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Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: A fluid God

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I don’t think the right wing evangelists of hate have even read the Bible they are so passionate to defend. Their ‘righteous’ God is a big man in a dress. I wonder what toilet they’d make God use?

Why is the ultra-right targeting trans kids? Opportunistic neo-Nazis are using transphobia as their PR exercise. Like abortion, trans issues, and in particular issues around schools and the rights of trans kids, are emotionally charged. For those who have chosen bigotry and fear over acceptance and inclusion, polarised viewpoints create ignition points for hate and violence.

It’s painful to watch the conversation around trans rights coerced and manipulated by the right wing agenda. To see the private struggles and pain of members of our wider community played out on the streets of our cities as an ugly protest meant to hurt and marginalise. This is not who we are. Just a few weeks ago Sydney was the host city for World Pride. It is a festival that celebrates Queer communities around the globe. One minute we were hugging each other draped in the Rainbow flag, the next minute there’s masked men in black giving a Nazi salute.

It’s never been more important to understand what the word ‘ally’ means. This is when we, the community of family, friends and supporters of LGBTQI+ people stand up to the ugly transphobic bullies. Is the gender identity of the ultra right so fragile that they must assert dominance over children? What kind of movement needs to do that? What kind of person aligns with values that permit and encourage such unevolved behaviour? These are not smart people. So is it an education issue?

Many trans-phobic people identify as having Christian values – although it tends to be less the Christian God of love and more the evangelical Christian God of hate. Although it seems none of them have read the good book. Theologians affirm the Bible’s full inclusion of trans and non-binary people. Creation stories may have been told with a bias towards the binary, but we all know that the binary doesn’t exist. Day/night? Well what about dawn and dusk? We exist in spectrums. We are gender expansive people. I have always thought God was non-binary. It explains the mystery of the holy trinity. That God was three things; God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. No gender, or body, defines the Holy Spirit. Jesus was a man, but not some macho chick-pulling dude on a donkey. He was no Andrew Tate. He was gentle, loving, forgiving, and he was celibate. Some may even say ‘asexual’. I think, when you start a religion and you tell people you are the father, the son and the holy spirit, you are textbook ‘fluid’. I don’t think the right wing evangelists of hate have even read the Bible they are so passionate to defend. Their ‘righteous’ God is a big man in a dress. I wonder what toilet they’d make God use?

We need to stop amplifying the conversations that seek to hurt the trans community. Is someone in my family transgender? Yes, of course. I would think that every person has someone in their close circle who is trans. I had one family member who lived a secret life because of their desire to dress as a woman. That was a long time ago. It was seen as a shameful secret. But if it happened now it could have been expressed, could have been in the open.

Humans are nuanced, we aren’t one thing or the other. Binaries kill people. Nearly half of the transgender community have attempted suicide. Around 82 per cent have had suicidal thoughts. Transgender people are among the most marginalised and socioeconomically disadvantage groups in our community. In a peer-reviewed study on the health and wellbeing of transgender adult Australians, 73 per cent reported a lifetime diagnosis of depression. Around one third had reported discrimination from employment as a result of being trans. Being trans is hard enough. Inclusion is the only way forward. To do that, we have to reduce discrimination. It’s not hard to do. It doesn’t cost money. It’s about acceptance by family, friends, schools and workplaces. It’s about sharing our spaces. It’s about finding out who we are when we move beyond the hard – line gender binary. Hate is the anthem of the binary.

Choose love, not hate. Love is beautiful and inclusive. Because love, like life, and like God, is fluid.


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  1. Spot on Mandy.

    ‘The Other’, haters need a target to bully and hate upon and their best targets are minority groups.
    Never mind that “The Other” are just fellow humans that want to be able to do their own thing just like the everyone else.

    • Haters need a target Joachim ? Then please explain to thee why the trans movements have
      Such a problem with women & feminist groups?

      • Barrow, you’ve got your ‘problem people’ the wrong way around.

        Trans people aren’t hurting anyone but I guess just for being in existence Trans people are doing hurt, yeah.
        Trans people, just for being ‘The Other’, another easy target for haters.

        • They want access to our impressionable children to put ideas in their heads without permission and to force us to call them something we know they aren’t. These are trans-gressions. The trans agenda is not passive. They want to take from others.

          • More makings up from our Doctor Christian.
            Try educating yourself before spouting more hateful rubbish.

            Today’s (4/4/23) National Press Club Address ( on ABC TV ) from Georgie Stone, did you tune in for a watch and listen?

    • Wow, you’re suddenly a Libertarian, but only for people you like. You have the opposite option when it comes to your “The Others”.

