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February 27, 2021

New law ‘could lift vaccination rates’

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NSW health authorities hope new laws aimed at boosting immunisation rates for young children, which came into effect this week, may educate parents about the benefits of vaccination, especially on the north coast where vaccination rates are much lower than elsewhere.

Minister for the north coast and Ballina MP Don Page has welcomed the new requirements, which came into force on January 1, saying they could lift immunisation levels in the region.

Under the new laws, a child cannot be enrolled at a childcare facility unless the parent or guardian provides an official immunisation record proving the child is fully immunised or an approved exemption is provided.

Mr Page said preventable diseases such as whooping cough and measles continued to be seen in the north coast communities and he hoped the new laws would change that.

He told ABC North Coast that in order to prevent the diseases, ‘you need a herd immunity of around 95 per cent of people immunised’.

‘On north coast it’s as low as 50 per cent and obviously that means all those children are potentially very vulnerable to a lot of these preventable diseases, so it’s important that people vaccinate,’ Mr Page said.

NSW health minister Jillian Skinner said the amendments to the Public Health Act 2010 ‘send a clear message to parents that the NSW government is serious about protecting the health of children and the wider community’.

‘The NSW government is determined to protect our children from the devastating consequences of vaccine-preventable disease,’ Mrs Skinner said.

‘No longer will it be left to childcare operators to decide whether to enrol or refuse an unimmunised child.

‘This new legislation makes it very clear what must happen and, while we expect a very high level of compliance from childcare operators, there will be provision for fines should operators not comply.

‘This legislation puts the onus squarely on parents and guardians to either show proof of vaccination or provide an approved exemption, which can only be granted after counselling by a GP or nurse immuniser.

‘This will capture the parents who simply forget to stay up to date with their child’s immunisation schedule.

‘We expect it will also educate those who are anti-vaccination.

‘Forget the scaremongering; there is nothing to fear from vaccination,’ Mrs Skinner said.

NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said the vast majority of children in NSW are fully immunised for their age.

‘Vaccines used in Australia have gone through extensive testing to determine their safety and effectiveness,’ Dr Chant said.

‘Children in NSW have the advantage of a comprehensive immunisation program that protects them from potentially-fatal diseases such as measles, tetanus and diphtheria, and debilitating conditions such as polio and hepatitis B.

‘Today is a timely reminder to parents to make sure their children are fully immunised before heading back to childcare in the new year,’ Dr Chant said

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  1. Thank you for not giving airtime to the dishonest anti vaccinationists. Getting the positive message out can be quite difficult. Over the last 2 weeks, members of the public who oppose the Anti Vaccination Network have found themselves the target of malicious action on the internet, in the form of malicious reporting on facebook which, due to a loophole in the facebook reporting function has resulted in them being silenced from facebook for 12 hours at a time. With the full knowledge and support of Meryl Dorey (spokeswoman of the anti vaccination network) , her followers are looking back through facebook for posts that simply have their name in them, and reporting them. They do this once every 12 hours to ensure the users are not able to post on facebook, effectively silencing them.

    Indeed, Meryl Dorey gleefully admits to making over 50 fraudulent claims of copyright infringement to remove information she does not want from the internet.

    The action is summarised here : http://reasonablehank.com/2013/12/31/meryl-dorey-and-her-anti-vaccine-organisation-abusing-facebooks-reporting-mechanism-with-spite/

  2. Haha “forget the scaremongering” says mrs skinner. This is exactly what you are doing to try and get everyone imunized and now to try and justify your enforcing it. Have met so many people who’s lives have be ruined from early immunization. Looks like home schooling is clearly the best option here for those who can afford to do it, while these posing authority figures enjoy there Christmas bonuses.

  3. immunisation is not a safeguard. I have just been observing my grandchildren’s situations. They are fully immunised and just had chickenpox so did their friends and some teachers in an area where immunisation is almost 100%.

