Stop chipping our suburban forests

Turiya Bruce, Ocean Shores.

I am a local resident living in suburbia.

There are noise restrictions for residents living in suburban areas.

Why then does a tree lopping business then get permission to operate when their machines register way beyond the decibel allowance?

At least you could take the logs elsewhere (away from homes) and chip the life out of them. Please do not disturb quiet folks lives with this wretched noise. It is unbearable.

I write this on behalf of our neighbours who have small babies and the infirm who have noise sensitivities or work from home and do not appreciate the horror of what this plethora of businesses do.

In times gone past, tree fellers were punished because forests and trees were sacred. The world is now stripped bare of our friends, the trees, and with a very small percentage remaining some people are making damn sure there will be nothing left given the noise I hear weekly around my home…let alone the clear felling that happens in Qld and Tassie on an unprecedented scale. How come there is no reining in ‘tree services’ business or their client’s wilful destruction? (I know the knee jerk response and subsequent laws installed as law under the hand of the State Fire Chief).

Oh and there is no letting the neighbourhood know that this business is setting up camp outside our homes… just help themselves to the footpath and place their horrid signs outside my house or any others and do their dirty work without permission or notification?

I for one, look forward to the day when these ‘tree services’ are regulated properly or outlawed and have no business in destroying trees in the quiet of our community suburbs.

I write this as 18 months ago there were 29 trees cut down in an adjoining property. The noise was horrendous. There was no notice. It went on for 8 days and left me and my household unwell and emotionally distraught. This must stop.



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