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April 15, 2024

One arrested at 5G protest in Mullumbimby

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Local activist Dean Jefferys was arrested at the 5G protest yesterday. Photo supplied.

Protests against the Telstra installation of 5G at the Post Office in Mullumbimby yesterday led to the arrest of local activist Dean Jefferys.

According to Mr Jefferys around 200 people attended the impromptu protest following a call out to for 24 hour rolling protests. However, police have put the numbers at 100 to 120.

I was arrested for trying to stop a truck that was intending to remove a car that was blocking 5G installing equipment,’ said Mr Jefferys.

‘I am shocked and appalled that the government aided by the police would force this 5G roll out during the Coronavirus lockdown period hoping that there would be no protest. This is clearly against the communities desires as expressed recently when thousands of residents turned up at the Mullumbimby council chambers and public meetings.’

Mr Jefferys said people are planning to turning up to protest every day until the ‘installation is stopped and the real health concerns of the local residents are satisfied’.

Social distancing

Some observers have said that they were concerned that the protesters and their families were not practising social distancing and that the police who were standing by did not appear concerned.

However, Mr Jefferys said that, ‘people who attended the protest mainly kept a safe distance from everyone else. Yet when I made my sit down protest, that I am allowed to do under our constitution, and I asked police to keep a safe social distance I was instantly arrested and closely manhandled by three ungloved police.’

‘With only around ten new cases of COVID-19 in all of Australia yesterday it appears obvious the war on coranavirus is almost over. Now we just have to be careful that tyranny doesn’t become the new threat.’

Police respond

Police responded to questions from Echonetdaily stating that the protest was unauthorised and that the protesters were directed by police to ‘move on’.

‘The direction was ignored by several protesters forcing police to issue warnings regarding social distancing,’ said a police spokesperson.

‘Protesters continued to harass workmen at the site and obstructing vehicle access. The owner of a vehicle that had parked on a footpath at the location was directed to move her vehicle. When she refused to comply, police organised a tow truck to attend the location and tow the vehicle at her expense. Upon the arrival of the tow truck several protesters obstructed access. They were directed to move, however, failed to comply.

‘One man was arrested, and after resisting police, he was placed in the rear of the police vehicle. He was taken to Mullumbimby Police Station where he assisted with inquiries and was later released. Police forcibly removed two women from the footpath where they were obstructing the tow truck; they were later released. A man was seen to walk directly towards the tow truck and headbutt the side mirror causing a head injury. He was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics at the scene and was not taken to hospital. The remaining protesters left the site.’

Responding to the issue of the police being ungloved and unmasked the police spokesperson said that police are supplied with personal protective equipment (PPE) and determine when to use them.

‘Police are taking special precautions for all employees to limit their exposure to COVID-19. Officers have been instructed on the appropriate use of personal protective equipment and it has been provided to them to use as is necessary.

‘If an officer is exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 or is feeling unwell, steps are taken to manage the health and well-being of the officer. This includes consideration of the officer’s family.

‘The community can be assured officers in the field are aware of the required social distancing measures and are adhering to these where practicable, while still maintaining their capability to enforce law and order.’

♦ Telstra and Byron Shire Council have been contacted for comment

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  1. No doubt these tinfoil-hat wearers, contrails nutters, conspiracy theorists, and antivaxxers believe their “righteous” cause trumps common sense. And where was David Icke?

  2. ‘With only around ten new cases of COVID-19 in all of Australia yesterday it appears obvious the war on coranavirus is almost over. Now we just have to be careful that tyranny doesn’t become the new threat.’

    There are two main factors that contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in these circumstances
    1. How dense the crowd is
    2. How dense the crowd is

  3. Such protestors are guilty of wilful ignorance and misinformation. One has to ask who funds them as the posters would have cost about $200?
    As reported on the ABC Breakfast programme this morning, the leader of the protest was very willing to enlist the authority of science but only when it suits him. The interviewer was excellent in discrediting both him and his cause, demonstrating that he was a complete sham.