  4. Vaccination “laws” are nothing more than a human rights violation and attack against human freedom by an nanny state hell bent on controlling every aspect of society. Vaccines are linked to autism and are responsible for compromising the still developing imune systems of infants. They have been minimally effective since their introduction and studies have shown them to have caused far more harm than good. This is yet another abuse of power by an out of control government who has anything but the publics best interests at heart… it is yet again, a group of public trustess acting in blatant breach of the trust granted to them by their employers, the people.

  5. Nothing brings out the anti vaxers like this type of article. Vaccines are not presented as 100% effective, but I am sceptical of these claims of diseases in the vaccinated. I note we are never given enough information to determine if the comments are likely to be valid or not, which leads me to suspect they’re not.

    None of the anti vaccination comments above have any basis in fact. Perhaps if they wish to comment, they include the evidence to support their opinion ?

  6. The police state returns
    This an absolute violation of human rights and will contribute in an unimagineable way to the development of serious chronic diseases to the ever declining health of our local and global population who becoming increasingly dependant upon the state to ‘care’ for their health needs.

    The state’s idea of care: more vaccinations and antibiotics …more and more suppression of good health.


    Because this makes the population sicker and sicker, not just physically but emotionally and mentally also; hence the population becomes weaker and less discerning and increasingly compliant with whatever deeply pathological governmental policies they throw at us; thus the ‘herd’ mentality is assured which is precisely what governments want.

    Resist, resist, resist!
    Stay awake, stay awake, stay awake!

  7. It’s clear that there are still going to be many flat-earthers who will refuse to immunise their kids.
    Up to them then, I hope their home schooling skills are up to it.

  8. The theory of herd immunity is nonsense. There is no vaccine yet developed that lasts a lifetime. All vaccines need to be boosted (ie-receive a booster shot) every 2-10 years depending on the vaccine. Therefore, all the things us adults were vaccinated against as children are no longer effective in us.
    You could vaccinate the entire population of children in a community but if the adults aren’t up to date on their shots then ‘herd immunity’ means diddly squat. Children interact with adults too!
    The best example I can think of regarding ‘herd immunity’ would be the Amish. A very private and closed off community that primarily relies on preventative healthcare through healthy living and eating. They do not vaccinate and never have. There have been no identifiable cases of Autism or ADD in their communities & food intolerances are virtually non-existent… The USA has the highest rate of vaccinations in the world and the highest rate of infant mortality, Autism & ADD per capita in the developed world. Makes you wonder!

  9. I recently took my two children ages 1 & 3 to the doctor in Mullumbimby to get my ‘Conscientious Objection to Vaccination’ form signed in order for them to attend preschool, as per the new NSW laws.
    I’d like to point out that it was both their first time ever going to a doctor, as neither of them has ever had anything worse than a common cold.
    The doctor asked me why I chose not to vaccinate and if I had any questions regarding vaccination. I asked her:
    1. Why is there no dosage requirements on vaccinations? Why does a 2 month old receive the same dosage as an adult; even panadol has dosage requirements.
    2. What is the list of ingredients and preservatives in each vaccine?
    3. Why have there been no studies on the cumulative effect of vaccines. We know each vaccine is tested individually but there have been no government studies on the cumulative effects.
    4. Why is a hepatitis b shot given to a newborn when it is predominantly a sexually transmitted disease.
    5. Why have there been no studies on the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children?
    6. What effect does a vaccine have on the body when it is bypassing all the body’s natural immune defense mechanisms? Whooping cough is transmitted through the mucous membranes, not through the bloodstream. Wouldn’t it be an entirely different thing for the body to deal with when injected vs caught through coughing or sneezing?
    7. Who is responsible if my child is vaccine damaged?
    8. Why was my nephew hospitalized with whooping cough when he was fully vaccinated against it?
    Needless to say, after these, and many more questions she signed the forms.

  10. Nothing to fear from vaccination?? You have to be kidding ….. what about thimerosal which contains mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to mankind. Mercury has been proven to severely impair neurological development. The following comes directly from the EPA website….
    ‘For fetuses, infants, and children, the primary health effect of methylmercury is impaired neurological development. Methylmercury exposure in the womb, which can result from a mother’s consumption of fish and shellfish that contain methylmercury, can adversely affect a baby’s growing brain and nervous system. Impacts on cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language, and fine motor and visual spatial skills have been seen in children exposed to methylmercury in the womb.’
    So why in the world would we want to pump massive amounts of mercury into our young children when their brains are just starting to develop?
    It is literally insane to do this!
    Don’t let them pull the wool over our eyes on this one….