  2. sounds like you’ve been well and truly captured Mandy. Scratch the surface of the human rights/be kind facade and you may be shocked at what you’ll find. It’s worth a look, but prepare to be distressed on behalf of caring women. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the gloss wears off and people start to see some of the ugly truths. While progressive parts of Europe have reversed their decisions on the ‘affirmative care’ model for gender-confused kids, after seeing the damage done, Australia is stuck following the good old US of A. Isn’t the pink and blue flag in fact a red flag! Women fought for decades from the sixties to get rid of the gender stereotype bull and now here it is in full bloom. Very regressive.

    • Gender stereotyping, gender dysphoria, women’s rights, trans rights – yes things are rarely wholly black and white and often complex. What is needed is calm, kind and respectful discussion inspired by a will to ensure fairness and wellbeing. Nothing will be achieved by loud, even violent demonstrations and sloganeering from any side. Certainly not by Nazi salutes and balaclavas.

      • We just get called child haters. I think they have even convinced themselves of that. If we hated your children, we would encourage all leftist to ‘transition’ or abort all their children. Think about that idea from our perspective.

        If you want to see how that plays out in our Senate, youtube: ‘Senate Matters of Urgency – Gender Dysphoria’

    • Yeah Biden cares about the kids on the southern border as well .. NOT !! as do the smugglers.. 5.4million illegally
      Have crossed the border under Biden & harris
      administration.. how many of those children ?
      absolute humanitarian disaster.. murderer’s
      Drug traffickers..you name it Christian..come on in.
      It’s off topic..however you think our ABC or mainstream media will cover this ? Of course not..
      Democrats.. uh so compassionate.. yet saturation
      Coverage of Trump with apparent hush money
      To a hooker..” if it were not for double standards The left would have no standards at all “

      • It’s not off topic, it’s all part of the same anti-white agenda. They don’t push this stuff in non-white countries. Uganda has just made identifying as LGBTIQP or anything like it, punishable with a life sentence. Do you hear these people say anything about it? Of course not. It’s not about ‘LGBTQIP People’, it’s obviously about sterilising White kids as part of the genocide. All these policies add up to the same outcome.

  3. When the state promotes medical procedures for minors, without the knowledge or consent from parents, while a child is still developing physically and mentally, then you will have push back Mandy.

    or when former men completely destroy women in sport, setting new female records.

    2 crazy examples above, that do not help the push for respect that the LGBTQI+ community deserves because the measures “of support” have gone beyond reason.

    They lack common sense and are completely disrespectful to women and child’s right to be a child.

      • You find that hysterical and want debate censored as per your comment below.

        Therein lies the problem.
        That road leads to a divided society. No way to find solutions or acceptance. True diversity includes respectful discussion with those we don’t agree with.

        Healthy to maintain friends with opposing views. A simple concept becoming lost to our readiness to be offended 🙁

        • Tell me, with citations, how many records records have been broken by trans women?

          What do you mean by “promotes”? If you mean open discussion then this is a bit at odds with your censorship mantra. Spell it out!

          You have the gaul to tut tut about dividing society and respectful discussion and come up with this bullshit.

          I didn’t promote censorship, I talked about continuing to raise the same topics that brings certain voices crawling out of the woodwork.

          • ‘Tell me, with citations, how many records records have been broken by trans women? ‘ is your Google broken?
            ‘ I talked about continuing to raise the same topics that brings certain voices crawling out of the woodwork.’, if you don’t listen, if you won’t address our points, we will just keep bringing the same ones up as they don’t become invalid simply because you ignore them.

          • A simple search “trans athlete breaks record” will provide many examples to address your interest.

            Not so much interest in the dejection suffered by the “also ran” female athletes sadly.

            Few seem to care about their wellbeing and the fact they are now competing against physically stronger individuals which renders much of women’s sport in such instances as a complete farce.

            I understand many like yourself are now triggered by said reality and have taken to identify facts you don’t like as hysteria or BS. Probably why they are often called “truth bombs” nowadays, blowing up some brains. I can’t help you with that.

            I’m sure you understand the meaning of promote and maybe reflect on your reply language in view of respectful discussion.
            All the best.

            I’m sure you understand the meaning of promote and maybe reflect on your reply language in view of respectful discussion.

            All the best.

        • My Google isn’t broken ( I’ve just looked up some interesting stuff about who invented wifi and electric drills) and I am aware that there are some notable achievements by trans women. There are also thousands achieved by non trans women. The human population is very large and sheer probability will throw these things up.

          Additionally most of these situations have occurred under guidelines that have been agreed by the sporting code involved and agreement from participants. Let me give you a really recent example: The Age/SMH reported yesterday that “ Transgender athlete Breanna Gill won the Australian Women’s Classic trophy at NSW’s Bonville course on Sunday after a thrilling play-off.” she then received death threats.

          The report goes on to state that a governing member of the WPGA (who had also received death threats) stated that “ The WPGA has welcomed transgender players since 2004, a policy adopted by all seven of the major international women’s golf tours.

