Protect dolphins

George Greenough, Broken Head.

I have had several incidents with dolphins where they have protected me from sharks. They formed a very tight circle around and under me.

In a different incident four dolphins came over to me; two took up positions just under me. The other two, one on each side pressing against me. The other dolphins in the group chased the shark away.

These dolphins risked their lives to protect me from sharks.  While out surfing I’ve seen a dolphin with its dorsal fin bitten off and other dolphins being chased by great white sharks.

Protecting this ‘great white cash cow’ has resulted in an out-of-balance ecosystem.  Now while out surfing I don’t see very many dolphins.

What’s being done to protect dolphins from great white sharks?

3 responses to “Protect dolphins”

  1. Matt Hartley says:

    That’s a very interesting comment. Any studies of dolphin numbers?

    • Geoff McPherson says:

      They are not being taken by shark nets as predicted namely “20 dolphins within two weeks” given its now 4+ weeks. Noone is aware of any dolphin take and the Department was quoted as a no comment which is probably as the prediction was rubbish.

      Many net fisheries go to great lengths to reduce dolphin bycatch and that story is not being published especially as it would be from published material. Nothing is perfect of course and there are some issues with the commercial ones deployed by NSW for dolphins.
      A decision by a Queensland shark control manager meant a new acoustic alarm went on all Gold Coast nets and 8 dolphins were entangled in a few days. It turns out the person had placed a new device on nets without telling the in-house acoustician scientist. All the batteries were dead and as the manager was as deaf as a door nail so he didnt know what he was doing – all public documents. The old alarms were immediately redeployed and the entanglements stopped indicating how effective alarms can be.

      The NOT supertrawler had 9 dolphins in 60 trawls which in reality was tiny compared to many other fisheries but never mentioned. When well designed acoustic devices were incorporated the bycatch became ZERO dolphins in 500 trawls which is hard data.

  2. Keith Charlton says:

    So you wanna protect the fish from the dolphins, maybe protect worms from birds aswell eh??? Its called NATURE Get over it!

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