Stand and protect: Love and respect

Murray Drechsler, Mullumbimby. 

Do you have a desire to save the world?

To protect our environment, our mother earth, the very earth that all our lives depend on

We are born of this earth

When we die we go back to dust, earth

We are apart of this earth that gives us life all life

We all have that connection to nature

That love for nature

It is because we love! that we must also protect what we love and what loves us!

Its time to stand up and be heard,

Its time to stand up and pay the rent , the rent for living on the earth

Its time to stop taking and give back

Its is time to take Action for a better world not just talking about it, not just hoping all will get better or that some one else will do it

Its time that that all of us as individuals as a community as a family to act on what we know is right ( to take action)

We all have that right that power to change the world we live in


We need to right now to be the change we what to see in the world

Its time to come together as a community as a family to find out what our path is to a better world a better earth for the generations that will follow.

There will be fortnightly meetings in the car park of the Mullumbimby Community Gardens 5pm to 6pm. Come along and be the difference – there is so much to do

Stand and protect: Love and respect

One response to “Stand and protect: Love and respect”

  1. don says:

    So lets get herbicides out of our water, drains, soil, air and our food.

    Make Byron Shire more self sufficient in seasonal certified organic food and brand ourselves as a REAL progressive Green Shire.

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