          “ She added that Gill’s membership and participation in competitions had never been a problem for the organisation’s 300 members.”

          The rules may need ongoing revision as the participation of trans athletes becomes more frequent; I’m not suggesting there isn’t an issue. But I don’t think we should carry on as though any bloke can rock up to an international sporting group, say that they identify as female and start competing in the female division.

          I’m suggesting that diving on some statistically isolated cases in ONE area of endeavour (sport) is questionable. I’m saying that wording like, “ When the state promotes medical procedures for minors, without the knowledge or consent from parents
          or when former men completely destroy women in sport, setting new female records …” is inflammatory and hysterical in tone.

          How are the examples of state promoted medical procedures – minus parental knowledge or consent – going Stevo?

          Are you trying to kid us Christian that if trans people were banned from sport you’d be all hunky dory with welcoming them with open arms. And forgive me if you don’t give me the impression that you are a champion of feminism.

          • I realise I left an important paragraph out of the news report I referenced: “That policy requires the athletes to have undergone gender reassignment surgery; have undertaken hormonal therapy for at least a year; and provide legal documents that recognise their new gender”.

            I’m still not arguing that that’s the whole answer but the crowd who think the appropriate response is death threats to the athlete (who has been competing in women’s everts for 8 years) and to the WPGA official, don’t strike me as approaching the topic calmly, respectfully, scientifically and objectively.

            I don’t think they are particularly motivated to find a path between that both acknowledging the needs of a marginalised, minority group – with the highest youth suicide rate – and recognises the rights of other traditionally marginalised groups eg women.

          • I could point out that the same type of bureaucrats were cool with, and used similar arguments for allowing lead in petrol. But there is only one responsible answer to your appeal to authority. youtube: The Best Female Swimmer in the World!

    • But what if you can’t get positive attention any other way? What if everything that make you you has been vilified (your race, sex, culture) and you really need a new identity and cause?

  4. If you believe [like 90% of the population] a “woman” is an adult female human, men cannot have babies and woman don’t have penises, does that make you a “neo-Nazi”, “ultra right wing and or transphobic?

    • No it doesn’t David, but it may mean that you are unaware that it’s thought that about 1-2% of births involve ambiguous sex characteristics. An even rarer number are born hermaphrodite. This doesn’t have a lot to do with trans identity but it does show that in the world of penises, vaginas and babies not all is strictly binary and straightforward.

      I believe, like I’d reckon a fair percentage of the population believe that gender dysphoria is a real thing, and in an intolerant society can be the source of great suffering. Like neurodiversity, and other examples, it needn’t be pathologised but not greeted with fear and loathing either.

      I think gender has for centuries been made far too much of. We’re people and shouldn’t be assigned straighjackets. If it means a great deal to someone’s wellbeing to be treated by the world as a particular identity I’m fine with that where it causes no harm to others.

      Is it OK to believe that or does that make me hell bent on destroying your rights?

  5. Puberty is the cure for gender dysphoria . By the time children have gone through it 98% of gender CONfusion has dissipated. I’ve fought for over 20 years to have genital mutation stopped in some third world countries, Horn of Africa, in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso, as well as in Sudan and Egypt to only have it rebranded in 1st world countries as gender reaffirming surgery. If gender is truly fluid then there is no need for surgery as we can go back and forth between the sexes at will.

  6. This issue, and the ‘woke agenda’ in general can be summed up by this DV psychologist explaining an abuse concept.
    youtube: Spiritual Abuse and how to identify it

  7. Talk to the folk who found validation in the Pride festival….no negative hateful projections. Diversity is beautiful….it is like nature…ever changing…creative…and loving. It must be so hard to be stitched up straight and bitter.

    • Jo Faith, you appear to have blind faith…. and you really believe it’s that black and white! The beautiful rainbow people are so happy and wonderful and anyone who questions anything about the trans movement is straight and bitter! I didn’t realise you were so naive. I have no issue with anyone’s choices and diversity is wonderful, but where I see people’s actions impacting others negatively then it is fair that questions should be asked and discussion then needs to be had. It’s not goodies and baddies… life is never that simple. People have questions about different aspects of the trans ideology movement and they are fair questions regarding women’s and kid’s wellbeing and safety. The trans activists (mostly males) refuse to engage in discussion or debate and I ask you if they had answers to these questions, wouldn’t they want to show people that it was all okay. It’s normal to not blindly accept but to want to know the workings of a movement, and if there is nothing to hide, then why not discuss. All we’re given are demands and accusations, when what we’re asking for is rational debate and honesty. Do you believe this huge wave of left leaning, mostly older radical gender critical feminists are making stuff up (the women they call terfs)?? These are women who take no shit and they’re speaking out. They can see more because they’re not blindly accepting the front of human rights and be kind that the trans lobby is projecting. There’s a lot more to it and a greater agenda and it needs to be exposed.

