Let’s also recognise human rights of Aborigines, refugees

Despite the most damaging political process and the consequent ongoing mental/physical  anguish experienced by the LGBTQI community, Australia had taken a step into maturity by granting same -sex marriage and thus confirming to this community their rightful human rights.

A gesture of love and acceptance.  A triumph to grass roots activism.

Let’s now aim for the human rights to be recognised for the first people of Australia and refugees.  The former peoples have experienced  230 years of brutalisation due to the above factors and a history of genocide and denial of land rights and constitutional recognition.

Refugees are used as political pawns in Australia and this treatment is recognised by the international community addressing human rights.

Ponder the wars that we have been involved in folks. As Marvin Gaye sings in his protest song ‘Whats going on, …its time to unite, love and experience peace.

We all saw a sample of that on television when Australia began to grow up.  Lets aim to Reverse the Abusive Paradigm that is denying Human Rights.  Australians support grass roots activism to advance the Human Rights in Australia.

All we are saying is “Give Peace a Chance”.   Respect is restored in this process.

Jo Faith (unapologetic hippy), Newtown

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