Why don’t you do yourself and everyone else a favour and move on. Find another community you can infiltrate and report your “news” too.

      It will be interesting to see if you do indeed now bully those people you indicated you would on your on air tawdry lacklustre program on Richmond Valley Radio.

      Is it your mission to bring down all your haters one by one?
      What is left when there are no more haters? Will you start then on the people who do follow you?
      What will happen when your already ineffectual Facebook groups lose followers and gain no new likes?
      How will you continue your wrath on Council if indeed you wont be welcome at Council meetings?
      What will become of you when an entire town turns on you with retaliation to your threats?

      I will be following with anticipation what type of rebuttal you will no doubt hyperbolise in due course as to why you have failed dismally as a Local Election Candidate (loosely defined).

      Wouldn’t it be the best time now to take a long hard look at yourself and see why you have been humiliated and shown what the community thinks of you with these miserable results you achieved.

      You target professional reporters and news sources, showing indignation and disesteem. But you have no professional associations or affiliations that you can attest to.

      It is likely that you will not change nor will you ever accept your catastrophic demise that you have experienced. This is but just one trait a narcissist has to endure. However you will be reminded regularly and with some intensity of the people that have been afflicted with your fallacious comments and garishness will not change their opinions nor unobtrusively lose sight of your scorn.

      Beware the witch hunt Mr Rob as it may not be something you can block by the push of a button.!!!

  11. The blocking thing is true… Like I take the piss out of everyone and took the piss out of him and two other candidates in a satirical video on facebook, and surprise, surprise, Isaac Smith and Vanessa Ekins both enjoyed it… Someone requested to post it on their page and I accepted and big rob got upset and blocked me… I’m honestly not a fan of uptight, negative or conservative people and Big Rob is all of these things… He seems to fuel pages on facebook based on negativity, while Isaac, Vanessa and various other candidates post happy and optimistic things… I know who I pledge my allegiance to now…

  12. Oh what a relief! It wasn’t just me. I politely disagreed with him on one little issue about NORPA v’s sport fields, as if there needs to be one or the other, and he got personal and pissy and then deleted the entire thread and blocked me.
    I shudder to think what it would be like to have to work with him on the council.
    What a little diva!

    Btw Rob, hassling people at work, even threatening to do so, is harrassment and intimidation, which is a crime.
    The radio station manager should give you a good talking to about threatening people on-air, because they can also be liable for what you say.

    Some kind words of advice, some people are going to disagree with you. You cannot control them or change their minds. It is just a fact that we are all different and we don’t all agree on stuff. But it is ok. It is part of our diverse culture. Don’t take it as a personal insult if someone doesn’t agree with you. It is not you, it is the issue.
    But when you get pissy you make it about you, then you feel bad because it looks like people don’t like you. But again it is not you, it is only how you responded that people didn’t like. Graceful responses don’t make you a target for abuse. Allow allow allow. Allow others their opinions, no matter how different they are from yours. They may even give you an insight into how others see the world.

  13. the man has a cognitive distortion known as minimisation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimisation_(psychology)
    the two signs are denial and projection. he is obviously in need of help and attention. i am unable to say why he has developed such a distortion but could hazard a guess
    he has also defamed me online so I am starting action against all who commented on said defamation instead of him. bullying and online stalking etc are a major problem which we must address now. it is the realm of the coward
    don’t worry i have all the proof i need and i am considered somewhat of an expert at bringing bullies down to size. see you soon


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