Horse-powered social media

Echo readers who are sustainability positive (and who isn’t these days?) would have noticed that the Byron Bay Railroad company expect their fully solar-powered train to be running from the railway crossing at Byron Bay to the Sunrise Bistro near Elements resort in Sunrise Beach by April 2017.

The Farm seem to have gone one better, running a horse-powered carriage from the Welcome sign to The Farm for $8 a ride. Let’s hope the horse doesn’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning as we drive past it, wondering what it is. For details on exactly what days it might be running, The Farm say, of course, that you can check out their social media pages.

Below: Harking back to the days of yore (well the good bits anyway, not the times when pit ponies worked down in coalmines). Horses can be social media stars these days, too, as well as pulling carriages. 


Photo courtesy of The Farm’s Instagram account

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