Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: The Greta Conspiracy

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Greta Thunberg was right when she derided world leaders recently with ‘How Dare You’.

How dare they, in fact, how dare we?

How dare we not take immediate action to ensure a future for up-and-coming generations; the future generations we gave birth to, because we wanted hot mum pics to post on Instagram, or because we needed someone to love us and give our lives meaning, or someone to carry our family name into the environmental apocalypse.

The backlash against a 16-year-old girl is astounding. Can’t teenage girls go back to twerking videos? Doing make-up tutorials on youtube? Watching the Kardashians?

It’s clear many adults around the world have a serious case of ‘Ephebiphobia’. That’s a fear of youth, and it is characterised by ‘inaccurate, exaggerated and sensational characterisation of young people’. She’s a puppet! They proclaimed. She’s an actor!

The whole thing looked rehearsed. Well der – if I had 4 minutes to pitch my case to the UN I’d be rehearsing too. As for her anger – that which adults are permitted to call passion – well, that’s what happens when you are enraged. And if you’re not enraged by our imminent mass extinction, then you’re a robot. No matter what her name-calling detractors say, Greta has had a massive impact.

This is what happens when you educate girls! We were comfortable with Malala. We celebrated her because as a Pakistani activist for female education she spoke out against the Taliban. We don’t perceive them as us. They’re the Taliban. They’re fundamentalists. They operate with a corrupted and controlling mindset. They won’t change their dangerous ideology. Sound familiar?

So, to governments and corporate leaders around the world – here’s a heads up; to young people, you are the Taliban. It’s your regime of self-interest that they’re raging against. It takes a 16-year-old girl with Aspergers and anxiety to reveal who you really are.

It’s clear the world is not ready for outspoken and articulate young women. We are however comfortable trivialising young women’s interests as being shallow and fickle. We love to accuse them of being the ‘Me’ generation. The narcissists obsessed with taking selfies. We deride them for their lack of resilience, their high incidence of anxiety, their inability to leave home, to be like us. And when they speak out… we tell them that they should ask politely. Like good children. We attempt to discredit them, like the right-wing climate change deniers and media commentators around the world have done to Greta. If you’re a climate change denier… then how the F did you get into the media in the first place?

There’s clearly been a sharp decline in critical thinking and an upsurge in ultra right-wing memes and dodgy graphs, resulting in a nasty social rash of people who mobilise around belief not fact. Like ex-footballer turned Australian TV ‘personality’ (and I use that term lightly) Sam Newman lashing out with tweets like: ‘That annoying little brat addressed the UN on the so-called climate crisis. WHO lets this shit have a platform? Mendacious, inbred sycophants, that who. #ClimateChangeHoax.’ Hey Sam, who let you have a platform? You’re a footballer FFS. Happy for you to talk about AFL. You must know something about that. But step away from science.

And what exactly is the Climate Change Hoax? Who does it serve? No-one can really explain the big conspiracy in their own words, just with Facebook links and memes to photoshopped images of Greta eating lunch in front of some Ethiopian children. Scientists are clearly in the employ of… wind farmers, hemp producers and Farmers Markets? It’s obvious!

There’s no reason for those corporations heavily invested in coal and fossil fuels to be pushing this agenda – those who fund government, who hold most of the world’s wealth, to be behind efforts to discredit climate science. I mean there’s no obvious reason they’d be the architects of this supposed ‘Climate Change Hoax.’

Hoax? Tut tut.

Attacking the character of a 16-year-old girl and her parents to shift the conversation away from climate action? How dare you.


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33 responses to “Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: The Greta Conspiracy”

  1. PAUL GALE says:

    Another concise and memorable one Mandy…..Gratifying to see the rising level of articulate anger amongst women these days and to witness their rejection of the unmittigated bullshit employed to dominate them.

    • Charles says:

      i love this little Girl..55 years my junior .. she has dented the Ego of Big Buffheads SEPTIC Men Big Time!!

