A vote for democracy

What has happened to our democracy? The findings of ICAC in NSW highlight the extent that vested interests will go to in order to influence political parties.

These vested interests have control of the democratic institutions that determine our legislation.

An elected representative who is a member of a political party does not represent the wishes of the community.

It is time to win our democracy back and break the political party nexus.

We have an opportunity at the forthcoming state election to send a clear message that the people of the Ballina electorate no longer want to be dictated to by party politics.

We now have a clear choice. Jeff Johnson has an outstanding record as a councillor on Ballina council.

He listens to his constituents as evidenced by his decision to vote against the proposed rate rise; not because of his personal view but because this was what the feedback received by council was saying.

He has very strong principles. He initiated the CSG Free Ballina campaign and he is the co-ordinator of the Save Ballina Koalas campaign.

Jeff continually looks for solutions that best meet the needs of the community whilst ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment.

Given the unique area we reside in this is something all people in the Ballina electorate should be working towards.

Make your vote at the state election a vote for true democracy.

Rob Drury, Ballina

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