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July 6, 2022

Update on COVID and the fourth jab

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It’s hard to know what value to place on the environment – until it changes irrevocably.  A place is defined...

Dr Kerry Chant spoke to the media from the Macarthur Clinical School, Campbelltown Hospital campus –
Parkside Crescent, Campbelltown, where she mentioned the availability of a fourth COVID-19 vaccine does for some people.

It would appear that the current COVID-19 outbreak in the Northern NSW Local Health District may be waning. There are no absolutes but the figures from last Wednesday to Sunday have been on the decline.

To 4pm each day the numbers on new COVID-19 cases have gone down, from 606 new cases on Wednesday, (three deaths), 477 on Thursday (two daths) 393 on Friday, 345 on Saturday and 314 new cases on Sunday – we can only hope.

Yesterday’s stats included 100 positive PCR tests and 214 positive rapid antigen tests (RAT).

Confirmed tests by LGA (PCR and RAT included):

  • Ballina 57
  • Byron 37
  • Clarence Valley 56
  • Kyogle 6
  • Lismore 19
  • Richmond Valley 17
  • Tweed 103

There are 32 COVID-19 positive patients in hospital in Northern NSW, with four of these in ICU.

** Please note these RAT results may be from within the previous seven days, and there may be some cases included in these numbers where people have reported positive RATs on multiple days and/or where people have also had a positive PCR test during the same reporting period.

Last week in New South Wales

Dr Kerry Chant announced in the NSW stats update on Friday that there were currently 2,494 people in hospital, including 160 people in ICU 75 of whom are ventilated. ‘There were 10,698 positive test results returned, including 6,122 Positive rapid antigen tests and 76 positive PCR tests. Those 5,576 Positive PCR tests were from around 39,349 PCR tests.

’From the data we release on Fridays it is pleasing to see that we are seeing declines in new hospital admissions, ICU is also declining, you will know that the number of ventilated does still remain at a more constant level and we expect that to be a little bit slower in declining because the number of the patients have got longest length of stays in ICU when they are ventilated, but we will see that number come down as well.

Dr Chant said the health system continues to be working very hard. ‘When I say the health system, I mean the GPs, the pharmacist, the allied health professionals, the public hospitals in the private hospitals – they’re doing lots of tasks and I just want to acknowledge the great work they’re doing particularly all of the efforts to provide health care to all people and also rollout the booster programme.

Dr Chant said in the period from Friday January 28 to February 3, there were 253 deaths. ‘One person in their 30s, four in their 50s, 18 in their 60s, 50 in their 70s, 180 in the 80s and 68 between 90 and 99 – and four over 100 years of age. One hundred and thirty-six were aged care residents and of the 253 deaths, 52 were unvaccinated. Six had received one dose, 149 had received two doses, and only 46 had received three doses.

‘There were 13 deaths in the period for those under 65 years of age and one person was in their 30s, four in their 50s and eight were in their early 60s. Ten were males and three were females. Four were unvaccinated one who had one dose. Seven had two doses and one had had three doses and the person with the three doses had a very severe existing immunocompromised.’

Dr Chant also gave a list of comorbidities for the diseased. ‘Six people had diabetes, four had cardiac disease – three had significant immunosuppression, two had renal disease, one had liver disease, and one had cancer – two had obstructive sleep apnea.

A fourth dose available for some people 

Just before ending her announcement Dr Chant mentioned yet another (fourth) shot is available for those who choose vaccination. ‘The salient message is that boosters are effective. I would like to urge everyone, particularly those with underlying health conditions, and those that are elderly, to really, as a matter of urgency, get boosted if it’s three months since your second dose, and for some of those individuals who are immuno-compromised or undergoing chemotherapy, they will require four doses – three doses as part of the primary course and a fourth dose  – check with your GP and pharmacist but you may require four doses to have completed your schedule for vaccination.’

For the most up-to-date COVID information visit nsw.gov.au.

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COVID-19 update: May 9

Today there are 41 COVID-19 positive patients in hospital in Northern NSW, with none of these in ICU.


COVID-19 update: May 6

The Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD) reports that there are 37 COVID-19 positive patients in hospital in Northern NSW, with one of these in ICU.


COVID-19 update: Monday 2 May

The Northern NSW Local Health District reports that in the 24 hours to 4pm yesterday, 1 May, 274 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the area, including 56 positive PCR tests and 218 positive rapid antigen tests


COVID-19 update: Friday, April 29

The Northern NSW Local Health District reports that to 4pm yesterday, 28 April, 398 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the region, including 74 positive PCR tests and 324 positive rapid antigen tests.


COVID-19 update: Thursday April 28

The Northern NSW Local Health District reports that to 4pm yesterday, there were 541 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the region, including 143 positive PCR tests and 398 positive rapid antigen tests.


COVID-19 update for Wednesday, April 27

The  Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD) reports that to 4pm yesterday, 26 April, there were 569 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the region, including 74 positive PCR tests and 495 positive rapid antigen tests.


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  1. Is there a plan or will it be an “Update on Covid and the 24th jab” down the track?

    Safe and effective hey….. Certainly not safe for everybody and certainly not stopping serious illness and death for everybody either. See numbers above.

    Remember we were told that for most, symptoms will not be severe and many will be asmptomatic, and that’s without the injections.
    That was until money got in the way.

    8 out of 10 positive cases in Qld didn’t even know they had it. My jab free kids got it, one had a sore throat, the other no symptoms whatsoever.

    Governments are doing vaccination in general, a very large dis-service in not calling things as they are.

    Enough already, call off the mandates, give the jabs to whomever wants them, including 3rd world countries if you are that worried about the jabs use-by date and spending all our money on something many don’t want……and many more healthy individuals will never need.

