Protection of wildlife corridor at Black Rocks

I moved to the Tweed region for the incredible natural beauty, wildlife and the environmentally aware community. Consequently, I was expecting ALL our Tweed shire councillors to prioritise protection of wildlife corridors vital for the conservation of our koalas and many other species.

I would assume the vast majority of Australians and therefore the Tweed residents would agree that council should do whatever it takes to prevent the extinction of our much loved but rapidly declining koala population by preserving koala habitat.

We have the opportunity NOW to put greater protections into place at Black Rocks Sportsfield, Pottsville. Tweed Coast koalas are on the brink of extinction caused by encroaching development, dog attacks, disease, vehicle strike, bush fires and the fragmentation/severing of wildlife corridors.

Federally, our koala populations are listed as vulnerable, but the NSW Scientific Committee has determined that they would support an upgrade to ‘endangered’ for koalas between the Tweed and Brunswick River. So I ask why is it that Councillors Youngblutt, Longlands, Byrne and Polglase feel it is acceptable to walk away from the environmental protections they have a responsibility to enforce.

Black Rocks’ population of koalas, bush stone curlews and osprey are not expendable; their loss would mean we are ok with extinction of these species for the Tweed. There are protective solutions that could be taken right now, as our councillors well know. If they persist with their current stance we will all know that they are going with development at any cost; not very smart or wise.

I love this region but would feel ashamed of Tweed Councillors if they continue to make decisions that show they do not take koala extinction seriously.

Fran Hardy, Murwillumbah

2 responses to “Protection of wildlife corridor at Black Rocks”

  1. jmeeau says:

    now we have miles of ugly steel fences cutting the town in half – all our parks have fences and caravans

  2. fran hardy says:

    Fencing off for protecton of wildlife is the price we must pay for allowing development right beside surounding threatened species. But Black Rocks is not even securely fenced..dogs motor bikes cats etc can just go through open gate.

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