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May 13, 2021

Protestors declare MP Kevin Hogan has ‘blood on his hands’

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Climate protest in Lismore outside MP Kevin Hogan’s office on 29 November 2019. Photo Tree Faerie.

Aslan Shand & Eve Jeffery

Around 200 people have joined together outside Kevin Hogan’s office in Lismore this morning declaring he has ‘blood on his hands’ as the federal government continues to refuse to take real action on climate change.

Thirteen year old Acacia writing to MP Kevin Hogan. Photo Tree Faerie.

The police have been in attendance and asked protestors to remove themselves from the road. They said that if protestors remain on the road they would be back with more staff.

Red hand prints are covering the pavement and the front of Hogan’s office. Around 20 kids and students are currently in his office writing him letters about their climate concerns.

Ivy Young – ‘Politicians need to listen to the experts on climate change and take action’. Photo Tree Faerie.

Listen to the experts

One local parent with two children, Ivy Young, was there to point out that politicians need to listen to the experts on climate change and take action.

‘We live on Wallace Ridge which is the ridge dividing Tuntable and Terania Creeks. The fire got to within about two or three properties from us, about 5km up in the forest,’ Ivy told Echonetdaily.

‘I’m here today because I care. I see the urgency to act. I’m worried for the future. We have a window of time where we can actually take the steps to mitigate the worst effects of climate change before we reach tipping points where the sea levels rise and temperatures become too high for many of the places in the world to become habitable.

Climate protesters Innes and Olivia in Lismore outside MP Kevin Hogan’s office on 29 November 2019. Photo Tree Faerie.

‘We elect representatives who don’t know everything. But we have experts trained in fields of their own expertise and as our elected representatives their most important job is to listen to the experts who have been giving us warnings of increasing urgency since 1979, the year I was born. So that’s 40 years of us stalling on action. Its time to actually listen to the experts and take the brave steps that are necessary to store carbon and ensure that our we balance our needs with the earths systems needs.’

Protestors are gathering until 2pm today.

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  1. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when our children are the ones who must take leadership on existential threats facing humans and all DNA-based lifeform. I applaud the children who made their statements, and believe that history (if it still exists in 50 years time) will look very poorly at our elected leaders of today. Having said that, I do believe that Kevin Hogan is one of the few coalition representatives who do retain a sense of decency, and I hope that our children’s requests do not fall on deaf ears.

    • Kevin Hogans sense of decency. Mmm. What this electorate needs is someone who is preparrd to listen and act on behalf of the community. Ever heard Kevin talk about Climate Change, how he would like to have meetings with young people, how he would like to consult this community etc? That would be pretty decent of him. Its all silence as far as Im aware. Love to be wrong tho.

  2. More than 200 stormy people reined together outside Kevin Hogan’s Lismore office this morning trying to raise some blood for the Red Cross declaring Mr Hogan MP had ‘blood on his hands’ as the federal government thumbs its nose at the public in refusing to admit there is a transfusional change in climate.

  3. Gee wouldn’t it be nice to have a day off work or school and go and deface and destroy someone else’s property with no consequences. Why are these people not arrested and charged. Why are you so worried about climate change are you scared for your selfish selves or other people I am positive you still drive cars and light your homes and do your shopping at Woolworths. When you opt out of those things maybe you will be taken more seriously. If the earth decides to cleanse itself and we can’t find a answer so be it.
    Such is life.
    One last point the majority of Australians voted against climate change at the last election why can you not except that and get on with life surely you have something better to do.
    You will all have another chance in three years time it’s not that long really. Good luck
    Love light and peace.

    • Nice one. Attack people who are aware, who listen, who care, and who act when you couldn’t be bothered. Individual actions will all help, sure, but they pale into insignificance when compared with the fossil fuel industry supported by our LNP governments with their pockets filled by coal lobbyists. Anyone who cannot see and acknowledge that major changes need to occur at government level and force emissions to be reined in, is either willfully ignorant, corrupt or willfully stupid.

  4. Has Kevin made a statement?
    He has not publically said anything about climate change, has he?
    He is always silent on the big issues facing our nation.

  5. I am sickened by this action. when will people stop taking everything given out by people paid to stir up a climate change as the be all and end all.

    Has everyone forgotten we are the 2nd driest place on earth, we are subject to drought, fires and flood.

    Our climate is changing, these same Climate Scientists declared back in the 1980’s that within 30 years all of the Maldive Island would disappear, well no they haven’t. Many of the predictions made about the sea level rising have not happened. It is unproven speculation and just that.

