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March 22, 2023

I am outraged

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Dredging rivers: what are the Ballina candidates’ positions?

A recent Meet the Candidates evening in Ocean Shores saw discussion around how to manage local river systems, which have silted up over generations, and likely contributed to the high flood levels experienced in 2022.

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 Uki Refugee Project and Mt St Pat’s join forces for refugees

The Mount Saint Patrick College in Murwillumbah held an assembly of 850 students, teaching staff and members of the Uki Refugee Project to officially open their new sports house called Romero House – in honour of Saint Romero.

Dr Leon Ankersmit looks at mining, and thermal waste incinerators in the Clarence

Dr Leon Ankersmit has stated that he supports the position of no mining in the Clarence catchment but has stopped short of signing the Clarence Catchment Alliance pledge to 'ban mining in the Clarence catchment.

A bonanza for developers and land bankers?

The NSW Planning Rezoning Pathways Program will service the current agendas of developers and land bankers throughout Tweed Shire, particularly the State Significant Farmlands of Cudgen Plateau.

Scientists call for urgent groundwater management

Groundwater provides almost one-third of the nation’s water and is worth more than $34 billion to the economy, but results from a recent major review have prompted scientists to call for urgent and better appraisal of groundwater and how we manage it.

Lismore candidate Adam Guise

With just a few days until we head to the polls, The Echo asked the candidates for the seat of Lismore one last bunch of questions.

Election 2023 – Tweed: Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is running for the seat of Tweed on behalf of the Sustainable Australia Party – Stop Overdevelopment / Corruption. The key element to their campaign is to reduce immigration to Australia from 200,000 back to 70,000 per annum. 

The insert in The Echo (8 May) could be taken to imply that cloud seeding was the cause of recent flooding in the Northern Rivers. This has apparently been a subject in the twittersphere. Indeed, Associated Press has conducted a ‘fact-finding’ investigation which found: ‘CLAIM: A rain-enhancing process known as cloud seeding caused historic flooding in Tasmania, Australia, in 2016 and along Australia’s southeastern coast this year.

‘AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. An independent investigation sought by Tasmania’s parliament into the causes of the 2016 flooding found that cloud seeding, a process aimed at increasing precipitation, had no impact on the severe weather. There’s no evidence to suggest it played a role in the 2022 floods in southeastern Australia, either. An atmospheric research expert told The Associated Press that cloud seeding would not change the dynamics of a cloud enough to cause massive flooding’ (https://bit.ly/3NwnqJq).

Implications that cloud seeding can cause major floods is simply misinformation. The insert also raised questions why cloud seeding had not been used to prevent the 2019 drought. It should be clear to anyone paying attention that droughts imply very low humidity. Cloud seeding without clouds? More misinformation. I hasten to add that another claim/link that 99 per cent of scientists disagree with climate change is also grossly wrong.

I hope this helps the readership with interpreting last week’s pamphlet.

Dr Phillip Schmidt, Ex-CSIRO Chief Research Scientist, Newrybar

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  1. Great to get intelligent rebuttals to the climate change deniers/ conspiracy theory promoters who go to great lengths to sound scientific but really talk crap.

    • He didn’t write anything about your ‘Climate Change’. You seemed to have missed the point of his article.

  2. Dr Schmidt, the Volcano in Tonga erupted, then sea water flooded into it, then it detonated. The ash and dust shot past the stratosphere and is still raining down today. Add to that a bad solar flare season. High energy particles from the Sun smashing through clouds has also been proven to nucleate rain.

  3. I will point out dear readers that he is not saying cloud seeding doesn’t work, he is just defending it’s use. Some of us call it Chemtrails, and depending what you spray, you can get different effects. The research started in the 50s and, according to the mainstream media at the time, was used during the Vietnam War to cause non-stop rain on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to frustrate the North Vietnamese troops. The Chinese and Russian announce to their people when they are using to create sunny days for important events like the 2008 Olympics. There is a UN treaty against using the technology for war.

  4. Even clear blue sky has water vapor in it, you just need to cool it down until it reaches it’s dew point for clouds to form. Spray nano particles of aluminium to reflect some sunlight, and you will get clouds. Nucleate those clouds with a seeding chemical like silver iodide and you get rain, all from a clear blue sky.

  5. It’s important to remember you are living in a time in which you can buy a hover board, you can talk to anyone on the planet from your home, where billionaires launch sports cars to Mars for fun, etc
    You are also living in a time when governments do terrible things to make money for their corporate buddies then lie to you about it. If someone makes a claim they caused a flood, ask what commodities futures were effected by it and find out who had a short position on those futures. We really are at that point now. It’s a scary time if you hadn’t noticed.

    • A hover board like in back to the future, now I would like to see that. It’s called science fiction Christian for a reason.

      • Hover boards and jet packs you say. Paste ‘7 Real Flying Machines That Actually Fly’ into youtube and you will see these things are much cooler in reality than the old movies speculated they would be. Everything on the video is available for purchase from the manufacturers.

