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December 4, 2022

Berejiklian resigns as Premier of New South Wales

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Outgoing NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

It has just been announced that NSW South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has resigned.

This morning Ms Berejiklian was conspicuous in her absence from the 11am press conference and last night she cancelled an appearance at a Liberal Party event in Sydney.

Ms Berejiklian has sent media outlets a statement:

‘I have had to make an extremely difficult decision overnight, but one which I feel obliged to do because of the love and respect that I have for the people of New South Wales and the high regard which I have for the office of Premier,’ she said.

‘I was advised late yesterday afternoon the Independent Commission Against Corruption would today release a public statement in which it will state it is investigating allegations made about me concerning matters relating to the former member for Wagga Wagga.

‘As it will be clear from the ICAC statement, the issues which it is investigating are historic matters that have already been the subject of numerous attacks on me by political opponents during the last 12 months.

‘Many of the matters were the subject of questions I was asked by the opposition while appearing before an estimates committee hearing earlier this year. I want to be very clear, in all the decisions I have ever made as a Minister or as Premier for New South Wales, my first consideration has always been the well-being and welfare of the people of this state.

‘I state categorically, I have always acted with the highest level of integrity. History will demonstrate that I have always executed my duties with the highest degree of integrity for the benefit of the people of NSW who I have had the privilege to serve.

‘As the leader of the New South Wales Government, I have expected the highest of standards of myself and my colleagues. I have made it clear on numerous occasions that if any of my ministers were the subject of allegations being investigated by an integrity agency or law-enforcement, then he or she should stand aside during the course of the investigation until their name was cleared.

‘The reason for my stance was not to have made any presumptions as to their conduct, but rather to maintain the integrity of the public office which was held whilst an investigation was completed. That same standard must apply to me as Premier.

‘However, standing aside is not an option for me as the Premier of New South Wales. The people of New South Wales need certainty as to who their leader is during these challenging times of the pandemic. I cannot predict how long it will take the ICAC to complete this investigation, let alone deliver a report, in circumstances where I was first called to give evidence at a public hearing nearly 12 months ago. Therefore, it pains me to announce that I have no option but to resign the office of Premier. My resignation will take effect as soon as the New South Wales Liberal party can elect a new Parliamentary leader.

‘In order to allow the new leader and government a fresh start, I will also resign from the New South Wales Parliament once I have consulted the electoral commission on appropriate timing for a by-election given the COVID restrictions.

‘My resignation as Premier could not happen at a worse time, but the timing is completely outside of my control as the ICAC has chosen to take this action during the most challenging weeks of the most challenging times in the history of NSW.

‘That is the ICAC’s prerogative. Resigning at this time is against every instinct in my being and something which I do not want to do, I love my job, and serving the community, but I have been given no option following the statement issued.

‘To continue as Premier would disrupt the State Government during a time when our entire attention should be focused on the challenges confronting New South Wales. I do not want to be a distraction from what should be the focus of the state government during this pandemic, which is the well-being of our citizens.

‘Notwithstanding the challenges of the last few years and few months in particular, I have never felt stronger, nor more confident in my leadership. I have absolutely no regrets during my time in public life. At times we all stumble, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again stronger and wiser than before. I have done this many times, as we all have.

‘My only regret will be not to be able to finish the job to ensure the people of New South Wales transition to living freely with COVID.

‘However, I am extremely confident that whoever succeeds me will be more than capable of continuing this job. Please give them your trust and confidence. We will come through this period stronger, more resilient, and appreciating what really matters in life.

‘I feel strong, energised and optimistic about the future of this great state.

‘I want to thank the thousands of our frontline heroes who have kept us safe and kept us going during the darkest days in our state history. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Nothing that we can say or do will be able to demonstrate the significance of what you have done.

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Liberal Party to whom I owe my career, the people of the electorate of Willoughby who have elected me five times to be their member of Parliament, my Parliamentary colleagues for their support and hard work, my outstanding and loyal staff past and present, and all the professional public servants with whom I have worked.

‘I also want to thank my family and friends who have provided me with unconditional support and understanding when I have not been as present due to my responsibilities.

‘Most importantly I want to thank you, the people of New South Wales. When the chips were down in the past years, in particular during the drought, bushfires and then COVID, we stood alongside each other. We have grieved and supported each other during these tragedies. I hope you know that you will remain foremost in my thoughts. The courage that you display in your lives every day has inspired me every step of the way. The courage and the support you have shown me has humbled me and made me a better leader and a better person. Serving you has been the greatest privilege of my life. Please know that every day I gave it my all and worked as hard as I could to create a better future for our state and its people.