    • Jim Scott says:

      It is interesting that old man Sam Newman is happy to trust and embrace science when it has to do with his face lifts to make him appear young. The questions hanging over old man Newmans rants are manifold. Is he jealous of youth or is it his omnipresent misogyny that he constantly displayed when with his all male footy show mates.
      What is clear is that Newman and his ilk like British car fetish counterpart Jeremy Broom Broom Clarkson who also attacked Greta Thunberg, are boymen who have never grown up anho cling together for comfort and exchange assurances with each other. They are shamed by Greta’s intelligence bravery and maturity in standing up before the UN assembly and giving them a roasting more powerful than any footy coach has ever delivered to his players. Newman et al are exposed for the trivial paper thin fraud “personalities” they really are.

  2. Jean says:

    Oh Mandy, you nailed it again.. Thank you very much for bringing a wise, and one would hope ‘common sense’ perspective, into all of this hatred against Greta.

    Make America Greta Again!

  3. Drumilla Bun says:

    Thanks Mandy, I have been wondering why Malala got of so easy.

  4. Roslyn Irwin says:

    I’m speaking as a great-grandmother who is fully aware of the mass extinction looming ahead (for humans as well as other animals) unless strong action is taken now by our supposed ‘leaders’. I’m proud to stand by and with our young people who, unlike many political leaders and ordinary citizens, understand and accept the science and are determined to fight for their futures. Despite the absurd and demeaning ways some have portrayed Greta Thunberg, demonstrating they haven’t learnt to be respectful ‘adults’, there are millions around the world who applaud what she’s doing. Her impact, and the passion which has spread to young people across the world, is demonstrating true leadership, and of course those who perceive their power as being confronted or somehow reduced can’t bear to think a young girl could challenge them – and receive such strong support from millions of ordinary people. And Greta and the young people won’t by deterred by childish expressions intended to hurt.

  5. Geoffrey leach says:

    Spot on Mandy. Notice how Greta’s critics don’t attack David Attenborough even though he is probably being manipulated by his parents and rehearsing his lines.

  6. Tim Shanasy says:

    My partner, whilst watching Foreign Correspondent together last night, said, ‘Hey, have you noticed these climate activist leaders are mostly girls?’
    I said, Yeah.!

    You can’t help thinking that male leaders are way too bound up in their egos and thug-manship, whereas these girls have far superior nurturing instincts.
    They truly care for a future where giving continuation (birth) to our DNA, is not only comfortable and viable, but possible.

    For the first time in human history, WE, Our Generation, holds the ONLY chance to either continue, and honour the vast history of human effort and achievement, OR, simply cruise and fly on, into mass climatic extermination.

    We choose, with every action of our daily lives.

    It appears clear, that our young heroes are the only hope, as us oldies are bound ever tighter by the mighty global dollar boa-constrictor of coal and oil barons’ political influence.

    People that knock Greta Thunderg and her rapidly growing supporters, are indeed very sick, myopic and criminally negligent old farts that are yet to ever consider their grand children.

  7. Ah…Ha… now we’ve got it. Fossil fuel barons along with
    Murdoch – Sky news – 2GB & IPA interconnect due to
    their ‘fear of youth’ instead of ‘mass extinction’ Science
    because science owns the hemp that’s ‘flowing in the
    wind’ [be quiet Dylan]. Realise as well our Right Wing
    -ing OZ gropers have now grown into a Right Wing
    Taliban-Aussie Government. That sends shivers up
    my spine! “The times they are a-changing.” Good
    one… Hoax, be damned. Greta’s got another great
    -grandmother here.

  8. Anton says:

    Perhaps its time Mandy read the Climate Gate Emails by John Costella

    • Louisa LaBoheme says:

      Well written, Mandy. Oh and don’t bother with the aforementioned “Climategate” (yes it is written as one word) emails. As you can imagine, they are written by a faux scientist. When you use different fonts and different colours in your publication “to make it easier to know who the lead players are”… you are kind of struggling on the credibility scale. As you were, Anton.

    • Bruce McQueen says:

      Perhaps you, Ant, should read Falter by Bill McKibben. Then look squarely into the eyes of every person you know under the age of thirty and tell them how much you care about them.

    • Joachim Staats says:

      Anton, John Costella is THE Hoax.