    Why have they not attacked the Labor MP Saffin? Oh of course she is affiliated by her Labor Party with the Greens, yes that is right, she won the seat on the back of Green preferences.

    • That’s garbage and it never happened. These “same climate scientists” did not say that 30 years ago, thats just Sky News and Murdoch pushing their bullsh*t to muddy the issue. Get your information from a real source. How do you explain the last 5 years being the warmest ever globally? The length and severity of this drought – 75% of droughts in the past 30 years are proven to have be made worse by climate change. The worst fires in European history of NSW, the 1st time rainforest has burned for at least 1,000 years – up to 50,000 in the Qld Wet Tropics last November. BTW – Saffin is not in government. And her party actually did something that lowered emissions for the first and only time!

      • Bom Australia factual data if you can obtain it
        Previous 100 years were no hotter than the present
        Look knowone is getting anywhere in these
        Debates..have a royal commission and this will
        Expose all contenders and pretenders..!!
        End of story

        • Royal Commision? What is the crime? You don’t even understand how a Royal Commision can be called or what it can investigate. Typical. It is just science not opinion. Or politics. End of. Too hard for you?

          • As a point of interest .were these do gooding
            Protesters sitting down outside the elected Greens
            Members officers nationwide when labor and the
            Greens voted on” open borders ” on the high seas
            As over 1200 men and women children
            Perished at sea ? Boats smashed up against the rocks …sarah hanson youngs response?
            “Oh people die ” all under the watch of labor
            And the compassionate Greens ..” blood on the hands ” ? You could just imagine the outrage from
            The Greens and labor if this happened under the watch of the coalition Government…!!

  6. So at the last UN Conference where Saint Greta embarrassed herself we had this odd situation.
    500 Climate Scientists present a Petition to be discussed at the Conference titled, “There is no Climate Emergency”. Also from Greta saying we are all going to die after she sailed from Europe in a carbon fibre boat whose production generated massive pollution and also flew over to America two people to sail the idiot thing back .
    So who got the guernsey, The 500 climate scientists or the uneducated 16 year old pubescent with 5 medically diagnosed issues. QED.
    The truth is the truth Maggie and Keith, its neither right wing or left wing, its the truth. The whole argument along with Michael Mann , or perhaps because of him, of Human AGW is collapsing,. Its trash talk like Y2k. And only uneducated virtue signallers in search of a religion remain converts.

    • The climate is not left of right wing, it has no opinions and agenda, it merely adjusts according to its’ inputs and composition. Climate science is hardly a religion as you claim – religions rely upon faith because there is no proof, no evidence. Science is evidence based. Everything is proveable. QED.
      Just like the 500 “scientists” you awarded a guernsey – their qualifications and expertise were easily investigated – guess what? merely a bunch of business “leaders” pushing for business as usual and claiming to be “experts”. Truth is proveable too.

  7. Well done by all involved, especially the school kids. they have more vision and understanding then the ignorant politicians.

  8. The imminent catastrophe that never happens …..
    oh before I forget, snow is forecast for the first day of Summer in the Snowys , global warming is really kicking in now.

      • I get it, when the weather does not comply with the global warming myth it has to be singled out for special attention until it complies, however , when the weather is dry and fires start we can add the word ‘catastrophic’
        then we has sure evidence that all this is due to global warming or the climate emergency or some other alarmist slogan, with which is now resorted to to frighten young gullible people ……. until they realise it is the imminent catastrophe that never happens.

    • Tell that to the koalas Anton. And the North Coast Emu Population. And the farmers. And our inland rivers.
      Oh before I forget, you’re really showing your ignorance – it’s called climate change, not global warming. And to repeatedly claim that severe weather events, droughts, fires and the hottest days, months and years on record all around the globe are not evidence of climate change, but snow is evidence that it’s not happening is perverse and bizarre! As a teen I experienced snow on Barrington on 1st Jan. Thats why those altitudes are called alpine. End of lesson.

      • Oh by the way Matthew it was always referred to as Global Warming.. until it got little traction..
        By the way watched Q&A last night and one of the guests a delegate from the Fijian Government
        Informed that 3 villages had been relocated due to
        Rising sea levels ..however the host as impartial
        As he is, failed to ask , exactly what parts of the
        Surrounding islands had to be evacuated and how
        Many people? Jones just took his word for it !!
        So dos anyone from this forum know where those
        Relocations took place??

