Ewingsdale siege

There are moves afoot, well underway, to have the Byron Shire LEP amended to suit developers of the site known as Lot 101, being the property next to the new hospital. In order for this mega development (under the pretentious name of ‘senior housing’) to proceed, the LEP needs to be adjusted.

Why do we have an LEP in the first place if anybody can come along and get it changed?

Ewingsdale has been and still is a rural residential subdivision. When we bought there, over 20 years ago, we bought for that reason. We wanted space around us. We didn’t want to chop up our garden to make a profit. We enjoyed having certain amounts of privacy and freedom. We also expected this to last.

Is it ‘selfish’ to want what we were promised to remain that way? Is it unreasonable to expect the councillors that represent the people of Byron Shire to do the job they are paid to do and look after the interest of the people and not kowtow to outside developers with their over-the-top plans to denude and destroy our way of life with the stroke of a pen?

If this development goes ahead, including a shopping centre the size of the IGA complex, it will forever change the gateway to Byron Bay. No matter what the architects tell us they intend to do with their fancy words and modern ideas, it will be a sprawling blight in the Byron Shire.

This is all about money and profit, not caring for the elderly, and I assure you that if this goes ahead we will all look back and wonder ‘How did we let this happen?’

Jenny Gordon, Ewingsdale


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