Wifi activists to hear from expert in Mullumbimby

Shadow telecommunications spokesperson Stephen Jones and federal Richmond MP Justine Elliot (Labor) at the Mullumbimby meeting on the failings of the NBN. Photo Chris Dobney

Shadow telecommunications spokesperson Stephen Jones and federal Richmond MP Justine Elliot (Labor) at the Mullumbimby meeting on the failings of the NBN. Photo Chris Dobney

An independent scientist who specialises in the effects of Wifi will be speaking at the Mullumbimby RSL Club tomorrow night from 7pm.

Dr Pri Bandara, a researcher and environmental health aducator, has been invited by local activists to present the latest research into Wifi.

Organiser  Ashiya Austin said the meeting was organised in response to a public meeting held two months ago that was called to gauge the reaction of the community to more NBN towers in the region.

She said the local member Justine Elliott and Shadow Minister for Regional Services Stephen Jones had ignored concerns raised about ‘Electro Smog’.

‘I doubt either politician read any of the information they were presented with, documents packed full of information and scientific and medical research which clearly show that Wifi, Cell Phone Towers, Smart Meters and all the other technology we are being coerced to rely on, are in fact dangerous,’ she said.

‘He juggled the figures when told about the radiation that comes from a cell phone tower. In fact he rewrote the World Health Organisation figures; he did this instantly without any problems, so I have to hand it to him for being a very slick operator, or perhaps just well prepared.’

Ms Austin said as a result, local activists had invited Dr Bandara to Mullumbimby to present the latest research on the subject.

‘Dr Bandara is a highly qualified independent researcher and educator in environmental health. She has worked for Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals as well as the University of Sydney. Also as a senior manager in the NSW Health System,’ Ms Austin said.

‘She has a particular interest in the biological and health effects of currently permitted so called low levels of microwave/radio frequency, electromagnetic radiation used for wireless and mobile communication.

‘She says that cutting-edge research conducted in many countries demonstrates that oxidative stress from the technology has a detrimental effect on all living cells.

‘She says it damages DNA potentially leading to cancer. This is echoed by many scientists and doctors, including others in Australia.’

‘Dr Bandara translates the complex science into simple terms and explains the findings of highly credible research projects.’

Ms Austin said many residents were concerned that the soon to be rolled out 5G system could well be the tipping point for the human species.

‘By comparison, 5G makes the present system look tame. It is an Orwellian nightmare on steroids, using a millimetre wave spectrum that is intended to blanket the earth and invade our homes for nefarious purposes,’ she said.

‘This is not conspiracy theory, as a future incorporating 5G is well documented and explained by the industry. Of course they do not admit that 5G is not for our benefit, but anyone with intelligence can see how it will be the ultimate control system, as well as severely compromising our health.’

The meeting begins at 7pm and there will be a question and answer session.



12 responses to “Wifi activists to hear from expert in Mullumbimby”

  1. Ashiya Austin says:

    This meeting is open .. Doctors, Teachers and Natural Health Practitioners Invited


    • Rebel Knight says:

      Ms Austin – you are not beyond being loose with the truth to have your opinions printed are you?
      Remember this gem from your Facebook page on 31 October 2017?.You are referring the The Echo


      • Rebel Knight says:

        Then of course there is your opinion,again from 31 October,on your Facebook page , of the Echo and it’s readers
        ” It publishes letters by the same people week after week.. a pack of boring self important assholes that crap on about Climate Science etc.. I always feel like I have ADD trying to read it”

        You appear to have an over inflated opinion of your own importance

  2. Arco Iris says:

    once again weirdos unit, probably the same lot as the anti vax people, research is twisted and fudged. They will be the first to scream blue murder when they can’t call an ambulance or make any other emergency call. The 1900’s are over and if you don’t like technology, move to the Simpson dessert

  3. PeterL says:

    Do you want us all to look at FB on our WiFi laptops, or 4G smart phones ?

  4. Peter Bowditch says:

    I hope she doesn’t use a WIRELESS microphone like the one in the picture.

    • Rebel Knight says:

      She also declares in Facebook “Our local paper is all Agenda 21 .. Gay Greens, drugs sex and rock and roll distractions.. Rainbows and Unicorns. It’s ALL entertainment and distraction politics and it supports Mandatory vaccination as well”

      When trumpeting the Dr’s credentials,she forgets to add the bio she cherrypicked her information from.

      Her glowing testimonial of the Dr(PhD) comes from the same page- BUT she neglects to mention that the Dr worked as a basic researcher at Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals well as the University of Sydney. Also as a senior manager in the NSW Health System BEFORE 2008,when she chose to become a stay-at-home mum.

  5. John Purssey says:

    When a low-level general Wi-Fi coverage of Mullumbimby was proposed some years ago the anti-Wi-Fi activists came in from the hinterland and made a strong push to prevent it happening. So we have ended up with multiple home/business Wi-Fi in town with radiation levels probably at least an order of magnitude greater than what we would have had if the proposal had been allowed. I have been monitoring the growth on my smartphone on my walks around town.
    Not that it matters to me personally, because I would rather go with the evidence based science, but it is ironic that their efforts resulted in the opposite of what they wanted. However, I do find it outrageous that people make money by sucking people into these scare campaigns. BTW, I overheard in a cafe that wearing an amber bracelet can protect you from Wi-Fi radiation. So if you are worried there is a solution!

  6. Sue Cook says:

    My children suffer migraines and heart palpitations when around wifi, mobile phones and cell towers. We have had to adjust our lives due to this sensitivity to radiation. Sadly, people who are not affected or don’t ‘join the dots’ to their health problems, find it difficult to understand, or simply don’t want to know. We’ve moved from the city to the country, however Fixed wireless creates more problems for my children.

    I welcome Dr Pri Bandara and look forward to being educated further.

  7. Dave Mealey says:

    I still fondly remember the interaction I had with a protester at Forest Glades Estate, Suffolk park back in 2002, when I was the caretaker for the (then) under construction estate. There had been a protest organised about the new Optus mobile phone tower going up on the hill. A beautiful new BMW pulled up and a typical yuppie got out, rushed up to me and asked me where the protest was. I replied I had no idea. He pulled out his phone and tried to make a call. 20 seconds later, he let loose a string of expletives, because there was no mobile reception.
    I think the similarities to this story are obvious.

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