  11. What … arguments these … people come up with. My son has not been immunised. I wish he would have got chicken pox when he was younger, he was around many children with chicken pox in pre school, in Kindergarden and primary/high school. So far he is 15 yrs old and has not had the chicken pox. Ah and by the way he hardly ever gets sick. Oh and another thing for you non intelligent people, who support vaccination only because you can not think for yourself and live in constant fear. I took my son to the doctor when he was in year 2, as some skin disease went through school and I thought he had caught sth. The doctor took a blood test and the result showed that he does not have this skin disease. But it also showed that my son had mumps. I have never noticed him having mumps. But the doctor confirmed with me, that there are antibodies in his blood and he for sure had mumps. So Mrs Skinner I really would like you to personally respond back to my comment here and tell me one more time your argument for forcing vaccination onto people. And also Mrs Skinner just in case you would not know …, the vaccinations of today are very different in their substances then they were when we got vaccinated, I am more than happy to inform you more about this. But I guess you believe the pharmaceutical drug companies and their Billion dollar industry.
    Also in Germany a person is undertaking a very thorough research of vaccinated and non vaccinated children. It is the parents who write in their stories. I remember reading that so many parents had horror stories to tell about vaccinated children and then they did not vaccinate their other children and no problems with the non vaccinated children. You Mrs Skinner vaccinate the …. out of your kids or grand kids, but please leave us alone …. Once and for all. And one more note on whooping cough, I myself suffered from something like that a few years back. Terrible cough could not shake it off until one day I started taking colloidal silver, which I can make by myself with a special machine. Within one week my cough was gone. I remember when I was 17 yrs old I also suffered from a terrible cough. At the time I went to my Naturopath. And he gave me one injection of supposedly millions of lung cells. I can not remember what it was exactly, but I walked out of his clinic my cough COMPLETELY gone. I grew up in Germany and feel myself very lucky to have been treated with homoeopathics, as we visited regularly a Homoeopath, where people from all over Europe came to seek consultations, because he was known to be so good. However my parents were not at all Hippies or alternative, but they loved nature, trees and natural good food.

  12. I love The Echo!
    What is winning here is journalism – errr – and a thousand odd kids who might get hideous diseases that are shown to (with independent analysis of verifiable statistics via that tricky conspiracy called MATHS) respond well to scientifically tested immunisation.
    On one side: the numbers of humans adversely effected by immunisation (plus a whole pile of research of why that is and strict, binding advice directed at learned, well-meaning practitioners so they can reduce it down to an even MORE TINY number)
    On the other: millions and millions of people who have avoided contact with what were once common pathogens (noting that this ingenious process uses the natural defence system of the animals that it protects rather than an external active substance, like an anti-biotic or even a herbal remedy that could, conceivably, be more poisonous).
    Those in charge of this need to show that they are following the research and the scientific consensus it follows, which is particularly difficult to obtain.
    Unlike anecdotes on the internet…

  13. Illyria … I’m sure many people (not) just can’t wait to see the vilification of the AVN that you and your mates pursue regularly. The “evidence” that you use to support your stance comes mainly from the Pharma funded studies. It is demonstrable that the Pharma industry is first and foremost interested in profit and they will stop at nothing to protect their profits (for example: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/jul/15/glaxosmithkline-china-bribery-allegations).

  14. Vaccination is a numbers game. Yes there are risks but the statistics clearly show that the risks are well waited against non-vaccinated children. Do your homework people, and that involves reading stuff other than your favourite AVM propaganda site. Alternatively, go down to Lismore base and talk to some of the doctors that have had to deal with diseases that kids would not have contracted if they were vaccinated. They are horrible diseases and you are gambling with your kids lives without really looking at the facts and the statistics.


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