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Byron Shire
April 23, 2021

Thus Spake Mungo: Peak crazy

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It took just a month after the election for the miraculous Morrison mob to dial back up to peak crazy.

And unsurprisingly the paranoid megalomania was enunciated by the elected dictator, Peter Dutton.

His omnipotence has been challenged by the insurrectionists of the Federal Court, in particular the subversive Judge Mordecai Bromberg (a sinister name if there ever was one – bet he’s a boat person himself, or at least the descendant).

Bromberg clarified the effect of the medivac legislation of last year, declaring that evacuations from the detention centres did not need personal appearances of the doctors involved – relevant files would be sufficient.

This was no more than accepted medical practice, as any doctor could have confirmed and many in fact did. But in Dutton’s twisted worldview it amounted to deliberate treason. Some doctors were gaming the system, he ranted, bringing people of bad character to our pristine shores simply because they could.

And the boat people themselves, illegal by definition (at least his) were complicit, inventing stories of rape in order to escape. Dutton provided no evidence, no examples. But he knew.

Anarchy, chaos, the end of Australia as we know it

And Bromberg’s treacherous decision would open the floodgates, unleashing flotillas of eager people smugglers keen to drown their clients, presumably before they could be raped on their way to evacuation to the mainland. Anarchy, chaos, the end of Australia as we know it. Whyalla wipe out, $100 legs of lamb, sledgehammers and wrecking balls on the economy, robbing pensioners  and death taxes.

The trouble is, as sane observers have noted, that this is precisely what Dutton predicted when the medivac legislation was first passed. The teeming hordes would arrive —  Christmas Island had to be reopened at the privilege price of $185 million to accommodate them. Welcome to the party – except no one came, and Christmas Island was quietly closed again after the photo-shoot.

Nauru and Manus

And of course every asylum seeker on Nauru and Manus would be automatically medivacced by the corrupt medicos determined to destroy national security — except that they weren’t. Just 22 have arrived, with eight on the list – rather less than those who were being brought to Australia under the old system, and a tiny handful compared to those who regularly come by plane and are apparently regarded as model citizens while awaiting processing.

But such tedious and oft-repeated facts do not worry Dutton – he knows the Bromberg decision is incredibly dangerous. Why, ten of those knocked back before last week’s looming catastrophe may well be able to appeal. He can count them on every grimy claw of his withered talons.

And these, presumably, are the ones he warned who would clog up the hospital queues, preventing real Australian with sprains and head colds from receiving the treatment they deserve. The crest of the immense wave which will overwhelm our fragile commonwealth.

Dutton retains an irrevocable veto over evacuations

Of course, even under the lethal legislation, Dutton retains an irrevocable veto over evacuations. He tells us it does not apply to bad character, and we have to believe him – he apparently waved through a couple of well-documented mass murdering war criminals who had been transhipped from the United States. But it certainly applies to national security, and given that Dutton considers that in regard to just about everything he does not like, it should hardly be an onerous task to invoke it.

 But in Dutton’s febrile imagination the risk is much wider. Why, there are some 7,100,000 of the dispossessed around the world seeking shelter. And all of them will flock to the lure of ScoMo’s promise of Australia, drawn by the irresistible lure of tax cuts for those earning $180,000 a year in 2025. Trust him – he knows.

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  1. Mungo what a thoughtful soul you are !! So much compassion, and empathy for the Refugees…what about ours …WHO ? WHAT, WHERE, never been any different..green elected shire , and what of it !!! Mention the numbers of Homeless in the country, 120.000 and counting ..or the FACT that 1 in 10 are our defense forces displaced, in depair , give the greens those statistics, and i have .!!’.answer OH really …!! But they would know exactly how many refugees are left on Manus ETC …no doubt about that …one young defense force person was told by the government that it would take 3 months to address his mental health issues…and then takes his own life …so come on Mungo i challenge you ? and the ECHO ? to at least bring these appalling statistics to the attention of your loyal readers …we NEED to do more…

    • I know it is fashionable for people to reduce everything in public discussion down to Left or Right politics, but we live in a very complex world that makes simply unwise to do so.

      Yes these things about Defence force personnel are very worrying.
      I know – as would many others – from my own family experience that PTSD does a dreadful job on young people returning from war.

      I would like to see that treated very seriously – with a focus on both prevention and cure.
      Prevention = stay out of foolish expeditionary undertakings – focus on defence, not kicking far-flung vipers nests.
      Cure = who knows? A wide range of conditions requires a wide range of treatments – more complexity I’m afraid.

      Nevertheless, we can walk and chew gum. By that I mean we can (and should) be proudly humane to both returned service personnel and to people needing refuge.

      It’s interesting, a very senior Navy man explained his personal view of what we should do for refugees to me once… he said the cheapest and most effective thing to do would be to set up a routine ferry service from Indonesia to Darwin bringing a well-ordered trickle of refugees for resettlement in Australia.

