Council weighs in against NBN’s Coorabell tower

Coorabell residents are saying ‘not in my backyard’ to NBN Co’s tower. Photo Jeff Dawson

Coorabell residents are saying ‘not in my backyard’ to NBN Co’s tower. Photo Jeff Dawson

Residents opposed to an NBN tower close to their homes in Coorabell have been given assistance from Byron Shire councillors, who last week voted unanimously to ask that the tower’s construction halt until it is proven all requirements surrounding the approval process  have been met.

Specifically, NBN’s full compliance ‘with all applicable provisions in the Industry Code C564: 2011 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment.’

Council are also requesting that meetings be held with neighbours who are ‘visually affected by the tower and locations to minimise visual impact within the property explored.’

It comes after residents in the area claimed there was inadequate consultation and that no other location options were provided.

A spokesperson from NBN Co has previously rejected those claims. Residents are also critical of Australian electromagnetic energy (EME) standards compared to other countries and the potential lack of independence of oversight bodies.

The motion by Cr Sarah Ndiaye (Greens) says that if there is no reply within a week from NBN Co, Visionstream and federal communications minister Mitch Fifield, then the council will ‘commence proceedings in the Land & Environment Court for injunctive relief.’

Optic fibre more efficient

Council will also request ‘consideration for access and utilisation of an optic fibre located at Coorabell Primary School for the delivery of NBN services to neighbouring properties.’

A review is also requested, ‘of the process that determined wireless over the more efficient option of fibre optic cable… [that] will not outdate quickly and does not present any potential health risks.’

2 responses to “Council weighs in against NBN’s Coorabell tower”

  1. al oshlack says:

    Good on you Byron Council,

    The NRN towers are a scam and a rip off of the tax payers, this NBN towers is funnelling money earmatked for optic fibre to build antiquated computer service and make millions on the side.

    Yeah why dont they utilise the optic fibres already in place, cheaper and provides a superior service,

    NBN are carpet baggers and should be resisted and an inquiry be instituted intt this blatant profit gouging.

  2. dg says:

    For the love of God. I can’t believe this is still happening in the current year.

    This is what happens when you live out in the sticks and away from civilised society. Have these people been living under a rock since the 2013 election? You are not going to get fibre. Period. No amount of whinging, crying or foot stamping by the council and NIMBYS is going to get you a Fibre Optic connection to your country hamlet.

    If you don’t take that tower you are going to get Satellite. Plain and simple. Laying fibre anywhere is total ideological poison to the current government and they absolutely CANNOT be seen to give any credit at all to Labor.

    And more on the EM radiation nonsense! Why doesn’t anyone ever do any research? WiFi IS NOT HARMFUL. There is NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE FOR THIS. I think this tattered old line is just trotted out as some kind of emotional hook like “Think of the Children!” as a means of influencing NBNco to build fibre. This has never worked, NBNco didnt care back before 2013 when they actually were laying fibre (in order to build the best network possible) and they CERTAINLY don’t care now that they’re in the hands of a bunch of sociopathic, neo-liberal blowhards.

    Take your bat, ball and protest signs and go home. Accept the tower or you will either get ignored or stuck on a service even worse than what you have now.

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