  4. No doubt Gordon you were one of those (late adopters) thinking smoking is healthy, asbestos and DDT are safe, the world is flat and Rosa Parks was out of line etc etc before these were proven to be unhealthy/ wrong . As Leonard Cohen said… thankfully “There is a crack in everything and that is how the light gets in”

  5. I work at the hospital. I can assure the the war is far from over. We have only won this battle. There is a lot more to come. Standing up against tyranny. Fools. Stay home.

  6. Gordon, before you lampoon anti-5G protesters you need to cite evidence supporting the claim that radio frequency radiation is harmless and that these good people are all nutters. In contrast, please study this report in the Scientific American, (https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/).
    I quote: “Citing this large body of research, more than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which calls for stronger exposure limits. The appeal makes the following assertions:

    “Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

    The scientists who signed this appeal arguably constitute the majority of experts on the effects of nonionizing radiation. They have published more than 2,000 papers and letters on EMF in professional journals.”
    When you are fully informed I hope that you will use your good sense and participate in this peaceful, necessary protest.

  7. Another whinge from the paranoid xenophobes of Northern Rivers with nothing else to do with their lives.
    Yes, it’s all true: they’re out to get you, only you.
    How many fingers do you see?

  8. Here’s an idea, erect this goddam 5G tower in Balfour Haynes back yard….He seems to think there there isn’t a problem with this technology being pushed on the community here!
    With that mentality you’ll make a great Guinea pig Gorden….

  9. It is a shame that the concerns about EMF issues related to the 5G roll out have been confused with issues related to the spread of corona virus?

    The 5G corona virus claims do seem to be spurious whereas the 5G EMF claims seem reasonable.

  10. When I hear someone say they are “shocked and appalled” I pretty much tune out. My bad. Being arrested for ‘blocking a truck’ isn’t much of a claim to fame either. Seriously some folks in this shire would protest over a shortage of numnut trees to sit under. If these angry ants are worried about 5G wait until 7G arrives! Gotta go…Inhave some chemtrails to count. But of a hobby.

  11. I want to see that the technology is safe before I’m subjected to it…. Do state and federal governments have towers on top of their offices? Yes, no?

  12. Totally agree.Just watched Dr. Devra Davis Toxicologist and Epidemiologist.The powers that be are lying and fudging the harmful affects of 5G.It’s still about money and control.And most people are still a “sheep”.

  13. Hi Gareth,
    Thank you for your comment. I personally do not have a professional, nor even a very strong, opinion on the effects of 5G.
    I do however, have a strong history and experience of research and science. If you were to look closely at your ‘source’, you will find that it is in fact an opinion piece, and at the end of Moskowitz’s piece he in fact is ‘petitioning’ people to support the appeal that many scientists ask for. To be clear, this appeal is only for a moratorium on deployment of 5G, and further government research, but does in no way state evidence based and factual negative effects of 5G.
    Gareth, you are in fact cherry-picking an ‘article’ which supports your view.
    Moskowitz’s article presents his views and opinion, and does not even represent the Scientific American’s views as a whole.
    In fact, in the very same Scientific American publications, there exist many opposing views to Moskowitz’s piece.
    Moskowitz makes reference to various studies which have been shown to be of poor quality, and poorly controlled. Larger, and more controlled studies, have in fact shown no correlation between cancers and cell-phone use.
    Moskowitz simply asserts that the technology of 5G ‘could’ be dangerous, and simply asks others to prove it safe, rather than prove it dangerous. This is not how science works.
    Science works on the onus for someone making an assertion, in this case, dangerous 5G, to demonstrate proof that it is in fact dangerous. Moskowitz’s piece is entitled ‘we have no reason to believe 5G is safe’! If you wish to make the assertion that 5G is not safe, you have to prove that it is not safe, not ask others to prove that it is not dangerous.
    Like I said, Moskowitz refers to some very poor studies. His point that many scientists have made an appeal for a moratorium on 5G and more research is besides the point. In fact, I agree, but this doesn’t prove it is dangerous. I also agree on ‘potential’ higher exposure limits.
    I am constantly perplexed how some people argue for science for some issues, but argue its status in other issues.
    I am not prepared to stress my sources in this forum, as there is only so much room and time, but it is up to you, everyone, including you Gareth, to take the responsibility to not cherry-pick information, understand the validity of your sources, be prepared to do thorough research to gain a balanced view, and then I am prepared to respect your opinion.
    Otherwise, you are simply a conspiracy theorist.
    I value the work of the Scientific American, but you need to be aware that they are not a scientific journal, and do include many opinion pieces, with often questionable background work.
    Gareth, it is you who needs to make sure you are fully informed before spreading misinformation!

