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October 6, 2022

Join the global School Strike 4 Climate action

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A journey of a step or two

Apart from organic shiraz, my latest investment in health is this mini-stepper, or ‘massage stepper’ as they call it in the country of origin.

Students came out in force in March this year at the School Strike 4 Climate demanding action on the climate crisis. Now they are calling you to join them. Photo Tree Faerie

Aslan Shand

What are you doing on September 20? If you have any regard for the environment you might well be joining students around the world in striking for the climate.

The global School Strike 4 Climate was was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, who has just sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth to the UN headquarters in New York emissions free. She arrived in the US on August 15 to deliver her message on the importance of tackling the climate crisis, saying, ‘We need to stand together and take action because otherwise it might be too late,’ as reported in The Guardian. And local students, like millions around the world, are right behind her.

Liveable planet

‘Our key concern is whether or not we will have a viable planet to live on by the time we reach adulthood, whether our children and grandchildren will be allowed the joy of living on an Earth properly fit for life with equal or better living standards than our own,’ said Mia Thom and Inde Henderson, who are part of the organising group for the local student strike being organised in Byron Bay.

No time to lose

‘While our leaders sit around denying the very existence of climate change we are losing precious time to combat the issue. We are scared, scared for ourselves, our future, scared that we won’t have a world to grow up in. With the latest IPCC report estimating we have 12 years left, never before did it feel so important to create a platform where our voices could be heard and where we could start to instigate proper change.

‘Greta Thunburg’s creation of the global School Strike 4 Climate movement felt like the call to action that the world had been waiting for.

Call to everyone

‘This strike, we call on all to join us in this movement,’ say Mia and Inde.

‘We ask that you join us in the biggest global strike yet. Strike from your place of work, close your business and join us in making history. Spread the word, get on board, and protect our future and very existence!’

Kids from Mullum and Byron High Schools, Cape Byron and Shearwater Steiner schools, as well as the primary schools will once again be coming together to make their voices heard on the issue of climate change on September 20. They will gather at the Byron Rec Grounds at 10am then walk to Main Beach where they will hear speeches from local students and musical items from young artists.

‘We believe that we are at a ripe point in history; our actions are more important than ever. We need to unite as a society and fight the issue together, because that is the only way we have a chance,’ said Mia and Inde.

‘This is an issue that humans have created, and we alone can fix. It is our responsibility as citizens of this planet to do all we can to stop, and if possible, reverse, the effects of climate change that have already begun to occur.’

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  1. Climate change is a debatable subject, the debate will go on forever.
    Pollution of the earth, water and air is the threat.
    Pollution is absolutely obvious and cannot be debated.
    Please stop talking about climate change and start talking about the pollution of the earth and everything on it.
    If climate change is man made, it is caused by our pollution.
    Climate change is debatable.
    Pollution is not debatable.

    • There is no debate on Climate Change. Climate Change has been known since the 1980s
      The islands of the Pacific are scientifically measured to go slowly under water so they invited our PM Scott Morrison to go there for talks about saving the Islands and for Australia to donate some money.
      The PM declined to help regarding Climate Change.
      Now in the Caribbean, from the Hurricane the Bahamas are experiencing the highest wave height of water from the ocean over the island ever recorded.
      But in the world some people refuse to see facts as facts, they think scientific facts are opinions.
      The opinion is that the Murray/Darling is depleted of water because of a drought. And just why would it be a drought when in recorded history the Murray/Darling has never been so dry in recorded history.
      Let us come back home to our own territory to the Northern Rivers. In historical facts the highest flood was the 1954 flood and all the locals saids no other flood could ever top the 1954 flood. Sorry folks the 2017 flood easy surpassed the Tweed River height of the infamous height of the once-in-100 years 1954 flood. It only took 55 years to top that highest flood of the Tweed River.

    • “Climate change is a debatable subject…”. What is there to debate about when every decade since the 1970’s has been warmer than the preceeding decade. Atmospheric CO2 levels at 409ppm and rising all the time as the planet experiences warming that is now 1 degree above pre the industrial revolution. The world’s major glaciers in retreat, ice sheets melting, sea level rising. Nothing to see here, climate change is debatable.

  2. These Children’s time would be better spent at school furthering their education. They will have lots of time in adulthood to focus on social issues. by which time the global warming hoax will be exposed.

    • Dear Denis,
      I think you are missing the point. I believe ,as do these children, that if something isn’t done immediately these children won’t have an “adulthood”. Time is critical ,the Great Barrier Reef is DEAD ,
      the Murray/Darling is history and the Amazon is in flames , So when do you proprose to take action ?
      As Len says “Pollution is absolutely obvious and cannot be debated.” and of course this is what has caused ‘climate change’, global warming or what ever you call destruction of the planets ecosystem due to massive overpopulation.

    • Denis old son, you need to catch up. Science is not a hoax, it is deniers of science like yourself that has been long ago exposed.

  3. 12 years to what? The Earth has been much hotter than it is now, and survived rather well. So the Earth will not end in 12 years time. Climate change is happening, it is man made and it will have a dramatic effect on us. However, making extreme comments insinuating that the Earth will end in 12 years time shows an ignorance of Earths geological history and gives the climate change denial industry lots of a ammunition to use against those who are concerned and want action.

