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June 26, 2024

Number plates covered as anti-Queensland sentiments rise

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Some people with Queensland number plates were covering them over the weekend.

Anti-Queensland sentiment in Tweed Shire has led to some people covering their Queensland number plates over the weekend as incidents of scratching cars with Queensland number plates has occurred.

‘That is something nobody wants to see happen, it is a difficult enough time as it is,’ Chris Cherry, Deputy Mayor of the Tweed Shire Council, told Echonetdaily.

Tweed Shire Council had closed beachside carparks over the Easter long weekend and for the rest of the NSW holidays, in an attempt to reduce the number fo day trippers coming to Tweed beaches.

With the Gold Coast Council closing all their beach carparks and their main tourist beaches, including Coolangatta beaches, Council felt we had no choice or we would be swamped from all sides,’ Mayor Katie Milne had told Echonetdaily on Friday.

‘We were already being inundated with complaints about the high numbers of Queenslanders at some of our main beaches and supermarkets. The thought of the whole Gold Coast and Byron coming to Tweed beaches over Easter was untenable.’

The Council closed all but one carpark at Fingal and Ms Cherry said the outcome had mixed results.

‘The carpark that wasn’t closed was full and there were Queensland number plates there but it is important to remember that there are legitimate reasons that people who have Queensland number plates will be in Tweed. We need to do the right thing ourselves,’ she said

While the carpark closures did lead to more parking on side streets near but Ms Cherry said overall people seemed to be understanding of the decision.

‘Council has no authority to close the beach, only the carparks,’ emphasised Ms Milne.

‘As with the border, beaches are under state government authority.’

Ms Cherry highlighted that people are allowed to use the beaches and that ii is important to get plenty of exercise.

‘I think people in our community are being really good and are keen to get it over and done with. I’m really impressed with the amazing community spirit,’ she said.

The TSC are currently looking at how long they will maintain the closures or if it will be expanded.

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  1. Anyone with QLD number plates whose vehicle or vehicles are registered to an address is in QLD need to go north go home to that address or if you no longer live there change your rego simple.
    Cheap scates scammers.

  2. That’s not a very nice thing to do.
    Queensland day trippers and idiots are the bain of our lives here in Byron Shire as well, but…
    that’s a really ignorant thing to do

  3. so wouldn’t covering your number plates be a dead giveaway that you had Qld plates anyway… that does not make sense!

  4. I’ve lived in the area for 35yrs, i brought a vehicle in Qeensland before i got very sick, at the moment i am not well enough to change over rego and am worried that if i drive i will be abused by newcomers to the shire who think they own the place. It is the ugly mentality, that some newcomers have, that spoilt the beautiful vibe that once made Byron somewhat different… where is the love, peace, tolerance & compassion? Be the change you want to see happen…

  5. When nsw makes my car rego similar value as what I pay in Queensland I’ll stop playing the system. But right now I can scam the system and save $400 a year

  6. What an abhorrent attitude. Unfortunately these self-righteous vandals are not the kind of people who have the empathy or self reflection to realise that some of the people may be essential workers, carers, or support workers that are looking after those more vulnerable than themselves. These provincial and narrow minded people may have their reasons, but unless they are indigenous they need to question their positionality, and may need to remember that even if they don’t now, their communities may rely on tourist dollars in the future.

  7. Unless you know the individual circumstances of someone how can you judge or take any sort of action. We sold our house in 2014 and have been travelling Australia ever since. We bought a new car in Alice Springs 4 years ago and have had NT rego until recently, I am glad we now have NSW rego on the vehicle with all this abhorrent behaviour about. George Carlin was right, the planet isn’t going anywhere, we are.
    Most of us will come out the other side of all this with perhaps a changed outlook and understanding, sadly those selfish and self righteous ones among us will not.

