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September 17, 2021

My vaccine choice

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Dean Jefferys, Mullumbimby

In response to recent comments. Firstly, it’s important for people to remember that getting the covid vaccine, doesn’t stop you getting covid or from passing it on, it just lessens the symptoms.

I believe that means, those who choose not to be vaccinated won’t contribute to you or your grandmother getting covid or dying. If you do believe that the vaccine will protect you, then there is no reason to shame and blame people, as this only contributes to more division. We can reach herd immunity together, vaxxed or un-vaxxed, as we all develop antibodies. Everyone has a birthright to decide what drug they put in their body, free from guilt, government control, or coercion.

Research government adverse reaction websites, America’s VAERS, Australia’s TGA and the Yellow Card system in Europe, to verify that thousands of people have died shortly after receiving a vaccine treatment [these websites are generally based on voluntary reporting systems and clearly state that deaths and other ‘injuries’ may occur after someone has had a vaccine, but this does not mean they were caused by the vaccine – Ed].

People taking part in this pharmacological experiment are basically lab rats.

Our PM is suggesting that not only will we need the vaccine passport/certificate to travel internationally, but for interstate travel as well. Think about that for a minute. Prisoners in our own self-imposed fortress.

The PM also wants a vaccine wallet. Where is this coercion heading? Expect: no job, school, child care, cash, licence, shopping, restaurants, travel, dole, pension – no nothing, unless you comply.

This is not the free country our grandparents died defending. For a virus that has 99.95 per cent survival rate for those under 70, you should not only be asking ‘Why the coercion?’ But also screaming ‘NO WAY!’ from the highest mountain.

I’d rather build on and trust my own healthy immune system and natural or available treatments than an experimental ‘Emergency Use’ listed vaccine, any day.

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  1. I recall hearing you being interviewed on abc radio last year not long after covid had been accepted by most people as being real . I am pleased to see a year later you actually admit to it existing . Progress.

  2. Dear Dean I also have the right to be safe from outbreaks of COVID. I think you are disenguous to the over 600000 who have died in the USA and the millions in India. How about learning how your immune system operates rather than talking crap.

  3. “ It’s important for people to remember that getting the covid vaccine, doesn’t stop you getting covid or from passing it on, it just lessens the symptoms.”

    I assume you are basing this statement on the advice of our medical experts, Dean, which is interesting because there seems to be quite a few of their conclusions that you reject. I think that’s called cherry picking.

    The same scientists, while saying the vaccine is no magic bullet, are also telling us that the indications are that vaccination will reduce the chances of actual infection or give you a milder case which in turn gives you a lower viral load and a reduced likelihood of infecting others. No doubt you reject this bit though.

    The same scientists are telling us that reaching herd immunity without vaccination would be a long and tortuous strategy and unlikely to be aided by the “natural” therapies you have advocated. But perhaps you don’t favour that advice either.

    Then they tell us that death isn’t the only issue but that long covid is a well observed phenomenon and (just like the vaccines) the long term effects of Covid infection are unknown but effects on all the major organs have been observed. Do you accept this bit?

    Then there are the consequences of the rampant growth of cases in the form of variants that pose new threats and appear to be affecting younger cohorts including children.

    I’d rather roll the dice with the vaccine that roll the dice with this virus. But yes that’s my choice and I respect yours because yes there are unknowns and I don’t want anyone to force you to have it. I’m happy to acknowledge it’s a pharmacological experiment ( letting this virus run is a biological experiment) but calling me a “lab rat” is not really showing a mutual level of respect. Lab rats have little agency, capacity to way up the pro and cons and come to their own decision. And those who reach a different conclusion from you are not necessarily deluded fools and should not be derided either.

    My body, my choice!

  4. Pandemic followed by experimental vaccination is treating an illusion with another illusion. The first illusion destroys mental health, the second will demolish healthy bodies.
    So far fifteen months…….. in fifteen years and after countless worthless vaccines… what’s the prognoses ?

  5. Richard you are the one delusional- vaccines do work, look at the polio vaccine as an example. I think you will find mental health seems to affect antivaxxers who I would stay are very selfish me people, unreasonable in their demands and helping maintain the pandemic.

    • The polio vaccine is a vaccine.

      Unfortunately, the term “vaccine” has been used incorrectly with the various Covid “jabs” offered in Australia. They are not vaccines Rod, they are “treatments”.

      Fully vaccinated (“treated”) People are still transmitting and dying from Covid.


      Wise to research before making such comparisons… or calling people delusional.

      Varying opinions and mutual respect for same matter, don’t fall for the division trap.

      We, the people, need to support each other to find facts.

      $ome fact$ are being buried by big pharma, media, tech and Govt.
      Follow the money for more answers Rod.