  9. Anton why bother? Climategate’s been examined & dissected ad naseum. The author is in the 2-3% of deniers & the book is in the 1% of the anti-climate “scientific” literature. It was a short-lived scandal that quickly became irrelevant as all the “scandalous” issues – anthropogenic CO2 levels, global temperatures, melting ice & weather patterns all followed the trends predicted 10-20 years previously by the scientific consensus. It wasn’t a smoking gun, just exposed arguments trying to maintain scientific rigour & defend academic standards. It was seized upon by sceptics (now deniers) & Murdoch press to try & discredit climate science. Only avowed deniers, U.S. Republican politicians, & disgruntled scientists with below-par work have tried to keep it alive.

    Even Murdoch gave up! No conspiracy. Predictions came true….unfortunately.

  10. Jeremy White says:

    Thanks Mandy! Succinct and on point as always with a twist of satire and sarcasm! Love it. Go girls! These old white haired, mostly white skinned narcissists that run this planet atm need a whooping!

    • Barrow says:

      Seriously echo !! And those comments “not ” “racist ”
      Now if he were implying that , these old black haired , mostly with black skin , that run this planet atm need a whooping.. would you have run with it echo ?? I respect all opinions and views as we should..but comments have crossed the line..

  11. Gregory Walker says:

    Far too much frothing, Mandy.

  12. You talk about mass destruction, can you please give me a heads up as to the exact date it will happen, so the rest of the world can get enough time to say goodbye to all their family and friends..
    On that doomsday everyone can get together over lots of drinking and the eating of animals, and go out with a full belly and numbness from all the alcohol.
    Oh, buy the way Google out all the doomsday predictions over the last 50-60 years that haven’t come true, and add this little pearl to the list, 50 years later you might think, hey maybe that guy was right…

    • Denis says:

      Go geddum, Mikey!

    • Jim Scott says:

      It’s happening today Michael. Check out the story on the mass destruction of coastal mangroves in Queensland and the melting of perma frost releasing massive amounts of methane in the northern tundra forests or perhaps the Earth being hotter today than any time in the last fifty thousand years.

      • Barrow says:

        Uh ..incorrect Jim !! ..just more BS propaganda, how did you come to this conclusion? That the planet is hotter than anytime in the past fifty thousand years ? Look its not hard. this hysteria is no different to the past global warming predictions
        Boring really …the planet has had 1 degree fluctuations since records began..not one Scientist WORLDWIDE can Question this ?? And for your information Jim the ROMAN WARM PERIOD was infact 1.3 to 1.5 degrees warmer than the present day Temperatures Worldwide.. ..!! Just more
        Alarmist crap !! Roman Warm period Jim
        Do your research….

        • Joachim Staats says:

          Barrow old son, do your research indeed. read what The IPCC says about the current global warming and where we are headed. You seem to be in love with this ‘Roman Warm Period’ of yours. Let’s see how you go by the middle – end of this century when the world’s natural systems fall apart, that’s if you are still around to ‘enjoy’.

          • Barrow says:

            Joachim iam in love with the facts !! The Roman Warm period was indeed times of extreme global warming…all you alarmist are clearly saying that
            Coal is the contributing to global i have asked you Joachim , and scientists, alarmist
            On many occasions can Global Warming occur
            Without fossil fuels on the Planet..Not one
            Response!! Also 500 scientists worldwide have contacted the IPCC ..and the UN with there is no
            Climate emergency….NOT ONE RESPONSE Joachim..!! Have you one ? You keep avoiding the

    • Joachim Staats says:

      Michael or is that really you Barrow under pseudo name. You got computer, you can read, yes, then heads up you craving for is easily available from The IPCC website.

  13. Marion says:

    Well written, Mandy. I’m a would be great grandmother (my grandchildren are not on-operating!). Why can’t these skeptics open their eyes & look around? See what’s happening? My grandfather (1865/1948), used to tell me the climate was changing! I’m certainly a believer and am trying to do the best I can.

  14. The sceptics do have a right to speak… & when they do
    it’s all in a bubble of iron-clad trouble. Still just because
    speech is free doesn’t mean it can’t be derailed. Real
    science needs respect along with those who study the
    ‘norms’ & put their mind, body & name into action.