      Perhaps such a service could be run by ex-service personnel that wished to keep up their service to country and humanity ?

  2. Just a day after Bill Shorten stood down as ALP leader, senator Cory Bernardi saw all the hands shoot up to be ALP leader when it was common knowledge that Anthony Albanese was to be the ALP’s natural leader.
    From that tentative start in a show of ALP disunity Mr Albanese began to attack the CFMMU leader John Sexta.
    On the far right Cory Bernardi knew the Senate was crucial to the government vote so he disbanded his political party and he rejoined the Government to give them a bit more strength.
    We are now all ready for parliament to resume.

      • It’s been reported that Bernardi is resigning from Senate. Lord Downer of Baghdad’s daughter is tipped to replace him in Senate (from SA Liberal ticket)

        • oh, pleez say it isn’t true, the two time failure to win a Reps seat, shoehorned into the Senate.
          So, no nepotism to see see there.

  3. On economic grounds alone refugees should be transferred to Australia. This madness is
    costing us a BILLION dollars a year! No longer can Dutton assert that record numbers of refugees arrived under Labor. In 2016/17 alone 27,000 refugees arrived by plane totalling 81,000 since Abbott was elected. A record that you won’t hear Morrison and Dutton squealing about. Why? Because there are only votes in demonising boat people which is truly remarkable because over 90% these arrivals turn out to be genuine refugees. Of those who arrive by plane only 40% turn out to be genuine refugees.

  4. The Heart of Australia, once or twice in the past, Australians showed the world and themselves they had a heart. Lately most are eaten up with greed. Albanese Labor Government will give Australia a heart again and sooner the better.

  5. Yes, Ray. You said it. Clear & simple. National
    Insecurity’s a risk to itself what with Pete
    chewing on his mutton-bone & Mossie ScoMo
    twisting every body’s lives away, the doom &
    gloom’s here to stay.

    • I reply to you Stefanie because yours is the only name I know, for sure, from previous knowledge. How are any of these many claims known, from Dutton or elsewise, the numbers for instance: 9m refugees? I put it at a hundred m. As responsive as we can be to true tragedy the problem is beyond our country. The greater part of the problem is in the countries they come from. Libya had its revolution and the people still stream north years later. Egypt had to revert to military rule, after the jihadists took rule. Syria destroys itself still. Sri Lanka won the war and the Tamils persist. Burma’s great warrior ignores her people’s sideline. Iraq will do what Iraq does best, pick sides. Iran wants the bomb and is working on it. And Palestine is still fighting the six-day war. To our shame we have taken part in some of this, for right or wrong. Why wouldn’t we be concerned? Or Europe or the US. This has always been shaping as a war against the West. The diaspora is dangerous. Even at one per cent that’s a million potential combatants, within our borders. Hitler would have loved to have pull that one off.

  6. There are typo in Mungo’s item. The cost to reopen Christmas island was reported to be $185 million not the ‘$1.85 million’ in Mungo’s item.

  7. Robot, I hear you. Just about everything we look at
    has been botched by one side or the other. Every
    move we make – or don’t make – has repercussions
    that create more sickening situations. The truth of
    all this is that the entire world -ie; civilisation itself,
    has turned into a turfed-up science-fiction B-grade
    ratty movie that we [unfortunately] are ‘cast in’. It
    is a horror show. Human kind has become so very
    ‘unkind’. Billionaires run the show in many cases &
    all the other so-called freedom-fighters are suss as
    well. Whose side are we on? We don’t really know
    since ‘the controllers’ are in it for mega bucks. So,
    show me a ‘trustful’ politician who hasn’t been
    bought. She/He would rank at about 2%, maybe
    less. I guess that’s why it is imperative that we
    join with those we ‘hope we can rely on’ & become
    a people’s force for the good of the planet. There
    is no other way. If mistakes are made – know they
    won’t have been intentional. After all we must look
    out for the aged, the young, the ill & homeless. Yes,
    & that’s just the beginning. Animals understand
    their own. It’s time we did as well. It’s not easy.

  8. Good goddess, as if we needed another reminder that Australians are STILL slaves to those royal inbreeders in the UK, themselves originally from Coburg, Germany … Now we have the daughter of Lord Down, Down and Downer slipping into the Senate via a nudge-and-a-wink handshake between her father (“We are a nation-building family” he bleated drunkenly when his born-to-rule daughter lost in a fair and transparent election last time around) and the odious wannabe messiah Corey Bernardi .. Talk about blatant nepotism, jobs for the boys/girls/kids …Truly pathetic; if not borderline criminal, … may the forces of karma deliver the smug toffees their just desserts …. …

  9. Well said – Bernard.

    Are there any other ‘born-to-rule, nation-building” Downers who can attempt (and likely fail) to wrestle Mayo from Rebecca at the next Federal election? Please….no more Downers !


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Exciting lineup for 2021 Bangalow Music Festival

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