‘I truly believe that New South Wales is a place where every person, irrespective of their background and circumstances has the opportunity to be their best, to make a difference.

‘So as I address you for the final time as your Premier, please stay the course and stay safe. We will be shortly out of this lockdown and be able to get on with our lives. NSW and its people will come out of this lockdown stronger, and together we will build a future full of optimism and hope.

Finally, thank you again for giving me the honour of being your Premier.’

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  1. Good news indeed, but only if Gladys’s successor is less incompetent at managing COVID-19 than she.

  2. And hopefully all the “ medical experts “ ,the “Health “-Minister and everyone who profits from this illegal,immoral,unethical dictatorship they have created,will resign and face justice!

      • Herbert probably agrees with all of us that scientifically proven Climate change is real, and yet some banana republic governments under the pump of the fossil fuel industry are ignoring the health risks and costs.
        The same scientific community having over an over proven Covid health risks and cost to communities and countries are supposed to be strangely brainwashed into falsifying data and their whole reason for working and learning by those same governments that they have been speaking out bravely against for decades?

  3. What I loved was how she blamed everybody else for her problems and not her own poor judgment in associating with dodgy politicians.

    • Rod: “dodgy politicians” – surely a tautology there. My NSW political awareness goes back to before the corrupt Askin era, and I’m not at all sure there’ve been many competent and non-corrupt state governments here since – of any party persuasion. Think Rann. Think Greiner. Think Obeid. Think O’Farrell. Think …

      I’m convinced that to succeed as a career politician, to last beyond a maiden term, one needs unwholesome doses of cynicism and sociopathy. The latter quality aids in seemingly necessary immunity to criticism, including self-criticism. It might also extend to the cognitive dissonance for which pollies aren’t exactly unknown.

      I’m also convinced that one of the main drivers of our federal and states politicians’ lack of foresight and planning beyond the too-short term is the 3- or 4-year election cycle. That cycle seems counterproductive to longer-term planning and projects.

  4. I agree with everything that’s been said by the other commentators. It’s a pity Morrison hasn’t been caught out with his corrupt cronies!

  5. In the best traditions of the LNP resigning to ensure lifetime benefits and pensions. Nice!
    But please don’t suggest you stood beside us in the face of bushfires or anything else. The second rate firefighting vehicles that likely contributed to fireys’ deaths come to mind, along with all the other issues relating to the funding ripped out of firefighting in n NSW, leaving those involved in greater danger doing their best with scant care from a city-centric government.
    Wont go into where on earth the funding that should be supporting proper health facilities and services in regions has gone.. etc., etc.
    The only reason to be sad you’re departing is the dearth of talent from which your successor will be selected.

  6. Why am I so shocked at all this vitriol? Seems to be par for the course. So much to say but who of you have the courage or indeed the ability to do the job our Premier has done? What a hateful, ungrateful bunch you all are.

    • its not unusual, politics aside, that most female politicians seem to face and go through a lot more vitriol than their male counterparts, eg. gillard… regardless of your side of politics, what nsw has gone through in the last few years, would have challenged any nsw premier, male or female.

    • I agree and all these absolute HYPOCRITES probably think they could do a better job themselves.
      Well it just shows us we have not come far at all we still have LYNCH MOBS out there.
      In all their ignorance.

      • I can’t see anywhere that these commentators think they could do a better job themselves.
        It’s got nothing to do with wanting her job, but everything to do with accountability, transparency, equality before the law, and upholding the law.

        Irrespective how much good or piety one has demonstrated, if they commit one offence, they still have committed that offence. Their lifelong conduct might be considered during sentencing but does not negate the act of their wrongdoing. A person who commits a murder does not escape justice by pointing to how many people they haven’t murdered. Likewise that Catholic priest who served a life of piety before and after……

    • They have already proven their IGNORANCE by their allegations and totally one sided rude comments.
      OH and im sure they could do a better job themselves IGNORANCE IS BLISS
      HAA HAHA HA.

  7. So by resigning they avoid accountability and still get the perks (pension, etc)?

    What’s the point of ICAC then?

    When are we going to actually punish the corrupt? I’m beginning to despair of ever seeing justice. Without any true penalty, what incentive is there to be honest?

    We NEED consequences. I want jail time for anyone caught and all assets stripped for treason to the people.

    It’s time we all honoured the title of public servant for what it should be. Do your jobs or move aside. No perks unless you can prove you did the job. End of story. I am thoroughly disgusted especially at her blaming everything else except herself. If she had nothing to fear she would not need to do anything but keep on doing her job.

    Hateful pathetic example of leadership which is the norm.

    • And have a look at yourself your words towards the accused is a total reflection of you and anyone associated to you.
      Your ignorance astounds me i have total pitty on your family IF you have one.