  6. My money is still on that volcano and it’s record “high altitude aerosol injection event”. Just the natural version of what Bill Gates is saying he wants to do cause cow farts make polar bears drown, or something.

    • still just based on speculation not on any real data or science that there were actual cause and effects, so what happening in 1974 ? at this point in time that year we had more rain than this year, even though this year’s floods were worse, was there cloud seeding then too ?

      • That was a phenomenon know as “Tropical Cyclone”, Another one of those happened in 2017. Neither of those events cause excessive rain across the entire southern hemisphere as has been seen this year.
        Early this year, an island jumped straight up into the stratosphere leaving a 750 meter deep crater. All 16 cubic kilometers of it were turned into nano sized particles. It has been known to take up to 3 to 5 years for such dust to clear from the atmosphere. That’s natural cloud seeding. Big asteroid strikes do the same thing.
        The point is that chem-trailing CAN cause low pressure areas that suck in water vapor and then can be used to make it form rain/snow/hale. If you would like, I can explain the physics so you can go check it out on your own.
        Do you want me to Mickey?

        • still no actual scientific link between the volcano and rain this year specifically, show me the published scientific article please, not just a theory, or your ramblings, the high rainfall is from a la nina climate pattern not the volcano or human chem trails. 1974 was not just one single cyclone, it was a much wetter year overall than this year so far in many locations, look at the rainfall data, no volcano or human chemtrails in 1974 mate

          • That’s a logical fallacy called ‘Moving the goal posts’.
            There’s a lot of competing studies currently on going. It’s not often this phenomenon occurs and all the new geo observation satellites caught the detonation from multiple angles and are continuing to record atmospheric conditions. I’ll get back to you when the studies that are on going are completed.
            So are you saying your theory is sun cycles?

    • You remember how UFOs were tin foil hat stuff because the TV told you so. Now UFOs are real and an existential threat because the TV tells you so. You maybe surprised to know the CSIRO has an alien hunting budget. I’m sure one day they will have an atmospheric modification budget and claim Australia is leading the way in it or something. But just keep believing you are told about all ‘sensitive national security’ projects Stef. Cause governments totally don’t keep secrets (poorly) or anything.

      • you need to get out from your laptop cave and engage in the real world mate, you think you know how the world works from your computer chair

        • Problem with your theory is that climatology is done in ‘laptop caves’, not in the real world staring at the sky.
          It’s the analysis of data through statistical analysis and modeling that leads to conclusions.
          But I’ll let the CSIRO know that Mickey says to get everyone outside staring at the sky and the answers will fall from heaven.

          • No, Mick is trying to argue with me about things I didn’t say while he doesn’t see to understand the difference between ‘contributing’ and ‘causing’. I’m letting him go on cause he’s just a confused guy with anger issues. I’m sure you can relate Rod

  7. Just to clarify for people, I did not write the insert, I only got to skim through a bit of it before it was taken down and Echo won’t make it available for me. I’m not saying anything about chem-trailing effecting these floods, merely that it can and has. This is the part of the article I’m reacting to…
    “Implications that cloud seeding can cause major floods is simply misinformation. The insert also raised questions why cloud seeding had not been used to prevent the 2019 drought. It should be clear to anyone paying attention that droughts imply very low humidity. Cloud seeding without clouds?”
    I’m also pointing out that the Volcano and the Solar flares also have a serious effect on rainfall. When sunlight hits dust in the upper atmosphere, it turns to heat up there. The dust shades the surface making it cooler down here. Ya think that might turn a mild La Nina nasty? Think that amount of dust could nucleate a little extra rain?
    I don’t know what data the insert people were relying on. Maybe the global chem-trail tracking system that was being built. You’d have to ask them, cause they maybe right.

  8. i dont blame people for assuming the worst and fantasising catastrophe and conspiracy at the hands of poor government and science gone wrong i have canetoads in my garden as a reminder my mother has terrible skin cancers was it her child hood home in outback nsw to much sun? or one of the 12 atomic bombs tested on Australian soil, science and scientists have done some f’d up stuff to this planet and some people remember the bad more than the good.

    • Lead in the petrol. SV-40 in the polio vaccine. Arsenic based pesticides on all the food, Glyphosate on all the food. Asbestos. mRNA vaccines. Thalidomide for morning sickness. BPA in plastic. Noosa council left piles of radioactive sand on the north shore for us kids to play in while having “Nuclear free zone” signs hung up every where for the tourists. The list goes on and on, tiny things up to massive things. But never look into anything, you must always just trust and believe, even when there are qualified experienced scientists trying to sound the alarm who get called fringe nut jobs by the media.

      Always check out what the opposition are saying, they aren’t always right, but it’s surprising how often they are proven right decades later.

      • Christian: Perhaps while your face is turned skywards observing those ‘chem-trails’ it might be wise not to open your mouth in awe lest you suck in even more of those dreaded nasties. They’re affecting your brain!


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