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June 16, 2024

Why does Murdoch and the government want the ABC gone?

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GetUp is getting up Murdoch press and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with their new film Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC that details how they have pushed an agenda to undermine Australia’s public broadcaster the ABC.

‘It exposes how Morrison and the Murdoch Press have worked together to try to kill our ABC — undermining its important role in society with an anti-ABC agenda dominating headlines and party room dealings,’ say GetUp in their press release this morning.

‘This film is too hot to handle – no TV station is going to air it. And Scott Morrison and the Murdoch Press will do everything in their power to discredit it over the coming days.’

The film highlights the ongoing cuts and undermining of the ABC by both government and Murdoch in an attempt to reduce the essential role the ABC provides as an independent commentator on Australian politics, culture, and future direction of the country.

GetUp say the aim is to get people watching the film and talking about it and then to put the film in front of key decision-makers and politicians ahead of the May budget.

‘It’s up to every single one of us to ensure this film gets seen. We know if everyone who loves and relies on the ABC joined the campaign to save it, we’d win tomorrow. But to achieve that, every one of us needs to do our part.’

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  1. News Corp, Murdoch, equals = ‘political power hard right’ & we must not ever forget it. Deceit & control
    becomes the monster the 2 MMs represent.

  2. Poor old ScamMO, in a real tizz over ‘Our reduced ABC’. Where would we be without Our ABC helping to shine the spotlight on the ScamMO and his corrupt and malfeasant governemnt..

  3. The ABC is very important to county people without the abc wireless they would never know if there were fires floods dangerous weather on its way. Accidents on the road etc. Also the TV is very good great shows good programs it would be a very sad to lose it because of Murdoch who does not even reside in this country and the government who don’t like to hear the truth about their party problems

  4. It’s been very clear to me for a long time that Rupert Murdoch is one of the most dangerous people on this planet,far more so than any so called terrorist organization! Of course they now attacking Google as they allow at least a diversity of information and no party can possibly come to power unless they are in bed with him! Wake up,people your freedom is at stake,he’s absolutely ruthless and don’t forget…the same applies to the pharmaceutical industry,they make an absolute fortune out of the present situation and just like with Rupert Murdoch or even worse i believe,they hold the reigns to the political power…anyone who questions their truth is in danger of being called a terrorist or will certainly be swiped away by a complacent media!Real journalism is almost dead,apart from small papers like the Echo,but of course you have minimal influence on political power! I am not into conspiracies at all,this picture has been developing for a long time, and because they own indirectly or directly most of the mass media that people watch,people believe,because that’s what they are fed daily in the news! Rupert Murdoch and his mate Morrison etc. want Google etc. to pay for their content as if this could ever have been named Journalism what his papers write! It’s an affront to Journalists to call this journalism, when it is nothing more than political propaganda,what an insult and this is what the majority of people consume,no wonder we have two almost identical parties,two washing powders with a different name,that’s all,they both have to lick Rupert’s butt if they want to be in power! Despite all, I wish you all a beautiful day with lots of love!

    • AND, most DANGEROUS since having extended REACH ( aft’ first CONQUERings via HIS Australian ‘MURDOCH’ … ‘dad’ … ) to include first, then lowly, FOX, then yet early-mid ‘80s, as CLAIMing by then to be American [<AmeriCON (like ‘party’ CON SO PUSHes FOR AS Against Truth)] , then soon 3 of THEE Bug American 5, AS Taking Over/ BUYing OUT not only by far majority of WORLD ‘news’ but ALSO majority of ALL Print, let alone PPV ETCETERA. Over Half CENTURY already what if K. Rupert MURDOCH , SINCE ‘his’ MURDOCH ‘dad’. Having [among (6) ‘marriages’ [all but 1St ‘marriage’ producing offspring while ONLY 2Nd ‘marriage’ producing ANY BOYs (only 2) to carry on MURDOCH NAME] only TWO sons out of dozen/s of children via Half-DOZEN ‘wives’ (including Mick Jager’s EX-) … thee REI(g)Nsssssssss …] …K. RUPERT, now over year ago, supposedly (short of any/ALL Rupert Precautions) handed CONTROL over to only ONE of Thee ONLY TWO … excluding the more Truthful from actual CONTROL of MURDOCH WORLD ‘Entertainment’ … ‘news’. THEE word ‘ENTERTAINment’ MURDOCH’s DISCLAIMer that MOST ‘Every’/ ANYthing ‘reported’, by MURDOCH WORLD, claiming to be ‘news’, may, ‘funny’ OR Seriously DANGEROUS to take as truth, may well be more accurately described as ‘JOKE’. DarkEST ‘sense’ of humor, World Politician otherwise profiting FROM ‘ENTERTAINment news’ … AFRAID to counter even most OBVIOS LIEsssssssssssssssssssss … … … … … … … … !!!

  5. The ABC and SBS are the propaganda of the nation while the others serve propaganda from global corporates. It’s ninety percent same same, the differences are slight, of style, of taste in entertainment.

    While I’ll miss the entertainment my resentment of propaganda has reach the point that I don’t care what happens to ABC. So Sorry.

  6. Getup !! Please by your own admission ?
    we are a progressive think
    Tank who have no bias commentary
    Or otherwise towards the conservatives really ??
    For your information Getup get your
    Heads out of your behinds and come
    To terms that middle Australia has
    Had enough of the ideologies of the
    Far left , and the likes of getup
    are not welcome to incite such division
    Among the general voting public with propaganda that is most Unwelcome.
    Regarding your concerns the ABC
    Were once a somewhat impartial
    Taxpayer organization, although they
    Always have had left leanings towards
    Labor & the greens!!’it has become so
    Apparent that the ABC from top to
    Bottom are happy to be conservative
    Free at all costs .. so the consequences
    Of such bias will have outcomes that
    The ABC will find hard to come to terms with.
    So here is some advice for you getup paul ?
    Majority rules … the quite Australians have
    Voted and as a Democratic nation please
    Accept the umpires decision !!

    • All depends on how that majority came to be. If it was perpetrated by 80% of the media, is that a democratic outcome? I believe not.
      Many on the far right side of politics turn a blind eye to this because it conveniently endorses their beliefs.
      You cannot label the ABC as left wing because it tries to hold Government to account. That is democracy at work.
      When all the cards are stacked either way, it is extremely undemocratic.

  7. There’s nothing democratic about Murdoch control & the same goes for the Fed Gove. Very close
    to a ‘mediated accounted’ Trump control. You’ll be around long enough to see, hear & learn what
    it’s all about, Barrow. Quiet Aussies will unbutton their lips eventually – many already have . Too
    little too late, mate. The 2 MMs need their ‘fall guys’ & that’s how it goes… you’ll just have to do
    as you are told.

  8. If you live a sublime life & believe in the tooth-fairy braggards that run this country you will
    want to see the ABC gone. Living a blind-eye is easy while the rest of us carry the weight &
    pay for the covert cover-ups of a sold-out nation.


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