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May 12, 2021
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Ageism alive and well

Margaret Boshier, St Ives I have been spending time in the ocean since before I could walk; I grew up...

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‘Natural’ cruelty

Richard Swinton, Clunes While I agree with Desmond Bellamy’s concerns about animal cruelty, the issue of ‘natural’ cruelty if the...

Board defends its management of Mullum Rural Co-op

The issue of potential fraud and financial mismanagement was a key part of the response from Mullumbimby Rural Co-op...

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning May 12

Check out what's on going the Byron Shire and surrounding area this week

Interview with Cyprien Clerc, Founder and managing Director of Futureseeds

Founder and Managing Director at FutureSeeds, Cyprien Clerc, talks to The Echo about this upcoming event.

How full is that glass?

Cr Alan Hunter, Byron Shire Council Council Staff recommend opposing the proposed changes in the Exempt Development provisions to be considered...

Houses without smoke detectors very alarming

Fire & Rescue NSW is always busy and the nation-wide fires in recent years have highlighted the importance and value of our firefighters.

Stories about "nudity":

Byron’s naked bike ride could boast Australia’s biggest turnout

Byron Bay’s 10th annual World Naked Bike Rid this coming Sunday, March 11, will be the biggest event of its kind in Australia if it exceeds the 270 participants who rode in the event last year.

Taking offence is in the eye of the beholder

Jim Nutter, Main Arm. 'Offensive', in my concise Oxford, is 'aggressive', intended for use in attack. The opposite is defensive.

$1,000 for a skinny dip: ‘I guess we’ll just have to cop it’

The Brunswick Heads tradition of a quick skinny dip appears to be on the way out after a second pair in their 60s in a fortnight have been slapped with $1,000 in fines.

Anti-nude campaign a throwback to Franco’s Spain

Robert Easton, Billinudgel. In Franco’s Spain Police officers carried rulers to check women’s skirts. Here in Byron our brave young officers have been whipped into...

Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box: Nude ain’t rude

I love being nude. I like sleeping nude. I like swimming nude. Damn, I even shower nude. I’m nude right now. Well, under my clothes. I always go nude under my clothes. If you’re like me then you probably love being nude too. Statistics show that it’s highly probable you were born nude.

Nudity is not perversity

DeeJay, Myocum.  It is laudable that a certain councillor considers provision of a safe environment for all our residents to be a prime concern of...

Hundreds get naked for north coast’s biggest ever ride

The streets of Byron Bay were literally swarming with naked people on Sunday afternoon, as the town’s World Naked Bike Ride hit an all-time attendance record.

Byron naked bike ride defies weather to be ‘biggest ever’

Although it was her first year co-ordinating the World Naked Bike, Debra Conomy was ‘pretty sure’ this year’s head count of 165 was the biggest ever contingent in the history of the event in Byron Bay.

Naked bike riders throw cares and clothes to the wind

Byron Bay railway station sees some action once a year at least, when the proud members of the World Naked Bike Ride clan gather to get into their uniforms for the annual streaking cycle through the town.

Public nudity back in Byron

Byron Bay has been saved the shame of being unable to field a contingent in this coming weekend’s World Naked Bike Ride.

It’s D-Day for Byron’s Marvell Street DA

Will a controversial hotel development in central Byron that exceeds both height and floor space limits be given conditional approval at this week’s Byron Council meeting?

Plans to increase building heights in Byron CBD may be shelved

Byron Council’s controversial plan to increase building height limits on a block in the centre of Byron Bay looks set to be abandoned at this week’s planning meeting.

Re Netflix

David Gilet, Byron Bay You would have to say that the Byron district has more than its fair share of wankers, however, most of our local...

Cartoon of the week – 12 May, 2021

Letters to the editor We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of...