Council must come clean over Roundhouse sale

I can’t believe that more of an outcry has not been made of the dodgy deals surrounding the sale of the Roundhouse sites.

That council can say they attempted to achieve maximum return for what was for many years considered community owned (council has still not been able to refute this rather, hide behind endless legal cases) adds insult to injury to the Ocean Shores community.

Fluffy platitudes about about sports fields and road repairs do little to avoid the fact that [the sale process has] been of benefit to a few and … why were the blocks not advertised nationally or go to auction?

We are still waiting for council to reply to that question.

Waterlily Park (to suggest one project) has amazing potential and while some work has been done recently, funds could have been directed towards walking tracks, botanical gardens, picnic areas etc.

That some of those blocks have been onsold or back on the market for an extra $200 K or going to auction within in weeks confirms what many have suspected.

Surely our real estate/councillor could have advised her colleagues that they were being too quickly sold under market value.

Bring on the next council elections, this current crew are very suspect.

Rod Murray, Ocean Shores

One response to “Council must come clean over Roundhouse sale”

  1. As the impact of paid parking is felt unhappiness with the council will grow. Wrongly or rightly, this will result in the increasing scrutiny of council

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