  15. “OK, OK” For the sake of this argument let’s just say all you Greta “Iceberg” and ex”stink”son rebellion are supposedly correct, instead of lecturing all us climate denialists, let’s say you are right, (just saying)
    Now you have all control and power. Tell all of us skeptics, what the answer is, no more lectures just solutions.
    We already know your (number 1) solution.
    The only thing you lot want, is Solar and Wind..
    (By the way these are worldwide restrictions)
    Problem when the sun don’t shine, and the wind don’t blow, where do you get the power from to power the world then, that good old coal and nuclear used to do,
    So! Please tell me your solution, I’m keen to know!!
    By the way I would love to get a Tesla, instead of driving my petroleum guzzling van, but I can’t afford one, BUT I wouldn’t buy it because it was green, I’d buy it because its frigging fast
    Hang on if the world is going to end soon, maybe I should get one, because I won’t have to worry about paying it off, and a big carbon footprint house, a boat, with a big motor, a couple of motorbikes, raising a huge debt, and not having to worry about paying anything off,

  16. J Lowe says:

    Thanks Mandy

    Fantastic writing as usual. Mandy for PM!

    To the climate skeptics here, the Australian school strikers have just three demands:
    1. No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine;
    2. 100% renewable energy generation & exports by 2030;
    3. Funding for a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities. (

    Doesn’t look too radical to me. Nothing about nuclear power, shutting down existing fossil fuel power facilities, stopping flying or going back to cave dwelling. Really quite doable.

    Read the IPCC report and have a look at the Climate Council’s info ( Will you be like one of the small percentage of patients who do nothing when their doctor tells them to stop smoking or they will have a heart attack/need an amputation etc.? Will you say: “but I don’t believe that will happen?”

    Or will you decide that doing something to help deal with climate change would be a good idea, in light of the opinions of the vast majority of experts in the field?

    Over to you. It doesn’t really matter, as the tide is turning anyway. It will be easier to go with the flow.

  17. Michael,
    [1]Wind farms – there’s lots of wind around

    [2]Germany’s fine when the sun doesn’t shine – solar works under heavy cloud

    [3]Snowy Hydro 2.0

    [4]More dams – more hydro power

    List of ‘Wave Power’ countries: United Kingdom,
    Spain, Portugal, Israel

    And… while you’re at it, watch ‘A River Runs
    Through It’.

  18. Peter says:

    And when u ask them whilst they are glued to the tar what is CO2 level in atmosphere their eyes roll and reply ITS the science!!!!

  19. Ginga says:

    The interesting thing is well, I could write a lot,
    i’ll Just say this.. & especially to any young rockstar planet ambassadors, ‘we love you, by the way & thank you!’, nominated for a Nobel peace prize at 16. Sails round the planet. Borrowed Arnie Schwartz… electric vroom to get around the states….

    During the school hols there was a thing in the online news about Oz’s Greta, Daisy Jeffery, whom apparently attends a private high school in Sydney, accomplished in academics & musically, well spoken, great leader & politically voiced. Her parents are politically motivated & I think one is a journo.. have to read the article again, doesn’t matter.. they’re proud of her for finding her passion, her voice & using it positively.

    The Education department sent emails round to all schools, on the back of government objections to children finding their positive voice, younger & in larger numbers, than any other generation before. You know, the seen & not heard thing? I think we can safely say, near to extinct & thank goodness!

    The principle of the high school Daisy attends confronted her at assembly & told her there will be no more politics. This is not a political school. Went on to address the assembly saying that the young woman (Greta) was very sick.

    On the back of that lovely story, I rang the school when school resumed to congratulate the headmaster on the high academic quality of the level of students coming through the school not just musically, academically, on world issues, leadership, states people, grounded & well rounded. ‘The school must be very proud of Daisy!’.. I left a message with the principle’s p.a. not mentioning anything about the other stuff.
    You know, I seriously think, it’s easy to pick on girls, women or people who stand for change in times when people are stuck. Nothing is static. Human nature suggests we often want everything around us to stop so we can process & learn. Sometimes that goes on for centuries.. Everything around us is moving all the time. It’s obvious & most definitely necessary. Mostly I think it’s because it reflects the things in people they are not.

    Go you youngsters… we love you!
    Thanks for coming bright sparks!

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