Dodgy police drug valuations

Australia’s police forces routinely lie to us about the value of seized drugs.

This week we learned the AFP busted $1.26 billion worth of methamphetamine, which apparently equates to 3.6 million individual hits of ice. The maths says every single hit of ice is worth $350.

Similarly with the recent marijuana raids in Mullumbimby – 759 plants valued at $1.518 million – that’s $2,000 per plant, regardless of size.

This is deliberate misinformation provided to the Australian taxpayers who fund police operations. So what other lies do they routinely feed us? Can we believe anything they say?

As the thin blue line representing honour and decency, our police must tell the truth or lose all credibility.

W Boyle, Durrumbul

One response to “Dodgy police drug valuations”

  1. Ross Thatcher says:

    Can’t lose what you haven’t got. While many individuals are good credible people in their own right, the entire force as a whole is a farce and they’re obliged to follow orders which belong in another era which should be blotted from our history books long ago.

    Prohibition has never worked. It’s obviously the farce used to disguise their true purpose of spying on the populace and having excuses to unfairly detain and extract bodily fluids from human beings.

    It’s almost as though they are encouraging the Sovereign Citizen Movement, by taking away any other options. Any government that declares war on its own citizens should be removed, and the leaders hanged. Their foot-soldiers should either rebel or face life imprisonment.

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