      • Posting links that don’t support you case on the hope that no one will read it isn’t a great strategy. The article also says:

        “Regardless, let’s put the 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 deaths in proper perspective. Over 4,000 may sound like a large number when counting something like the number of marmots in your bed. Certainly any death is tragic. But consider the fact that over 150 million people in U.S. have already been fully vaccinated in U.S. Doing a quick calculation with your abacus and your fingers and toes will reveal that the 4,115 cases constitute less than 0.003% of all fully vaccinated people in the U.S. Compare that with the measured effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, which has ranged from about 70 percent to 95 plus percent. That means that at least 5% of the time a vaccine won’t be able to prevent Covid-19 after exposure to the virus. As I have emphasized before, nothing in life is perfect, with the possible exception of avocado toast.
        So such numbers don’t mean that the Covid-19 vaccines are not working. That would be like saying, “to heck with wearing clothes” the first several times a racoon manages to jump into your pants while you are wearing them. Certainly, wearing clothes is better than not wearing clothes when attending a racoon rave or a business meeting or a combination of both. Similarly, your risk of getting more severe Covid-19 is still much, much higher when you’re not vaccinated, compared to when you are fully vaccinated.”

        $ome fact$ are being ignored to justify stupid conspiracy nonsense – we go need to support each other to find facts. But real facts not stuff made up in the university of youtube

  6. Semantics! How do you define vaccine, Steve? The Oxford dictionary defines it thus: “ noun: vaccine; plural noun: vaccines
    a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.”

    The derivation of the word comes from the first example of such an agent: “ The Latin word for cow is vacca, so the scientific name for cowpox is variola vaccina because vaccina means “of the cow.” Edward Jenner, a British physician, coined the word vaccine in 1796, using it to describe this technique of injecting people with cowpox to confer smallpox immunity.”
    A Shot in the Arm: The Origins of “Vaccine” : Word Routes

    Jenner observed that there seemed to be a low prevalence of the deadly smallpox in milk maids who conversely suffered a high incidence of cowpox, a much less troublesome disease. He used the cowpox virus as the basis of inoculation against smallpox. It worked and basically eradicated a scourge upon humanity.

    Looking at the etymology, unless you are injecting cowpox, the agent is not a “vaccine”. The Salk and Sabin “vaccines” didn’t use a foreign virus but modified versions of the actual target virus. Are they thus not vaccines?

    Science has moved along and a variety of agents/methods are used to produce different preparations that induce the body to produce an immune reaction to an unwanted pathogen. They all tend to be given the generic term of “vaccine”.

    Bottom line – what you call it doesn’t matter. Whether it works and whether it’s safe are the crucial issues surely. Let’s not get tangled in red herrings!

    • You are getting closer Liz, semantics matter. The moment anyone changes the definition of anything to suit a narrative should be a big warning.
      As you clearly noted, the definition of “vaccine” includes the following… “provide immunity against one or several diseases”.

      Check the definition of “immunity” Liz… the Covid shot does not afford you that sadly.
      The jab does not stop you getting Covid or transmitting Covid either, it is designed to lessen the symptoms, like any “treatment”.

      Remember the vast majority of individuals with Covid infections are asymptomatic, so the jab does not help them fight their non-existent symptoms.

      But if the experimental jab is mislabelled as a Vaccine, it can be better linked with tried and tested real vaccines, like those that have gone through years of vigorous scientific testing, ones that are safe and actually provide immunity. Then we can also trot out the old “trust the science” to coerce the people to get the experimental bio-agent jab in their arm. Pays to remember that we are ALL still learning, even the “expert” scientists, who now know the jab is not entirely safe (more deaths in Australia in 2021 from the jab than actual Covid infections). Rest assured Liz, there are plenty of “experts” with differing opinions.

      Jab efficacy and safety should be No1. but red hearings have been thrown around everywhere… populations are scared and confused.

      It can be very hard to understand when you full of fear. That is ok, I get it. Most people don’t want to believe they are being manipulated, coerced or hoodwinked. Fear and greed are master manipulators Liz, often overpowering love and empathy.

  7. I’m following an RN I’ve known for 30 years who’s stationed out west of Rocky. QLD where
    jabs are necessary.

  8. Thank you Steve for your kind and tolerant understanding of my ignorance and naivety.

    I do have problems though still with some of your claims:

    While not perfect, and constantly challenged by mutations, the different Covid 19 vaccines are showing convincing signs of protection from infection and transmission. No vaccine is 100% affective – the cdc estimates the effectiveness of different flu vaccines to be between 40-60% – that’s why public health initiatives, against infectious diseases, aim for herd immunity to protect those who do not experience an individual immune reaction.

    Even if the only benefit is to reduce the symptoms that would otherwise occur, and prevent severe disease, I’m pretty happy with that and would still class the effect as creating a level of immunity.

    I’d certainly not call it a “treatment” which is designed to ameliorate after the disease is present. There are no claims that it is of use to anyone already infected. (If semantics matter let’s use “treatment” properly ).

    More deaths in Australia in 2021 from the AZ vaccine than Covid? I agree but believe it or not the world extends beyond our shores and that is certainly not the experience worldwide. It is because we have had few cases in 2021 as community transmission has been so well controlled by our state and territory admins (not the feds) largely ignoring the stuff about “being manipulated, coerced and hoodwinked” and listening to the well qualified.

    But believe me I can love and empathise about the fear factor, but I think this fear factor is much more apparent in the paranoia – around an international conspiracy to manipulate, coerce and hoodwink us all into poisoning ourselves – than anything I believe about the virus.


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