    • Stevie O, you must have missed the memo, about the 4223 Covid deaths and counting, so far in Australia. Scores of Aussies dying everyday. The issue of ‘Long Covid’ is still there as well. Count yourself fortunate that your family has been touched by Covid and suffered little apparent difficulty…Long Covid not withstanding.
      We are not safe until we are ALL safe, it pretty simple to understand, to understand why vaccinations are needed in a Global Pandemic.

      • You must’ve missed the memo. The majority dying are jabbed and some boosted. 99% of the cases who caught it are jabbed. First week of January stats released, 150000 jabbed to 779 unjabbed. The majority in ICU and hospital are jabbed. Oh yeah, you’re not considered jabbed now unless you’re boosted. I can’t wait till the quadruple jabbed get angry at the triple jabbed.

        Your last paragraph makes no sense. How can we all be safe with this failed gene tech when it doesn’t stop infection, spread or death?
        It is not a vaccine and is a total failure.

        • Your logic is a fallacy and does not say anything about the protection of vaccines. You also need to include numbers of the vaccinated/unvaccinated population who did not die. Only five percent of the population remains unvaccinated, therefore the cases suffering severe disease and dying are higher per the unvaxxed than the 95 percent who are vaxxed. Here’s an example:

          of 10 unvaccinated people, 5 died → the death rate among the unvaccinated is 50%
          of 50 vaccinated people, 5 died → the death rate among the vaccinated is 10%
          We therefore see that the death rate among the vaccinated is 5-times lower than among the unvaccinated.

  2. We don’t know how much death and serious illness they are stopping though Steve. Mutations were always expected, especially with a new virus and thus vaccines and dosages will be and work in progress. There are precedents for multi dose vaccines and tweaking with real world data. Most of us were told this and expected it but some will grasp the chance to attempt to discredit the science.

    You don’t need to be jabbed to get into most places now so less need for all the hysteria. As for vulnerable third world countries, some of their low vaccination rates are down to supply issues and some to the fear and superstition stirred up by ne’er do wells.

    • You’re kidding yourself. They sold it as one jab at the start. And told us it had 96% efficacy against infection. Then they started using the word ‘breakthrough.’ Then it was, a second one will give you back 90% efficacy. Then the ‘breakthrough’ cases went through the roof. Then it was “but you get less sick.” Then it was “you don’t end up in ICU”.
      Then it was “you got less chance of dying”.
      Then it was “a booster will give you back protection.”
      Now the boosted are dying too.
      Israel has the highest cases per 100000 in the world with 4th dose.
      The only people this gene tech failure has worked for, is the companies and the share holders.

    • You never vax during an out break using a non-serilizing vax other wise the evolutionary pressure on the virus will cause an explosion of variants in those who have been jabbed.
      That was mainstream medical knowledge 3 years ago. Seems they just plum forgot their own rules.

      • I don’t know where you have been getting your info WR, but it was always considered a two dose vaccine. No guarantees about 96% efficacy against infection have ever been made. What may have been quoted was observation from the collected data. The original data was from the original virus then Alpha variant. Even then the advice was that the true test is in the ongoing data monitoring of real world (not trial) application.

        Delta was more vaccine evasive and Omicron seems even more vaccine evasive. The virus won’t defy natural forces and stay a fixed target and scientists much smarter than us will not be making these guarantees you are suggesting they have.

        I’ll trust my luck with the advice from the smartest people in the world over the anti vax community basking in the schadenfreude they imagine each twist in the evolution provides.

    • Did you read the report Odette – the fourth shot is suggested for the immune compromised.

      I’ve followed the advice so far and I have had my third shot. Recently I have been crammed like cattle into an airport for around an hour waiting to go through security. I’d estimate less than half the queue was wearing a mask that was actually covering the nose. I then boarded a plane for a two-hour trip where again mask wearing seemed to be regarded as optional. These and other situations since travelling have led me to the conclusion that if I wasn’t infected with the highly contagious Omicron it would be extraordinary. Eleven days later I’m still hale and healthy and passed a RAT before meeting vulnerable people. Who really knows but I’m feeling quite grateful for my third dose.

  3. To quote
    “ of the 253 deaths, 52 were unvaccinated. Six had received one dose, 149 had received two doses, and only 46 had received three doses.”
    I don’t know about you, but it seems these injections aren’t working….

    • Look, I don’t care who gets the jab and who doesn’t but would you all do some of “your own research” on percentages and statistical analysis and think about the implications of having one cohort at around 94% and the other at around 6%. Then the implications of the group most vulnerable and with the most deaths being close to 100% vaccinated.

      Would it surprise you to learn that 95% of car accident deaths involved people wearing seat belts?

      • That’s because they are in accidents where a seat belt won’t help.
        Vaxxed people die of Covid in deaths where the vax won’t help.

    • One can imply the reduction in deaths in the vaccinated over last week from these numbers** as follows:

      The deaths over the previous week are 58 (52+6) for the cohort not fully vaxed who are 6% of the population (using Liz’s data). If the remaining 94% who are fully vaxed had the same death rate, then one would observe 909 deaths from the fully vaxed, ie 94%X58/6%.

      The actual deaths of fully vaxed were 195 (149+46) which is a reduction of 714 deaths (909-195), ie 79%.

      I have done the above calculations time and time again on different COVID data sets and they all illustrate that the COVID vaccine provides a beneficially large reduction in infection, hospitalisations, deaths etc compared to the data for those not fully vaxed.

      Dan E, thus, using your words, one should concluded that “these injections ARE working”. And imagine how you would feel if the COVID vax’s efficacy increased towards 100% as the reduction in deaths would be even higher.

      ** assuming both cohorts have similar characteristics such as distribution of co-morbidities and exposure to SARS-Cov-2


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