        • Right so now the Fijian government is lying and part of the big conspiracy too? Oh I forgot, it’s a global conspiracy. And isn’t this exactly what those scientists you keep denigrating with your off-track nonsense predicted would occur since the mid 1980s?

          • Not implying anyone is not Quite telling the truth at all ..its all very well to inform Oceania that some areas have had evacuations due to rising sea levels
            Where is the photograph evidence to support such
            Emergencies.. Nasa infact do have photograph
            Evidence showing that those islands are infact
            Growing not shrinking..

    • And record snow falls in Europe, Canada, America
      Scandinavia, the Baltics .and the list gos on !!
      Never will you hear this on the Alarmists
      Platforms such as the ABC, Guardian, etc
      And they have the hide to call everone that
      Is not in line with there so called Emergency
      Denialists! Whatever that means

      • I can help.
        Denialist: noun one with inability to assess or accept facts; person strongly influenced by Sky News, Murdoch newspaper or Alan Jones; angry conservative voter, unwilling to change; one who sees conspiracies everywhere when none exist; distrustful of Australian Medical Association, Insurance Council of Australia, National Farmers Federation, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Climate Council, ABC, The Echo, the ALP, the Greens, 99.75% of global climate scientists, the IPCC and the UN.

      • The average mean global temperature is undeniably increasing. The worlds sophisticated data collectors are undeniably measuring an increasing carbon pollution percentage of our atmosphere, with the increasing carbon pollution being transparent that lets the light through but insulates the subsequent reflected heat. The subsequent increase in heat causes an increase in evaporation, both from land (inciting lower soil and vegetation moisture, and thus extreme bush fires) and from the sea. Where this increased evaporation comes down in sub zero areas, it comes down in increased amounts of snow and increased extreme blizzards. The snow season willl never the less become shorter and the snowline will continue to retreat up mountains. Its simple Barrow – more evaporation equals more snow in colder climates. Nathans comment that yours are moronic is correct

  9. To suggest Kevin Hogan is responsible in any capacity for the current fires is absurd!!
    Blood on his hands for what ? Ivy with respect may
    I advice you and other land owners in those areas
    And i once lived in the village, go to your local
    Government, that would be the lismore shire
    Council and protest the very fact that it is the Greens represented in the council that are
    Totally against land clearing around properties
    Hence why the build up of fuel and devastation
    That is caused by the fires …now the first people’s
    Have been back burning for 60.000 years with
    Success, you would assume they would know
    A thing or two about land clearing back burning ?
    By the way did not see one sign at any protest
    Regarding the world’s major fossil fuel polluters?
    Have respect for young men and women who are so passionate about what they believe in ..however
    This eco anxiety is affecting our youth it is very
    Sad to see ! The world is not in a emergency phase
    The northern hemisphere and the southern Hemisphere are experiencing the coldest temperatures on record in Autumn.. these predictions have been ongoing for 50 years or so
    Has any of the predictions come true? Relax kids

  10. Scummo hates trying explain his rhetorical questions too. I thought it was obvious, sorry, I’ll have a go:
    “I am right”? yes should be questioned, & often, possibly right-wing, definitely unable to accept or acknowledge accepted truths, disdainful towards facts, science, meaningful actions to address the issues along with anybody proposing them.
    “Everyone” being the scientific community – the authority on these matters, together with the thinking majority.
    “Moronic opinions”? self evident really, mocking of facts and science, mythical propositions, irrelevant topics.

  11. I’m with Matthew here. The ‘government’ we
    employed -by vote- wrecks this country on
    a daily basis. Proof’s in the pudding, people.
    Common sense too comes out of the minds,
    mouths & hearts of the young because the
    students’ can’t be bought. Strikes will go on
    as long as this government & its opposition
    take the public for granted. I’m not about to
    budge & I won’t cringe to idiots. I’m on shift
    -like it or not – & I will not budge.

    • Have you seen the figures on how these “educated young people” came up as compared to the rest of the world? When the standard improves they may be more credible. They will get nowhere peddling blame which is what is happening. They are being bought by people with vested interests.

  12. I do not buy kids nor do I have a vested interest – but
    I have listened to their reasons for being vocal & the
    articulation puts most adults to shame. As a mother,
    grandmother & great-grandmother I doubt that I am
    a fool or a push-over of any screwed-up government
    let alone gove-chappie-mates. The Students have a
    ‘standard’ most adults cannot match… by far too
    knowingly savvy for their elders.


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Locals question placing homes in areas of inundation risk

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