  14. You call this tyranny. You soft bellied whingers. And I suppose you all peddle to work…oh I meant Centerlink.
    And I guess you communicate with Semaphore or banging sticks together. Hmmm No I’d say not.

  15. Olivia, comment responding to Iris is not helpful. Please leave this forum to valuable comments, not telling people where they should live!
    I value highly the diversity of our local population, but I don’t value conspiracists who love to jump on bandwagons but can’t back up theirs opinions.
    If you have something factual and researched to contribute, please do so.

  16. Yes what are all these conspiracist on about? The planet and its myriad of beings are all doing fine, there is no mass extinction taking place, there is no global warming there is no war crimes being committed, the forest are doing so well they are encroaching on cities, the recent bushfires were for the good, just like the first Australians did it. Perfect balance. 5G must be good or our leaders would not allow it.

  17. HI Mark, yes point taken. But this doesn’t justify people making claims and cherry-picking information to justify. Gareth was trying to justify his stance with bad ‘science’, which is not science at all. If we justify our stances with poor ‘science’, then we have to allow others to justify their opposing stances with their own poor science’. If we cannot present proper facts, then we are just sheep on the other side of the paddock.
    I am only taking the stance of science, and am not personally making a stance for 5G, or any other present issue. If we present a weak argument, then the opposing views shoot us down in flames.

  18. Thanks, Paul, for your valuable corrective comments. I was not cherry picking by the way. I regularly read both New Scientist and Scientific American and when I spotted this opinion piece I decided to share it not because I think it represents the final statement on the 5G issue but more that it is punctures Gordon’s claim that those of us who are sceptics (and that quality IS a hallmark of science) are not necessarily conspiracy theorists or chem trail believers. Today’s news that Australia has chosen Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud storage, for which the US police can have access rather than our own indigenous technology, feeds our scepticism about the US/Australian nexus.

  19. The local council had decided to hold off the upgrades
    but it was still forced on them..
    Don’t expect this poisoning of the system to end anytime soon,
    lots of idiots claiming to be experts but they don’t seem to understand we are
    electrical beings and the electromagnet frequencies used by the Plasma Antenna they
    use are playing havoc with our systems..
    here are some studies..

  20. So what’s this 5G then? Wasn’t 4G enough? What is gained and what is lost? I really don’t know except there is a greater capacity for more data and more data at higher speed but not quite just more of the same, more choice masquerading as more freedom seems to require more control, might not be so free then. As for electromagnetism it could be a problem along with all the other sources of pollution. That’s a huge cluster of problems and it would be insanity to pretend otherwise. On the other hand we are not going to have a “year zero” anytime soon with all the horrors that would bring. So we are stuck with the complexity of cost benefit analysis and sorting reliable from unreliable sources of information but at the same time including outsider voices that may have something important to say…. so if that’s awkward then that’s a free society, messy.

  21. All this talk about the effects of 5G but I wonder if any of the critics have researched what part of the radio frequency spectrum is being used to propagate 5G in Australia. I believe it’s around 3.5GHz (C-Band) … the same frequencies that satellite broadcasters have been using for decades.

    Each hour, minute and second, night and day for the last, what, 50 years we are have been “eradiated” and “poisoned” and yet no one seems to have noticed any of these purported deadly side effects … until of course 5G is mentioned.

  22. oh patrick, don’t go and puncture the 5g bubble, i was just starting to enjoy the rabid froth on my flat-earth!


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