  8. People are forgetting that NSW also cross into QLD. We are all people of Australia. Wake up. Yes, I understand the situation but Queenslanders work in NSW also. The more important issue that should be on your minds is, why close the Borders, if they are allowing flights from Sydney to Brisbane in. Defeats the purpose of what we are trying 2 do. Especially when 1 of those passengers tested positive with the virus. Those who are attacking Queenslanders, remember, they may be the ones taking care of those with covid19, risking their lives. Also taking care of one of your family members, friends and other residents who live in New South Wales, who need assistance. Think out of the square you live in before encouraging those to damage people’s cars. Byron is part of Australia, stop thinking you’re above it. I had a Byron mini bus driver ask me, if they could dump petrol into a drain because he put the wrong petrol in his van, when I had worked at a petrol station. Some people in Byron go on about people coming into your town doing all the damage. Start looking at the locals. Your not saints.

  9. In Australia we are blessed….put away your petty fighting and look at the rest of the world. The terrible circumstances other countries are living through….Hopefully the government will target the source, incoming travellers, airport and sea with appropriate testing facilities on entry to our country…as this is the only true way to prevent the spread of the virus..lockdown is only a bandaid….

  10. Queensland government should do rego checks every year like nsw lots of new people taking advantage of slack Queensland government that allows death traps on our roads all Queensland should be home in there state not at beach in nsw if they are here should be work only

  11. “where is the love, peace, tolerance & compassion? Be the change you want to see happen…” This is the problem Anon. If you asked a greenie what is their core value I suspect it would be three adjectives: Respect, Dignity and Tolerance. Yet these are the three things that re totally absent from their God forsaken theology.
    Greenies have become the very thing they profess to hate. They have stared into the Nietzscheian abyss for too long. They have become the abyss.

  12. We have owned a property in Byron Bay for twenty years We happen to work in Brisbane and have Queensland plates on our car. There are dozens of people similar to us in the Byron Shire. Many of us have and do spend more time in NSW than Qld but have QLD plates.

  13. We have owned a property in Byron Bay for twenty years We happen to work in Brisbane and have Queensland plates on our car. There are dozens of people similar to us in the Byron Shire. Many of us have and do spend more time in NSW than Qld but have QLD plates.

  14. Losing hope in this world and it’s people.
    Everybody sit the hell down and have a look at how your handling this whole thing. A clear 60% of the population have either lost their decency and respect or plainly put their intelligence throughout all this.

  15. It’s against the law to destroy other Peoples property.
    Keep your hands on your own property and take your hands off others.
    Everyone’s circumstances are different.
    It’s none of anyones business why people are across the boarder. What if it was life or death, what if you scratched someone’s car who was helping the sick or needy.
    Keep your hands to yourself.

  16. Always lived in the tweed with Queensland plates and licence. Because it way cheaper.We live in Australia state borders are a load of sh!t costing tax payers money paying too many public servants there bloated salary for doing nothing.

  17. The problem is the state Government and over amassed politics in this country. Different rules and laws for different states is rediculous. Get rid of state governments and bring in Nationalised laws many problems and bigatry goes away. Look at the disasters of the states managing beaches, fisherys, river systems, bushfires now covid etc etc etc.

  18. When I hear things like this going on it makes me so disheartened and sick to my stomach to call myself an Australian! This is not our Australian way! We are all Australians living in this big beautiful country called Australia seperated by a line which is called a boarder put there by man! Australians have always been there for each other dont let this virus tear that apart!

  19. I have lived in tweed for a long time now ,and surf dbah beach very frequently i couldn’t beleive the amount of people in the water on easter monday was shoulder to shoulder and alot of different faces ,and tourists when if they can leave the country are supposed to go back home if on tourist visas, just until it all settles down ,yes its a free country ,but the government did state these terms and for people to stay local and enjoy there own beach and exercise, if we help each other every thing will go back to normal and them everyone can all enjoy the amazing coastline .

