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Crooked Donald & Co

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Keith Duncan, Pimlico

American patriots are celebrating an historic victory with the Democrats’ stunning win of both seats in the Georgia Senate election. We can only imagine how treasonous Trump supporters and the radical lunatic right are hurting right now; for all the sensible progressive people in Western democracies, this is as good as it gets.

President, and Vice President-elect, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, can now implement their long-overdue reform program that the American people overwhelmingly voted for at the general election, without the usual obstruction by the extreme right-wing Republican Party.

A major shift on climate change policy and gun culture can now be achieved with Democrats controlling all three tiers of government. But even more importantly, the criminality and subversion that has been rife within the entire Trump administration and family, can now be pursued with renewed vigour, now the protection of the Presidency and Senate has been neutralized.

Not since the heyday of the American mafia has corruption existed at such high levels with the perpetrators operating with impunity. There are many existing lawsuits, both State and Federal, ready to be served on Trump and his cohorts. We are going to have a great year watching ‘Crooked Donald’ and Co finally cop what they deserve.


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  1. You can bet on that, Keith. Still, mob rule will react. My relatives over there believe
    the crazed will continue. Why – because they can. This new world is not only brain
    dead – it’s heartless.

  2. It’s a mistake to fall into the trap: “Trump bad therefore Biden good”.
    Good riddance to the maniac Trump and his entourage, the worst imaginable President.
    We now have the Democrats, better than Trump yes, but a party with an abysmal record on human rights, medicare, interference in other countries elections, waging wars, supporting criminal Israel.
    On these criteria it’s Hobson’s Choice..

    • Keith, could you let me know what you think a major shift in gun culture would look like. The 2nd Amendment will stop any major shift. The states might tinker at the edges but the 2nd will bring them into line. Any chance of a repeal of the 2nd is probably a few generations away. Thanks

  3. They are learning over there, Michael. I am as angry are you are but I believe
    the US will turn around in spite of the crookedness. Trump may have done the
    world a favor by being the rat that he is. Time for all to take a good look in the
    mirror – & that includes here as well. ScoMo’s more than a mite precious too.

  4. Hi Michael ,
    He is beyond belief this Keith Duncan !
    You see as long as the left are in power
    corrupt to the core including Biden’s son
    It’s hard to believe that this racist President
    Of the free world will be the incoming leader
    This guy has a appalling record on race issues
    Google the whole package Mr Duncan
    Hear no “evil see no evil ” not once did the ABC
    Or CNN bring his racism into question during
    The Presidential election.. why ? Well who knows
    But expect nothing less from the far left !!
    “Do as i say not as i ” America will go to crap
    With this untra progressive in power .. War will be upon us in less than 2 years is my Prediction
    I will personally be happy to give you
    Mr Keith Duncan the first uniform to serve
    and protect this wonderful nation …. !!

    • Yo Barrow, my man. What’s this war in 2 years business. The US hasn’t stop fighting ‘wars’ since at least 2001, the War on Terror, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq and then the last 4 years under Trump with the war upon itself, decency, facts and truth.

      • Captain Planet Joachim !!
        Thats your views on Trump .. not mine .
        Biden/ Harris will be a Disaster
        as was the last democrat leader Obarma
        who in his six years marched the us troops
        Into 7 conflicts.. Trumps wars ZERO Joachim !
        Is this not what you greens and the rest of the world want to achieve?? “Make love not war ”
        Only when it suits Joachim…

  5. Barrow – [1] Night Son is not Biden’s son. [2] Biden’s quote years age ‘Black is beautiful.
    Culture should be studied & cultural awareness of the importance is their own identity.
    [3] Biden’s running mate of colour – Kamala – sure isn’t going to agree with you. [4]
    Biden’s great grandfather had slaves & it’s possible(?) his grandmother could have been
    a racist. How about you stop winging & get on with living. Note too, the ‘free world’ does
    no longer exist.

