Everything sacred: from squirt to yurt

Christine Borch is a Danish choreographer, dancer, singer, songrwriter, spiritual midwife and light warrior.

Christine Borch is a Danish choreographer, dancer, singer, songrwriter, spiritual midwife and light warrior.

Christine Borch is a Danish choreographer, dancer, singer, songrwriter, spiritual midwife and light warrior living as a contemporary nomad.

She lives in a yurt on the island of Mon in Denmark, sharing her Life Art inside the nomadic project Drommesalen.

I have to interview her for the Taste of Love, Australia’s biggest tantra festival. It’s 7pm here. I’ve just finished getting dinner, the kids are in the other room. I should inform you, I don’t do tantra. I do tantrums.

It’s 9am for Christine, whom I guess I am skyping directly from the yurt.

The difference in our lives doesn’t escape me. Mine domestic, where I am in the service to the often-mundane needs of others, answering questions such as ‘What’s for dinner’, not ‘What does it all mean?’ Christine is the service of the divine, strolling on her shamanic pathway. If I had a shamanic pathway I’d be complaining I had to sweep it.

I’ll admit it, I am intrigued. One of Borch’s presentations is ‘Sacred Squirting’.

I can’t not interview someone about that, although I’m not even quite sure what to ask, and if I’m really honest, I’m a bit nervous.

I am a comedian, I hide behind humour. Squirting is funny to me; I know for Borch it’s going to be serious.

I’m not quite prepared for how intense Borch is. She really gets in. Our 20-minute Skype extends to an hour. At just 31 she’s gone in deep, exploring sexuality in Berlin and studying plant shamanism with indigenous tribes of Huni Kuin Yawanawa in the Amazon Forest. For a 48-year-old mother of five living in a nice suburban six-bedroom house in Mullumbimby, talking to a yurt-dwelling light warrior is intimidating. And seductive. You can’t help but feel that this young woman has found the key to something ancient. And frankly, it terrifies the middle-class cushions right out from under me.

I don’t tell her I spent $150 on a cushion today. Because that’s how shallow I am. I get the feeling she doesn’t give a shit about the material realm. And I can’t help but feel she’s seen the cushion.

She looks through me.

I’m not wrong, she even admits she can do it.

‘I developed this ability to sense into other beings, human and non-human, and this whole fertile field that lies there appeared. I came to Berlin as a dancer, experiencing creative sexuality from eros to tantric breath, and I was diving very deep; and at the same time I started sharing my own study and what I understood, and my spiritual door opened.’

Shit. Now I’m really nervous. But more intrigued. I’ve spent my life closing open doors. How does a nice girl end up in a room teaching women how to squirt?

‘Its not an easy path to take and also I encountered my own conditioning – my own darkness – and I knew if I had to grow further, and if I was also opening to shamanic work that I am moving energies and so I started studying plant energy as well. I live between sexuality, shamanism and choreography. For me it is the dance of life.’

As for Squirting, well it’s more than meets, or even hits, the eye. I think this. I don’t say it. But I think I just wrote it.

‘We have two hours. The sacred squirting came from a wish to create a space for women to encounter themselves first and foremost. I saw that women kept projecting their sexuality outside of themselves, so I wanted to create a space where women took full control of themselves.

‘This work is not aiming at coming to ejaculate – it’s not a goal-oriented workshop. This is about connecting with the sacred waters we carry, cleaning out ancestral wounds. In the line of wounds we carry in our spirit, the collective conditioning in our spirit, and having a loving juicy time together, celebrating our sexuality, inspiring each other in the freedom. I believe it is possible for all women to ejaculate, but what stops them is fear, loss of control.’

I’m scared just thinking about it. But now I’m wondering what happens. Could a woman like me do something like this?

Borch is persuasive. ‘I am convinced that the field of women to women is huge, beyond what we can imagine, and I see that it is very healing and very nourishing when you create a space where women are allowed to be intimate with each other. Often what holds women back is other women, in order for our female evolution to expand in order to break this pain of conditioning that is also on the male body. We need to find tools so we can allow ourselves to be the full expression of our power, and find our individual magic in order for our planet Earth to heal.’

Her time in the Amazon left her with a sense of deep connection about the relationship we have with nature reflecting our own negative relationship with self.

‘We are in the body, we are the earth, everything that the earth is going through mirrors the relationship women have with their own bodies – in the end it’s the same force…’

So what actually happens at the Sacred Squirting workshop?

‘Normally I first speak about the scientific proof so to speak. There’s not a lot of information out there, and I speak in terms of anatomy and how sexual expression is moving through your body and what I know about body, and I teach you what I sense in my own body, and I listen to what the force is opening in my body and I speak to that, and I go into somatic body work and massage, and I open a space where women explore themselves touching themselves and then I demonstrate… and then I hold a space for women to explore themselves and then I guide through music. I support with hands-on work where I can see that it’s needed; in order for the flow to move, we are working with flow. I work the same with group as I do with individuals.

I open gates in the body – I am about unblocking what needs to unblock in order for the flow to move through you.’

The Skype finishes. I’m surprised by how interesting I found Borch. How magnetic she is. I serve dinner. I wash up. Then I notice something… my door is open.

It takes me until morning to shut it…

Christine will be conducting Sacred Squirting on Saturday 21 January at 5pm and on Friday 20 she facilities Infinite Contact.

Leading up to the Taste of Love events she will be joined by Ron van Twuiver from the Netherlands to present Ecstatic Tantric Dance at the Blue Lotus Dance Studio in Byron. $25 per ticket and FREE for Taste of Love ticket holders.

While she is here, Christine is also offering private sessions:

For ticket and program information for Taste of Love, go to

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