Holiday letting not all bad

Ruth Dare , Bangalow

I have no objection to the bed tax that is being suggested by Paul Spooner et al; in fact I think it is an excellent idea. However, to equate holiday letting to a commercial activity, as some suggest, is a long bow to draw.

Perhaps a registration fee for holiday lets is do-able as suggested by Michael Lyon but a distinction must be made between those who rent a room in their own residence (which is on average only one day/week) and those who rent the whole house. Also, renting out a room does not affect the long-term rental market at all and guests are well behaved owing to the fact the owner is present.

The other thing that seems to be forgotten is the amount of money that is brought into the Shire by people staying overnight. Tourists do bring benefits as well as problems!

2 responses to “Holiday letting not all bad”

  1. Harold says:

    Ruth, holiday letting of any type is a prohibited and illegal activity under State Planning laws. You are breaking the law by holiday letting. It remains illegal until State parliament changes the law. This may take years.

  2. me too says:

    “to equate holiday letting to a commercial activity” … Ruth, please find your dictionary and commercial under ‘C’. One who invites friends to stay for the weekend for the cost of a bottle of wine or some baby-sitting may be arguable, but to invite complete strangers and charge market price to me would be the very definition of commercial.

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