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December 3, 2022

Higgins – Assange

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I read with interest Mandy Nolan’s article on the trial of Brittany Higgins. I noticed a marked difference in the attitudes of people regarding this trial, and the non-trial of another accused rapist.

The man I refer to is Julian Assange. I think we all know of Assange’s near-deity status in the region. He was accused of not one but two separate rapes at different times by two different women.

Now after reading Mandy’s rage against the patriarchy, as an avowed Assange supporter, how does she feel about his behaviour?

I noticed one article, written in his defence, said that the accusation was made that these women ‘made it up’ and it was all a beat up to get poor Assange to America. Sound patriarchally familiar? That he was ‘forced’ to go to the Ecuadorian embassy. In fact he made repeated pleas to many countries for asylum and his last and only option was Ecuador.

The difference is the attitude towards him and anyone else. Most people, feminists or not, agree that Julian is obviously innocent and it’s all a conspiracy to put him away. The women were somehow lying. How do these people know this when he hid from justice for years? It seems a very patriarchal attitude but is supported by many women and men around the area. What if he was indeed guilty and he fled for a reason?

His supporters will say the charges were dropped… eventually and after he fled justice and years later when there was no chance of him appearing anyway. The Ecuadorians grew sick of his messiah complex and invited the cops in to drag him out, and the rest is history.

What Mandy and his supporters should do is take off the blinkers and not have a bet each way. At least Lehrmann did not flee jurisdiction, as St Julian willingly did.

The problem for Assange is, if he had the decency and guts to face the music in Sweden, with a legal justice system far in advance of the US’s, he may be free now. You reap what you sow.

John Donnellan, Ocean Shores

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  1. Long on outrage based on political spin & media smear & short on facts.
    1) Julian Assange was never at any point charged by Sweden
    2) Neither woman accused him of rape
    Both expressly denied it.
    3) Woman SW stated the Swedish police made it up.
    4) Snowden docs revealed US secretly asked allies, incl Sweden to charge Julian Assange with something 10 days before Swedish police made rape allegations.
    5) First Swedish prosecutor Eva Finne, dismissed police allegations as “having no basis”.
    6) Swedish sex trials:
    *Are held in secret
    *No bail for foreigners
    *3/4 of judges are untrained political appointments

    7)The Swedish/US Bilateral Treaty allows for a fast track, low test back door extradition under its ” Temporary Surrender” clause.

    8)Sweden has a history of co-operating with CIA extraordinary renditions to 3rd countries for the purposes of torture.

    Furthur reading:
    ” The Trial of Julian Assange”
    By @NilsMelzer
    The Law professor & UN torture investigator who conducted a firensic investigation inti the Assange case

    • Well said. The writer of this article would clearly believe in the exisyence of Santa if the mainstream narrative makers told him to.

  2. You have certainly got oldmate Julian worked out John, actually there is a lot of debate within journalist circles whether Assange is in fact a recognized journalist. He seems to have spent most of his time either conning or bribing others, or acting himself to steal western intelligence secrets through the hacking of military websites by Wikileaks and selling them to our adversaries and enemies, and he got caught; remember, whether these wars were justified or not, and most aren’t, our servicemen are sent there to risk their lives. The only deal Julian Assange is entitled to is a fair trial in the US on espionage charges ASAP.

    • Facts:

      1)Julian Assange is a card carrying member of the Australian Journalist Union & the International Federation of Journalists.

      2) Both these unions & many more globally including in the UK are calling for the US charges against him to be dropped.

      3) Over the past 12 years Julian has been honoured with over 25 global journalism awards including the Walkley Award

  3. 1) Neither Wikileaks nor Julian Assange hack websites to obtain documents to publish. They are given documents like other media.

    2) The US witness who stated Julian assisted in the hacking of the US military has since publicly recanted & stated he lied in exhange for immunity from his own crimes.

    3) At the trial of Chelsea Manning, the Pentagon was forced to admit under oath, that not one soldier or civilian had lost their lives as a result of Wikileaks publications.

    4) There is no evidence that Julian Assange or Wikileaks sold documents.

    5) Wikileaks has published over 800,000 documents on Russia & Putin, many critical, & some used in court cases.
    View at WikiLeaks.org

  4. The Egyptian journalist” Mohamed Abdel Hameed” is the man number one on planet of earth who is defending ” Julian Assange”.

    Hundreds of thousands of people from 200 countries are listening to the story of ” Julian Assange” from the Egyptian journalist ” Mohamed Abdel Hameed’.

    You can write the name ” julian assange” on website of youtube then write ” Mohamed abdel hameed”

    The video clip of ” julian assange” in Egypt made big problems between Egypt and England in the black darkness.