    • The 12 years is the time frame that scientists have identified to when there will be run away global warming. Not to the end of the world, but to a time where we will be incapable of stopping the progression of increasing temperatures. School Strike !!!

  4. I totally support school kids taking this action! Why do nay sayers have to pop up and show their short-sighted views of the earth? (Best not to answer that one eh!)
    Everyone should be supporting these kids – they’ve the future, and let’s face it the present and past adult generations have a lot to answer for re the degradation of this planet.
    Mother earth needs all the help we can muster – this School Strike is a positive.
    I’ll be there.

  5. In “The First Global Revolution,” published in the 1960’s by The Council of the Club of Rome, an international elitist organisation, the authors note that:”In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”
    I bet they don’t teach students today where all the present hysteria day originated from and what its purpose actually is, it has nothing to do with saving the planet, do your own research.

  6. Hey Denis there won’t be an ‘adulthood’ for our school kids to inherent …WAKE UP. No point being at school without a planet. As Greta so rightly & responsibly says ‘OUR HOUSE IS BURNING”. Denial is destructive . We will be there on the 20th Yeah!

  7. Anton – Your Club of Rome then was a ‘think tank’ & it’s
    easy to misrepresent opinions back in the 60s & 70s.
    Some ‘mankind at the turning point’ & ‘the real enemy is
    humanity itself’. In other words, if we don’t get our act
    together we’ll go under. No need to use a club to try &
    make a silly point. March 14th this year ‘Rome’ said …
    quote “Each human being can improve society”. That’s
    exactly what is ‘known’ & ‘taking place’ here & now as
    the planet is rejecting all we’ve put it through. Greed &
    Control like no other time in history is here. The kids
    are correct in believing all previous generations have
    so much to answer to. Those who deny the obvious
    helped bring this situation into being. I won’t shut up &
    I will be there. ICAN; The International Campaign to
    Abolish Nuclear Weapons – Nobel Peace Prize 2017.

    • Stephanie- Quote from Aurelio Peccei, co founder of The Club of Rome made to Greens Party member Justin Walker 1982 – ” You’ll be joining us at a very exciting time . We are creating a global environmental problem thats going to frighten people into wanting global government” Wake up everybody do your research.

      • Highly sophisticated data collectors are measuring the ongoing increase of greenhouse gas as percentage of the planets air. The transparent gas is collecting at the planets atmosphere periphery where it lets in light but insulates the subsequent radiated heat, if you would like to do the research, that you claim others arent. And no global govt since your 37 year old conspiracy theory (yawn !!!)

  8. Lets just do all these things to clean up the pollution and toxic overload of the earth body because it is needful and stop debating if CC is real or not. Such a distraction!!! I am a student archaeologist and the antarctic ice cores show that since the Industrial Revolution the pace of climate change and CO2 in the atmosphere is the fastest rate of change of the whole of history. A few random heat waves on record backaways does not a pattern make. There have been previous extinction events in the archeological record with a few pockets of survivors remaining to repopulate the earth.
    I am now calling it ‘Climate Crisis’ and notice others are as well, as per usual we humans become complacent with buzz words if used all the time like ‘climate change’. It IS a crisis. Forget discussion of how long we have got. No one knows. I remember predictions back a few years ago that have been thoroughly trumped by the reality of the domino effect of climate chaos which has been faster than predicted.Predictions were based on a timeline at the same pace as had occurred up to the present at that time. It did not take into account the reality of the exponential increase in climate roller coaster decline.
    There is another issue we have to contend with and that is that historically strident predictors of doom and gloom whose predictions did not eventuate were laughed out of town as crackpots and emotionally hysterical. So when , like the boy who cried wolf. there really IS a problem that needs a call to action, the credibility of anyone who speaks in shrill superlatives, is questioned. If we are not shrill then it takes longer for mainstream thought to accept new ideas, and we do not have time to play the social ‘it takes a generation for new things to become incorporated into mainstream thinking’. We do need coordinated leadership and do things for ourselves if the leaders wont. Mark my words, if enough people consistently and constantly speak up and speak out including civil disobedience, and demand the leaders act they can be shamed into it. I support the Sept 20th Rally.!!!!!!! And a morning off of school does not classify as gross absenteeism.

  9. I can remember Al Gore saying in the 1980’s that Fiji would be underwater by 1999 to 2000 so like the wonderful tourist I can be I checked it out.
    And all the other clap trap that Ding a ling Gore predicted has NOT occurred, because Scomo had dry feet.

    So as I suggest to some of the brightest Uni mates I know of both sexes that by the year 2030, and Fiji will be above water, BUT all the children who will be seeing shrinks and counselors, SHOULD sue their STUPID,SELFISH parents and the Education system for stealing their childhoods from them and turning otherwise healthy children into doom Sayers, and negative fools.
    If they study NOW and become qualified Lawyers and Shrinks, or Counselors they will indeed reap the rewards.
    Probably the Labour party will have learnt how to spell Labour like they used to do, and have passed Laws protecting children’s childhoods, and charging the parents with abuse. We can indeed as responsible adults teach our children NOT TO LITTER, as we get stuck in and clean our environments.
    To ALL the parents ask yourself “Did I enjoy my childhood, if you did , then let your child have a CHILDHOOD.
    When peoples are happy and positive minded they achieve more.


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