      • Peter your position is nonsensical and illogical, and merely serves to demonstrate your blind faith in a politician you obviously support.

        If she were, as you shout “TOTALLY INNOCENT”, then she would not be under investigation, nor would she have resigned. ICAC did not ask nor compell her to resign. Nor did the parliament, her colleagues or the police. Her choice.

        To quote high profile barrister Brett Walker SC when asked about the recent Christian Porter historical rape case: “the presumption of innocence involves an open mind about the outcome of a trial but not the magical thinking that says until a person is convicted they were innocent, they should never have been tried. Unfortunately both politically and socially in everyday language people – many of them lawyers, speak of the presumption of innocence as if it means somehow, that before an accused has been convicted they are actually is innocent, or is not guilty”.

        Walker said when prosecutors signed indictments they were declaring they believed there was enough evidence to allege the commission of an offence, notwithstanding the accused’s presumption of innocence. He said it would be a “terrible thing if we thought that everybody was thereby compelled to regard them as innocent. The prosecutor must not – that would be appalling. The police who investigate and put the brief together don’t think so either, that would be appalling.”

        Walker said: “Guilt of a crime is only ever of conduct which was criminal at the time it was committed – and you’ve been guilty, as a matter of English law, since you’ve committed the offence. Presumption of innocence” should be “banished from discourse concerning people who are the objects of criminal process. They are presumed innocent, it doesn’t mean they are innocent.”

        Now compare your defiant defence of “[not] My Numero Uno” Gladys to when news broke about the ICAC investigation into Obeid, Tripodi & McDonald all those years ago….. everyone suspected they had been up to no good for years, supported the ICAC investigation, and expected their crimes would be revealed and facade unravelled based on their behaviours and the tidbits of info of publicly released evidence which beggared belief their implausible denials. Sound familiar? Did you really think ANY of them were “TOTALLY INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”?? or just that they had evaded authorities to date and not been caught?

    • icac’s role is to gather information, and they have extraordinary powers to do so… once this has been collated, it is then passed onto the relevant authorities, who then decide if charges need to be issued.

  8. There is some pathetic trolls here. Accuse a person of corruption with no evidence. Couldn’t wait for the findings of ICAC. Its becoming standard tactics in politics these days, more so on the left than the right.

    • You obviously paid no attention to the publicly released video & audio of the ICAC proceedings against Daryl Maguire. Including the evidence of not-“My Numero Uno” herself. Or the documents to be released to the Legislative Council that she failed to have blocked in her legal proceedings only the day before resigning. Or acting contrary to the publicly available advice to her as Treasurer & the Hansard records about these grants to Daryl. Secondly, short memory & blinkered viewpoint – More left than right eh? Depends who is in opposition. Cast your mind back 10 years if you’re capable. Eyes & ears firmly shut perhaps? Morrison’s commitment to accountability & transparency is well documented, & Gladys & her government have been de-funding ICAC more every year. Why would that be?

      • How stupid of me to wait for the findings of ICAC before I publicly call Gladys corrupt. Viva pathetic trolls. If there is no finding of corruption should I apologize?

    • If that’s the case David Fitzgerald, then it’s probably because your mates on the Right are in power and acting corruptly and those nasty Lefty progressives are calling them on it.
      Where there’s smoke there’s fire

      • Nat See. Because I’m not head nodding in agreeance I must be the enemy. Its a growing problem with the left and the right [but more so the left] Your baseless assumption I’m a Righty and I would consider Lefty progressives as nasty proves my point. I must be a Righty because I want evidence of corruption tested in an enquirey or court before I’m willing to call someone corrupt. How stupid of me .

  9. M Clarke. If you consider the “my numero uno” quote proof of corruption, then I understand your problem. I will shut up and leave in peace.

    • David how absurd – much like referring to Scotty from Marketing, it is merely a recognisable monikker for her, and references some of the phone tapped conversations made public. ICAC didn’t require her to resign

  10. M Clarke. You referred to the numero uno quote as evidence. I can only take from that your referring to evidence of corruption, nothing to do with a nick name.

    • Read it again DF….. I wrote: “including the evidence of not My Numero Uno HERSELF”. A normal person would read that as HER own evidence, as in evidence SHE gave at that ICAC hearing. SHE answered the questions about what SHE said in the phone taps, all publicly available FFS.
      That’s a big fail in comprehension. Blinded by rage or blinkered view? Either would make it hard to read properly, but no excuse really when HER original evidence – in relation to questions asked about those phone tapped conversations was released in audio form. Didn’t listen either eh?…. just add speak no evil & you’ve got the full set


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