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September 20, 2021

It’s illegal to say this?

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New cases of COVID-19 below 1,000 for the first time in 25 days

In what is now a general press conference, the Premier spoke to media at 11am this morning about the pandemic and other business.

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Second confirmed COVID case in Lismore

Acting Chief Executive Northern NSW Local Health District, Lynne Weir says there one new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in a resident of the Northern NSW Local Health District.

Update: Lismore going into lockdown at 6pm

Lismore local government area (LGA) is going into lockdown for seven days from 6pm tonight following a positive case of COVID-19 in Goonellabah yesterday.

Update: Abandoned vessel, Burleigh Heads – owner found

Police are seeking urgent public assistance to help identify and locate the owner of a seemingly abandoned vessel.

Reece Byrnes re-elected as Tweed Deputy Mayor

With many many local councils are juggling the elections timetable owing to COVID-19 restrictions, and last night the Tweed Shire elected their Deputy Mayor.

No jab, no jive?

No jab, no jive if you want to go to a festival, what the? This is blackmail by the...

Mandatory mask

Mandatory mask wearing is not working. Supermarkets can’t seem to enforce this, unfortunately. If like me, you see a...

Peter Olson, Goonengerry

Lockdowns till Christmas? Australia has fallen, NZ too.

Freedom once surrendered, is seldom recovered: things will not return to normal in our lifetime.

If you live at Federal or Wilsons Creek, it appears to be illegal to go to the beach. Concentration camps are now under construction, ‘to keep you safe; soldiers are on the streets, ‘for your safety’.

If you still don’t understand what is happening, then sadly, you could become a victim. It is illegal to even say what is actually happening.

The greatest crime in human history and most people cannot even see it happening.

Current events can be easily foretold, not by watching the TV news, but by looking at outcomes of comparable events in history.

First the troops have no guns, later the troops do have guns, and use them to kill citizens, without blinking an eye.

On a lighter note, please consider watching comedian Dr Vernon Coleman’s video: ‘How they plan to kill seven billion people’ and then place the few survivors into a life of twelfth century serfdom, called ‘The Great Reset’.

♦ Ed Note – Leaving aside ‘The Great Reset’, it’s actually not illegal to travel within your LGA eg to go to any beach in Byron Shire if you live in Wilsons Creek or Federal .

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  1. Dear editor – in the interests of those of us who live on the East side of the freeway, can you please not tell the conspiracists in the hills that they are allowed down here! 🤫

  2. Hi Peter,
    I didn’t take long before a confirmed member of the Covidian Cult put you away as a conspiracy theorist in the hills. This was to be expected. No amount of scientific or other evidence is going to convince the believers that they are on the wrong side of history and that they are in support of the implementation of a global dictatorship.
    The Soviet dictatorship collapsed after about 74 years. The first crack appeared in the soviet empire as early as 1968 with the Prague Spring, which began on 5 January 1968, when reformist Alexander Dubček was elected First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and continued until August 21, 1968, when the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact members invaded the country to suppress the reforms. My wife and I happened to be in Vienna on August 21, 1968 when we noticed many small groups of people gathering in the streets. I understood enough German to realise that the Soviet tanks were rolling into Prague to suppress the push for freedom. We decided not to visit Prague even though the Czech consulate was still issuing visas at that time.
    The second crack in the Soviet empire started in Poland with the foundation of the Solidarity trade union movement and which lead to the fall of the communist government, followed by the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the the dissolution of the Soviet Union itself in 1991. The collapse of dictatorships is caused by the internal contradictions generated by the prevaling ideology. The state dictates “reality” through the controlled media, but the people will come to know that this “reality’ is not what they experience on the ground. Since March 2020, our government through the media has propagated a controlled the Covidian Cult “reality”. This “reality” has gone global, but eventually, this “reality” will collapse too, but only when the death toll will start to mount above what people can tolerate. According the published Great Reset transhumanist and eugenicists depopulation agenda by the World Economic Forum is set to be realised by 2030. Our future in Australia can be gleaned when we see what’s happening in Israel. In June the “magical” 80% fully vaccinated population had reached “herd immunity” and the partying started full on. But now, two months later the hospitals are at breaking point and 10 thousand new infections are reported. So a “booster shot” is recommended which will be valid for only 6 months and no doubt the profits of Big Pharma will continue to rise. The greed is good era hasn’t quite finished yet.

    • Theo, I don’t really care what you think is going on in an incredibly well organised worldwide conspiracy that has managed to get all governments, all media and all the world’s universities on board.

