Bruns carnival criticism draws out the ugly bullies

I posted a link to Mandy Nolan’s latest column on Brunswick Community Facebook page and the moderator Ian Barnes had to shut down comments which I presume were so offensive – I didn’t get to read them thankfully!

Nicqui Yadzi followed up with comments about the safety of the Housie shed and the same rabid crowd (locals connected to Mullum footy club) got stuck into her for criticising the carnival – clearly a sacred cow!

After commenting on their appalling behaviour I have now been banned and can no longer view or comment on this community forum.

I suggest you take a look at the page and see for yourself how Yocals respond when women dare to have an opinion or are critical of the Bruns Carnival – we certainly have a long way to go in allowing women to participate in public debates.

PS: all the funds raised by monthly markets in Bruns are used to fund the Woodchop – the amount is commercial in confidence! BSC approves all activities on Crown Lands and the amount of rent is also undisclosed.

Banner park is completely obstructed by these activities for the entire summer peak holiday period and provides just a few hours of ‘entertainment’ a day. maybe it’s time to review these traditional activities.


2 responses to “Bruns carnival criticism draws out the ugly bullies”

  1. me says:

    Interesting to see that any child friendly like activities in Brunswick Heads re clowning face painting paper making etc have been allowed to flourish inside a privately owned licensed over 18 liquor establishment, as opposed to a public area such a Banner Park. And instead an outdated tacky carnival with unsafe and degraded and degrading amenities and amusements is acceptable? As diragreeable as buxom wnches on vans is the encouragement of children to accept our excess drinking culture by being conditioned to play in pub grounds.
    What say we encourage local child friendly alternative events be held in banner Park instead of a tired activity that encourages outdated environmental practices such a wood chopping ( hence the destruction of our local Big Scrub native tress and animal habitats) and adopt environmentally sensitive activities instead.

  2. Mandy Nolan for Byron Shire Mayor.

    1.She has the public profile and support to win it.

    2.Her position on everything is on the record.

    3.She does not want the job. Which makes her perfect for it.

    4.She is genuinely progressive. Unlike several local political entrepreneurs who masquerade as Greens to curry votes.

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