      • There are certainly some complexities Annette, but I’d suggest the tensions between the trans and feminist movement are being greatly overstated.

        The trans community has historically experienced society’s fear, loathing, repulsion, suspicion, rejection, discrimination and bigotry – traditional feminists, I am sure, feel much affinity with them.

        As a group, trans youth have a hugely higher rate of suicides, attempted, completed or contemplated. I don’t think they’ve suddenly become a privileged and powerful group throwing their heft around. I’m equally sure kids, youths, don’t suddenly decide on a whim to transition because, once accepted as a woman, they want to exploit unknown biological advantage in sport (or other areas?) Or because they’ve suddenly become convinced it’s cool to be trans because some open and honest classroom discussion acknowledged the existence of gender dysphoria and promoted acceptance, love and inclusion.

        Yes there are issues to be settled about elite, perhaps all, sport – perhaps you could enlighten me about what other grave, horrible threats are out there to women’s rights – but the IOC and other major sporting codes are examining this age old hornet’s nest (there has long been gender ambiguity in sport) guided by science not hysteria and bigotry.

        The stuff being thrown up by the anti trans groups is an attempt to use peripheral issues and confected outrage to justify indulging their inability to accept different choices and moral values, new and secular codes of behaviour. Their inability to just live and let live. Moral outrage indeed – but it’s not outrage about women’s rights. I can’t see many of the anti trans lobby, particularly the balaclaved mob, being champions of feminism either.

        • Are you referring to those men that no-one in the Australian Far-Right can identify? The ones dressed as Antifa that can’t do a Roman Salute correctly? The going theory is that they were trans allies of some sort running cover, thus the Police escort and all the photo op antics. Real NatSocs bring PAs, make speeches, and are threatened by Police if they don’t leave immediately.

          • My guess would be that they are just silly overgrown boys thinking rebellion and belonging to a gang of any kind is cool.

            Who they were behind those balaclavas is, as usual, rather peripheral to the comments I made.

    • In nature, anything that refuses to survive to breed, and breed to survive, goes extinct. Nature is notoriously unforgiving of unhelpful mutations within a species.

  8. Mandy, please don’t raise this topic again, you just invite such ridiculous uninformed commentary that it makes some of us weep at the insecurity and ignorance out there. Do you think you really achieve anything?

    • Lizardbreath, on the contrary.
      Trans community need supporting.
      The Trans hater scribblers, out themselves, they are so insecure within themselves they need someone / minority group to beat down on.
      At the same time Trans allies stand up, speak up against the haters.

      Love is stronger than Hate.

      Georgie Stone gave a speech at National Press Club yesterday ( 4/4/23 ), it is now available to watch and listen on ABC Iview.
      The Trans haters can learn themselves up before they scribble anymore of their hateful rubbish…calling the Barrow, calling the Christian.

      • My comment was a bit tongue in cheek, Joachim and a bit inspired by the exhaustion and tedium of seeing the same comments from both sides churned ad nauseum in response from the same topics recycled (I’d hope not primarily to just wave a red rag)

        Knock yourself out repeating your same replies I think I should just stick to the hard copy of the Echo.

  9. ” A dinner was given at Bethany to honour Jesus. Martha served the food. Lazarus was among the people at the table with Jesus. Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard. It was an expensive perfume. She poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair. The house was filled with the sweet smell of the perfume.” Pretty erotic this bit from John 12.
    I s’pose to be fully human Jesus needs to respond too.
    Happy Easter all.

    • Is that the same dinner where Martha asked Jesus to set Mary straight about how she should be out with her in the kitchen getting the grub ready for the blokes rather than sitting in the inner sanctum listening to the important stuff? Jesus gently chides her. Here endeth the lesson on gender stereotyping.

  10. Georgie Stone delivering today’s (4/4/23) National Press Club Address, it is required watching and listening for the scribbling haters, come on in Barrow and Christian.

    • I watched it all the way through and wrote out point by point what I was hearing, but that got censored, so you won’t be able to respond to my view. So instead, I have an equal video for you. It’s the most gentile one I could find. youtube: Trans: Ideology Meets Reality – Parallax Views
      It doesn’t say much, but you won’t handle an episode of Radical Agenda, so that vid will have to do.

    • Have you ever hung around with NIDA students. That’s their default setting. They get taught to be the drama.

  11. Let me guess: the problem is the the left agenda (via it’s stronghold in schools) is to convince children to sterilise themselves, to convince parents it’s hip to have children who want to sterilise themselves or to take all power and influence from parents on whether their children are sterilised.

    The idea is to weaken the western world in preparation to hand over world domination to China.

    How far off the mark am I?

    But is Bill Gates involved?


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