HEMP Party condemns alliance over micro parties

The northern-rivers-based Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party has slammed the proposed deal between the Turnbull government and the Greens Party.

HEMP Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas said the proposed Senate reform changes ‘will rely on a flimsy excuse that voters will have the option to direct their own preferences’.

‘The truth is most voters don’t and the majors and know it,’ Mr Kavasilas told Echonetdaily.

‘What this effectively does is funnel all votes to Liberal-National Party Labor and Greens, in spite of the fact about 30 parties of voters are dissatisfied with the majors and vote for minor parties, it’s just not fair,’ he said.

‘HEMP has recently made public some long running cracks in their relationship, bringing to light NSW Green’s voting for saliva testing in 2006 and the more recent Greens sponsored Medical Cannabis Regulator Bill.

‘Despite HEMP’s extensive knowledge of the issue, it feels like we’ve been ignored by Greens since 2006, and they definitely didn’t listen to us more recently when we explained the Regulator Bill was nothing but a Trojan Horse for all the majors to merely say they support medical cannabis.

‘If medical cannabis was that easy to initiate, why hasn’t any other country allowed it? It really was a distraction, waste of time, money and the public’s expectations.’

Mr Kavasilas said he had aalways tried to work in with the Greens, but ‘it’s become quite apparent Greens aren’t listening to their grass root supporters any more’.

‘I think they’ve come to understand the only way forward for them is to help eliminate the micro parties and work towards an amalgamation with the Labor Party, just like the Nationals. That’s the only way they can be relevant in the future, not effective, but relevant.

‘It’s not too late, if other Greens supporters look into the proposed changes and understand how Australia is moving towards an American style two-party system, there may be time to stop the Greens from supporting the government on this.

‘I think when people realise world free trade agreements and instruments like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) rely on a finely tuned two-party systems to work effectively for big multi nationals, it’ll be too late’, Mr Kavasilas said.

4 responses to “HEMP Party condemns alliance over micro parties”

  1. Tom Tabart says:

    Obviously greens support for medical cannabis, the decriminalisation of drugs generally and David Shoebridge’s
    visits to the area to oppose the driver drug testing does not resonate with the Hemp party.
    Mr Kavasilas has no understanding of the electoral reforms which were until recently supported by the ALP and wants to continue with a form of random anarchy in the hope we get lucky with the odd seat winner.
    There are certainly better electoral systems systems but they are not yet on the table so we need to fix the current one.
    As for working with the Hemp party we try but it is difficult, especially when they forget to register for elections.

  2. joe says:

    i find it amusing that a member of the greens has to resort to the comments section of this article to try and defend the greens because they are willing to get in bed with the LNP. they voted for saliva testing , they voted for no micro parties and they are about to do a preference deal with the coalition . their own leader said he is willing to work with them and even hard core liberals are willing to do deals . it’s a worry when the leader of the greens even says he is for GM food whilst it’s against party policy , makes you wonder what else he stands for.
    the greens have been taken over by the right wingers and will do anything to play politics.

  3. We have seen many different acts and bills since and including the greens own Regulator Medical Cannabis Bill in 2014. Since then there has been some words but little action on debating or addressing Federal and State Bills that are contrary to progressing medical Cannabis and on multiple occasions by Richard and his people been dismissive of issues.

  4. Mick says:

    The Hemp Party spokesman is ether outright lying or completely ignorant as to how Senate voting works. To say these reforms will funnel votes to the LNP and the Greens is just utterly false. Avoiding that possibility is the whole point of these reforms – nobody can funnel votes anymore. Every voter will actually be able to choose their own preferences, above and below the line. Perhaps the hemp party and the other micro parties whinging about democracy might do what other political aspirants do and try actually campaigning as a means of getting elected, rather than bemoaning the fact they can’t hope to get in by simply rorting the system behind the scenes anymore. Before I saw this I would have most likely preferenced the Hemp Party. Now they’ve hitched their star to a bunch of ultra right wing micro parties in an attempt to thwart democracy they’ve lost whatever credibility they may have had.

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