  6. Stefanie, when I wrote the words “we can only imagine how the treasonous Trump supporters and radical lunatic right are hurting right now”, I may have underestimated just how much, if the reply from a certain nom de plume who seems to lack the intestinal fortitude to put a real name to his incoherent ramblings is anything to go by. I could claim to feel sorry for them, however I would only be bullshitting. As for those who constantly slag off at the USA. over their long history with the gun and interfering in other countries affairs, be careful where you point the finger, every European country that colonised the New World is guilty of exactly the same thing. In 1942 four American aircraft carries and the result of two pivotal Pacific naval battles was all that stopped Japan turning Australia into a Japanese colony, no-one else could have stopped it. The USA will always have internal troubles, at least now there will not be an insane megalomaniac stocking the fire, that has to be an improvement in any language.

  7. Stefanie you call it whining because you don’t
    agree with my views and opinions? thats bit
    rich coming from you with respect is it not
    Stefanie? As i said previously Biden is a racist
    Quote !! “If you dont vote Democrats
    You ain’t Black ” there are many more
    Stefanie can keep going …the democrats
    Have a dismal record on human rights
    Stefanie, nothing to see here .. you can’t
    defend the indefensible Stefanie…

  8. And Biden said ‘he didn’t call me boy either’ … set-ups are ‘common’ & easy to fall
    for, Barrow. My finger is on the pulse over there, mate. Why – because my blood-ties
    are all living there. I know what the US Native first ‘nations’ know, am a tribal member,
    and the cousin to a leading Clan Mother & her brother the Chief. I’m connected to 2
    reservations & I read all 3 major Native American newspapers & I have updates
    on-line daily. No ‘trick playing here Barrow’. Those screaming / abusive Trump
    Swallowers don’t know b-from-a-bull’s-foot. They like ‘bash-up party-time’ – why?
    Because they think ‘it’s cool.’ Because the shape-shifting president told them to
    go do it & he topped it up with his snide message of how much he loved them…
    Yeah; just like Hitler loved his Jews. The world’s ‘unsteady’ & Keith is correct. No-one
    needs a Trump’s 3rd world war game. Most Republican pollies are owned by Trump.
    Either get it or not.

  9. Hi David, you ask a reasonable question about what I think a major shift in American gun culture would look like, I will give it my best shot. The 2nd. amendment was drawn up in a world of single shot muzzle loading weapons, and does not clearly state what arms Americans have a right to bear, something that has always been challengeable . To the best of my knowledge heavy caliber machine-guns and heavy weapons are banned in all States, to the displeasure of the NRA. Which brings into question how dangerous semi-automatic assault rifles are can they be banned also. Bill Clinton did exactly this during his presidency only to have it overturned by the Bush administration. The NRA. has recently been riddled with charges of internal corruption and embezzlement and seems to have lost some of its power. The majority of Americans have had a gut full of major gun crime perpetrated with assault rifles. If the incoming Democrat administration maintains the political will to enact major gun reform the 2nd amendment rights could be limited to small arms and bolt action hunting rifles only, would that not be major change?, we will have to wait and see.

  10. Hi Keith. Thanks for your “best shot” but allow me to comment on some of your statements.
    Yes, the framers of the 2nd Amendment didn’t specify what arms, they was no need. At the time, civilians were legally allowed to own cannons, so arms meant all arms. The supreme court later ruled arms meant “all arms in common use”.
    The 2nd doesn’t give Americans the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms was at the time considered natural and inalienable. The 2nd forbid the government from infringing that right.
    Most “machine guns” of all calibers are banned in all states, only if the gun was made after 1986. Pre 1986 “machine guns’ are free to own but heavily regulated in most states. As “machine guns” account for less than 10 deaths since 1935, there seems to be no issue.
    The NRA lobbied for and helped draft much of the “machine gun” legislation, and were instrumental in much of the gun control legislation throughout the 20th century.
    There is no such gun as a “semi- automatic assault rifle”. I assume you refer to the AR15 type semi-automatic modern sporting rifle, Americas most popular gun with 27 million in circulation. Unless the Supreme Court reinterprets “arms in common use” I cant see these rifles being banned.
    Bill Clinton did introduce a 10 year ban on new semi-automatic modern sporting rifles. The 10 years expired, it wasn’t overturned by Bush. Because semi- automatic rifles were hardly ever used for crime, the ban had almost no effect. There was little political support for another ban. Today another ban would be challenged under the 2nd amendment.
    I agree, the majority of Americans have had a gut full of major gun crime. But assault rifles play no part and semi-automatic rifles like the AR 15, the most popular gun in America, are used in less than 1% of homicides.
    If Biden and Harris manage to pull off some political trickery, sway the conservative Supreme Court Justices into ruling that “shall not be infringed” actually means “can be infringed” then there might be a small shift if American gun culture. Thanks.