    The syndicate of journalists in 22 Arab countries have started to defend ” Julian Assange ” because of the video clip about ” Julian Assange” that was made by the Egyptian journalist ” Mohamed Abdel hameed”

    November 2022

  5. A few corrections to John Donnellan’s letter is needed to clarify facts for readers:
    1. Julian Assange was never charged with rape in Sweden
    2. He cooperated with a Swedish investigation fully
    3. He admitted to having consensual sex with both women
    4. Neither of the women involved wanted to press charges.
    5. The Swedish authorities said he did not have a case to answer and he was free to leave Sweden and return to the UK.
    6. Later when Assange was in the UK, the US urged the Swedish Govt to request Assange return to Sweden for further questioning (as the US has greater extradition powers with Sweden than the UK)
    7. Assange offered to answer additional questions via video link from London
    8. He sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy as her (rightly) feared US Extradition
    9. The Swedish authorities dropped the additional investigation entirely
    10. Yes, the Swedish so-called ‘investigation’ was a total stitch up by the CIA and US Govt to smear Julian Assange’s reputation… seems Mr Donnellan fell for their lies and propaganda.

    Mandy Nolan was correct in her analogy and Mr Donnellan should get his facts straight.

  6. I think you are being at best, far to generous to old mate Julian Alison, the Congressional hearings into Russian interference into the 2016 American presidential election uncovered plenty of evidence that Wikileaks did in fact pass on hacked information to the Russian GRU that badly damaged Hilary Clinton’s campaign and directly aided the election of Donald Trump, now isn’t that something to be proud of?. Now Putin is never going to admit to that, but if it is right, Assange should be ashamed of himself. If this germ is so innocent why does he not have the guts to face these accusations instead of going to enormous effort to avoid capture and have his day in court to clear his name.

  7. These are the facts
    1) The Congessional investigation determined that there had been some Russian interference in the US election but there was no evidence to tie it to Wikileaks

    2) Julian Assange stated that the evidence exposing Hillary Clinton & the DNC did not come from a state actor.

    3) Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray has publicly stated that he recieved these DNC docs personally from a disaffected DNC Sanders supporter whistleblower

    4) Evidence was published by Wikileaks that revealed the DNC was engaged in election rigging to undermine their most popular candidate Bernie Sanders to favour their less popular candidate Hillary Clinton. 5 senior members of the DBC had to resign in disgrace.

    3) Had the more popular Democrat Bernie Sanders not been unlawfully internally undermined there may have been a chance of a Democrat victory

    4) CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou has stated that Julian Assange has no hope of a fair trial if he is extradited to the US because:

    a) There is no defence of public interest with Espionage charges

    b) He will be held under SAMS pre trial. Special Administrative Measures are extreme isolation. Very little contact with family & lawyers who are under gag orders

    c) The trial was chosen to be heard in the EDVA ( Eastern District of Virginia) This is home to employees & families of the CIA, NSA, FBI, US State Dept & defence contactors. The jury pool will be drawn from them

    d)No National Security defendent has ever won a case in the EDVA

    5) It has been revealed by 30 US Govt whistleblowers that the CIA plotted to assassinate Julian Assange in the Ecuador Embassy. Julians life is in extreme danger if extradited to the US

    • Of course it all makes sense doesn’t it, dearest Julian is as innocent as a new born babe, and the whole world is out to get him, now if he has done nothing wrong why would “they” want to get him?, seriously your Julian Assange fan club needs a serious reality check, it’s in overdrive cherry picking “facts” and if that is not enough just throw in a big conspiracy theory that the CIA is going to assassinate him. The CIA has certainly done this to highly dangerous enemies of America, but it’s unlikely old mate Julian would be important enough to be in that category, besides it’s politically unwise to randomly knock off citizens of countries that are so closely aligned, even arrested foreign spies have had their day in court unless they become part of swap deals; it seems that you all have been watching far too many Hollywood movies. All these so called “facts” need to be tested in a court of law, and for all America’s problems it’s legal system has proved that even under extreme duress from that asshole Trump- that even threatened to bring down democracy itself- it has delivered sound judgements, what is old mate Julian so worried about if he’s so innocent?

      • Keith, your commentary is limited to immature, emotional, eyerolling character assassination & CIA/State Dept talking points on Julian Assange.

        For reasons known only to yourself, you appear disinterested in the truth via verifiable facts.

        As you have not declared your interest here, it is left to others to guess your motivations.

        • Yes Alison, there is plenty of immature emotional discourse here regarding old mate Julian, but sadly it’s all coming from your back yard.

  8. While it might be true that Assange is guilty of rape, his current incarceration is not connected to rape but to his journalistic work. It is obviously important – especially if you believe in the justice system – to view and report on this properly. The way he is treated and the fact that he might be extradited to the United States is an abomination. No matter if he has or has not committed an atrocious crime. If he indeed raped these women, he should be prosecuted for that crime. Only for that.

  9. Minutes ago political responsables in Honduras in Latin America asked the English government to set free “Julian Assange”.

    Hundreds of thousands of people around the world from 200 countries are still watching the Egyptian journalist ” Mohamed Abdel Hameed” talking about ” Julian Assange”.

    12 th November 2022

  10. This article is non news. The writer should try reading the UN Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer’s book The Trial of Julian Assange before making a fool of themself and further. The Echo really needs to scrutinse the articles it publishes more carefully before publishing. If julian Assange believed in defamation the Echo and all the other rags furthering baseless smears about him would be successfully sued by now.

    • I agree. If the Echo wishes to be taken seriously it needs to lift its publishing standards.

      At the bare minimum a fact check please. An Australian journalists life is at stake.


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