  20. If you are a Aged Pensioner living in Qld your registration is much higher than NSW. In NSW you don’t pay registration you only pay Third Party Insurance. In NSW pensioners do not pay for their licence in Qld still hav3 to pay.. This is one Country yet every State does their own thing and rips every dollar they can get out of us. It is sad that the border is closed for everyone – none of us like it but right now it is necessary and the right thing to do. It doesn’t pay to be nasty or vindictive to other people’s property – think about what you are doing it is not good.

  21. I still see plenty of NSW number plates where i’m from. Actions always come with consequences. Question yourself, are you ready to reap the consequences in return?

  22. Health authorities have done a marvellous job splintering Australian society; and if you believe this has been justified because of the threat from so-called Covid19 you haven’t bothered to read what those same health authorities admit about their diagnostic testing for said virus – and that is that it is totally useless in identifying the virus or determining whether it is the actual cause of illness in any sick person. But no doubt there’ll be an endless barrage of righteous warriors keen to condemn such truth telling. As Solzhenitsyn once said there were always plenty of these claiming to be righteous who would stab you in the back for challenging the party line.

  23. Just a thought. I don’t think all people from over the border think that way although this kind of sentiment has a way of spreading. How long do you think most of your businesses would stay open without the cash flow from Queens land. You know, all the restaurants bars shops etc you get to enjoy. Byron Bay for example. Could the resident population pay enough for all thoes to stay open. Have a think about what side your bread is buttered on.

  24. What happened to the term “mateship”. Are we not Australians? Wake up to yourselves. Care for your fellow Aussie.

  25. You’re all b*tching about Queensland but I’m pretty sure Queenslanders are sick of all the NSW drongos flocking to the coast every school and Christmas holidays.

  26. Are we going completely crazy and turning on ourselves like cannibals?
    We’re Australians, for goidness!
    Hiw childish and petty!!
    Forget there is a border. We are one mighty country, only because we stay together.
    That is our heretage and principle.

  27. The common good disappeared when everything became a game of profiteering.

    If you want a civil society start by reevaluating the economic reasoning that encourages financial cannibalism of your own offspring.

    This includes the mental disorder of expecting exponential house price growth forever.

    Generations of flawed economic reasoning is the underlying cause of all our social failures including dissatisfaction in our political class.

    Hasta la lists slaveLords

  28. Byron bay home to the social spider why would you want to travel there anyway most cockroaches can’t even imagine how far 1.5 m is anyway look where the highest rate in the country is speaks for itself

  29. What is wrong with people, don’t they have a dam brain, or they are just selfish and only think of themselves, we have a huge virus hitting this country of ours and all people think about is going out, for goodness sake, listen to what our government is saying and go by the their rules stay home it doesn’t take much to spread the virus around, so stop home and think of other and stay home

  30. China will be happy ? if the states all start fighting they’ll sneak in behind and buy our farms and businesses. Very unaustralian we will all be expected to work harder for less, and unhappy people will be retrained. So get over it or this could be much worse

  31. I find this newspaper report divisive.
    Did you notice there is NO DETAIL of where, how many and when cars were scratched?
    We are Australians.
    Be kind to your compatriots.
    Don’t let them divide us.

  32. This newspaper story is quite divisive.
    There is the BAREST of details as to how many, where and when cars were scratched and absolutely NO DETAIL as to who is covering their number plates in fear and shame.
    We are Australians.
    Be kind.
    Think for yourself.
    Watch out for the fear-mongers.
    Lots of love from Queensland xx

  33. This mentality by a few overly emotional idiots exists everywhere. I live in Brisbane and I’m looking after my brother’s house and car here as he lives in Melbourne due to work. His car has Victoria licence plates. I take it on the road every two weeks to keep the battery charged ect. Last week some idiot screamed at me to “F%#+ off back to Victoria you diseased c#*£^!”
    He then took multiple photos of me, the car, in every window and tried to open the door. Luckily the lights changed and I was able to get away.
    Let’s hope this stupid behaviour dies down as travel restrictions are lifted.


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