  11. The US & OZ are always as ‘one’ – ScoMo will tell you that, Sue. And Barrow; I hope
    you’ve been eating your vegies – especially greens – of late. Doctors know best.

  12. Hi David, semi-automatic assault rifles were first developed for military use by the German army in the closing stages of the second world war, for use in urban warfare and continued on by the Russians and then the Americans for use in jungle warfare in Vietnam. There has never been an element of sporting shooting in them, they have one use and that is killing people at short to medium range, the AR15’s with their small calibre (223) do not have the hitting power for large game especially at longer ranges nor the accuracy to make clean kills, any hunter worth his salt would use a larger bore weapon (hunting rifle) where their heavier projectiles penetrate and perform much better. You seem to forget that gun massacres in the US. over the last 40 years that have killed hundreds of innocent people, military type assault rifles have mostly been the culprits. And as for the NRA, they have a long history of blocking any attempts at meaningful gun reform, but that power may be waning, and public opinion seems to be definitely turning against them. No-one said gun reform in the US. would be easy, but at least they now have a Govt. that is pursuing a “yes we can policy” instead of a “no we can’t”. Your welcome.

  13. Thanks again Keith. For a rifle to be classed as an assault rifle, it has to be intermediate caliber with select fire. The AR15 and its copies are small caliber with no select fire. There not a military rifle, there not an assault rifle and yes, there not used for large game hunting. Look at the FBI statistics re murder with guns . For every murder with a rifle [all rifle types], there are 19 murders with handguns. Best estimates [no actual figures available] 1 murder with an AR 15 or similar to 42 murders with hand guns. Why is the focus on the AR15 modern sporting rifle but not the hand gun?

  14. Keith… talking about guns – if you haven’t seen Trump’s latest just type in “Trump Takes
    Nuclear Codes With Him”- that’s the command he still has of 5,800 nuclear weapons.
    Also, ‘Getup’s’ latest on an ABC video… showing how Murdoch & Morrison have scaled
    back on the ABC during past years when ScoMo lied saying he hadn’t taken ‘money
    & job cutbacks away from the OZ people.

  15. Stefanie, all through this appalling moment in US. history, the democratic institutions, including Republican Governors and Judges and the Joint Defence Chiefs and Mike Pence have stood fast to uphold their Constitution, under enormous pressure from that mongrel Trump, I seriously doubt that Trump has taken Nuclear launch codes, even if he did, their no good unless someone is prepared to launch them, and codes can be changed. The GOP. is going to take years to recover from this, and no mater what happens with this impeachment, although it looks likely Trump could be disqualified from holding office again. Trump is going to be a very busy boy fighting pending criminal charges and his empire could be unravelling also, here’s hoping, you should be proud of how your country has emerged from this.

  16. Keith, the codes only change on-the-dot when Biden signs in… but this stuff today reads –
    Final Hours – Trump Administration / “Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller installed
    Michael Ellis – a hard Right former aide to Rep. Devin Nunes & Trump loyalist – as General
    Counsel for The National Security Agency. [NB Trump’s lot back in control].
    Because this is a ‘civil service position’ Joe Biden cannot dismiss Ellis the way he could most
    political appointees which is what makes this ‘last minute move’ so dangerous.
    Ellis was responsible for moving the phone records of Trumps attempted extortion of Ukrain-
    ian President Voludymyr Zelenskyto a codeword-classified server, an attempt to hide evidence
    from Government whistleblowers & from Congress.” There’s a lot more. This arrived @ 1.03pm.

    Are you familiar with Daily Kos [email protected]…..? I do have contact off & on. Daily Kos
    is calling on all citizens to sign a petition to stop the take over.


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