      I’d just rather people who won’t get vaccinated, won’t wear masks at a time of outbreak, won’t get tested because the tests won’t detect a virus that doesn’t exist, stay away from me and other people who are trying to look after ourselves and others against this little challenge a random phenomenon of nature has thrown our way.

    • This is indeed the Great Reset of the Covidian Global Dictatorship and masks are their emblem.
      The people of old Eastern Bloc could see over the wall and knew there was an alternative – this time it is the Western Bloc gone rogue and the East will not oppose.
      Dark times ahead.
      When enough of the people pushback and take off that mask the authorities will declare them unnecessary. Cat mouse cat.

  3. I hope so. The great reset-Qanon rubbish. COVID cult- what the heck? Where do they do their research? I’m looking for concentration camps in the byron shire and haven’t found any, what do you know about that. Anyway if Theo and Peter get any illness stay out of the health system and go see your Mullumbimby naturopath, they solve it.

  4. Dear Liz,
    I have compassion for people who are suffering illness or the many in the third world who still suffer hunger, cold, lack of health care and a roof over their heads. But your evident fear of healthy unvaccinated people is self-inflicted. Projecting your fears onto healthy people will give you at best only temporary relief. The solution is to trust whatever it is that keeps you alive in this and every moment, regardless of your present health condition while knowing and acknowledging that our bodily death is just about the only absolute certainty in life and therefore the fear of death is irrational. And you may have noticed how our so-called leaders have been playing on your fears for eighteen months with the War on Covid and now the War on CO2 is rolled out on top of that. And before that we had the War on Terror and a now a new war on Cyber Terrorism is being psyched up. You can search War Is a Racket. It is was written in 1935, but don’t let that fool you. It’s as relevant today—three-quarters of a century later—as it was then. Maybe even more so. There’s an old saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” and Major General Smedley Butler’s hard-hitting assessment continues to hold a vital message to be heeded in our time. It’s a free download in .pdf form and it packs a punch in a mere 12 pages.

    • Thanks Theo. It’s not healthy unvaccinated people I would rather avoid, it’s the ones who are carrying SARS CoV2. The trouble is, because not all will be in hospital, there’s no way of me knowing who these are. And, as I said, those thinking it’s all a hoax are unlikely to get a PCR test if they have any symptoms and, symptomatic or not, they are unlikely to wear a mask.

      Thanks for thinking of me but I’m not, as you seem to imagine, living in the grip of some kind of cowering fear. Certainly not the sort of fear that convinces me that I am in the middle of evil conspiracy perpetrated by all the medical profession, the universities, the media outlets and governments to bend me to their will and … what is it exactly: microchip me? surveil me? poison me? depopulate me? make me give all my savings to Big Pharma? turn me into a lizard? I suppose it depends on which anti Covidian cult you favour?

      I’d call what I have a healthy respect for the threat of many diseases. Because, while death is a certainty, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to hang around a bit longer. Not spending my days in cringing fear, I find I still have quite a lot to live for. Besides if you’ve gotta go, I don’t like the idea of dying with Covid 19.

      But thanks for all the history lessons. They prove beyond absolute doubt that Covid 19 is a hoax invented by an evil cabal.

      Or was it deliberately manufactured for use as a biological weapon?

      • Yet for all your fear mongering and catastrophizing, there are still ZERO “cases” in the Shire and NO deaths…and this amongst the most unvaccinated population in Australia. You have a disorder called cognitive distortion. It is more contagious than any virus and has infected all but those who have maintained their ability to observe and discern the actual “evidence”.

        • i would suggest that the majority of the community know who has ‘cognitive distortion’, and you have happily provided ample supporting evidence, to prove this…

  5. As you point out there are zero or few cases here. A lack of vaccination is not going to be very telling in these circumstances about efficacy, organichuman. Not very scientific to suggest this makes for any “evidence”. Like many regional communities we are thankfully free of much evidence of SARS CoV2 in the community.

    I can imagine though the WHO, and every research institute around the globe saying: “Stop the presses – a rural population of around 50,000 in Australia is full of anti-vaxers but has had no deaths‼️. We need to throw out all previous conclusions based on global data and start again”. 🤯

    You haven’t said what your exact position is, but if it’s in line with the idea that there’s a massive coordinated effort, involving all the major institutions of every country in the world to perpetrate some unspeakably dastardly scheme, it’s a bit much to suggest I’m the one catastrophising.

    I’m so happy for you though that your beliefs include one that puts you amongst a select few who have maintained an ability for superior observation and discernment. I’m a bit wary of movements with that seductive allure and think it’s pretty sad if people need them. To many of us, it just appears like cognitive distortion.


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