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Cinema: Battle of the sea folk

Yes, it’s school holidays so there are lots of films with ‘G’ in the rating, and Ruby Gillman – Teenage Kraken is definitely on the list. Sometimes the hero you are meant to be lies just beneath the surface.

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Council to discuss use of consultants at internal workshop

Byron councillors will explore the amount Council spends on external consultants and potential conflicts of interest, following a long and, at times, spiteful debate last week.

Too many councillors?

For years some close to Tweed Shire Council (TSC) have tried to lower councillor numbers. Why? Say you have...

Paco Lara Duende flamenco

Bringing the soul and spirit of Spanish flamenco, the acclaimed Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco Lara will inspire and capture the imagination of Australian audiences with the release and launch of his new album Duende, a self-produced album of original compositions. 

Varroa mite here to stay as NSW pivots from eradication to management of costly invasive species

The Varroa Mite ‘(Varroa destructor and Varroa jacobsoni) is a parasite of adult honey bees and honey bee brood....

No more Hottentot

I have received a petition from Change.org to change the name of Hottentot Crescent, Mullumbimby to another South African...

Iron Gates development at Evans Head: application to ‘amend’ DA refused

The Land & Environment Court rejected an application to amend a development application for a satellite residential development at the controversial Iron Gates site at Evans Head. 

For those interested in a reality check, particularly those deluded apologists for the fake corporate puppets and weapons manufacturers known as the Labor Party, one may like to check out the recent very coherent speech of Greens Senator Max Chandler-Mather to parliament. This shows the laughable inadequacy of Labor’s housing policy and their insulting, dismal excuses.

This speech, going viral on Tik Tok, can be found by searching: Housing in the 2023 budget – Max Chandler-Mather on YouTube.

Penny Wong’s hysterical attack on Chandler-Mather displays her true colours. 

If this isn’t enough, why was one of the top bureaucrats, Kathryn Campbell (who totally fucked up, by her own admission) who administered the ‘Robodebt’ debacle, which caused  disgusting consequences for a great many Australian citizens, given a $900,000-plus job of ‘Senior AUKUS advisor’ to the present government?

And people still vote for these fake shysters. 

Rod Murray , Ocean Shores

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  1. Well if he is supporting his speech on housing why is he grandstanding and opposing housing in his own electorate. How about supporting for a start, the housing plan of the government and voting with the Tories.

  2. The ALP does love to give us a laugh with their reminding us that , “The adults are back in charge”. Penelope Wong and her ‘Max moment’ of completely losing it in the Senate. Yes siree, an adults back in charge moment for the ages.
    If ever the Penelope had cause to going troppo, then surely it was upon the revelation of this new gig for Kathryn Campbell. The 400,000 innocent victims of Robodebt should be banging on PM Albanese’s door for him to explain to the nation, this unthinkably inappropriate action.

    • You just have to love Penny Wong, what an achiever , sorted the Pacific Island problems out within months of gaining Govt when China was becoming a menace, and had no problem sorting Mad Max out in the Senate when he was becoming a menace, great work Penny; this is what an ADULT Govt that is sorting problems out looks like, no wonder the piss and wind Greens are whinging.

      • But what tactics were used to get the little countries around us to fall in line? Threats? Bribery? Did she point at Ukraine? I bet she pointed at Ukraine.

    • Maybe wong should support the One Nation plan that is actually designed to solve the problem, rather than replacing the existing problems with new problems.

      • What does one nation solve just a bunch of old racists with a party named after the leader. Quality representatives talking crap and deniers of reality but promoting domestic violence.

  3. For God’s sake Keith, either do your home work or crawl back under your log. Some people want a government with ethical standards which go beyond self interest.
    This is the worst Labor government in history and many people who voted for them are dismayed at their callous disregard for Australians doing it tough while pandering to corporations and avoiding dealing with corruption.

  4. For Gods sake Mr Murray, where have you been for the last decade hiding under a rock on Mars?, we just got rid of the worst Aussie Govt in history for being totally bereft of ethical standards and being totally involved in self interest, you must be reading the opinion polls on Sky News after dark. Your obvious disconnect from reality is possibly a result of watching too many Coalition hidings in recent elections at the hands of Labor.

  5. Keith Duncan, regardless of your opinion of my views , from the context of your letter you have obviously not even remotely understood or chosen to ignore any point I have ever tried to make. I have never given the slightest impression I support either the current Labor or Coalition Govt’s, both are incompetent , self serving and dangerous with little difference between them. How many more wars will we be dragged into and how much more corruption do we have to endure? Do you have any social conscience , honestly Keith, you’re a nut job, get your facts straight.

  6. I may not support KD or his beloved labor party, however we are on a unity ticket when it comes to the greens. What a pathetic bunch of whinging, disruptive, Aussie hating imbeciles that would love to see us riding push-bikes, eating seaweed while gathered around a fire in a cave. Oh sorry no fires, they produce the poison known as carbon dioxide, so it’s OK if everyone freezes according to them. And guess what, that scenario would not be good enough for them. They are economically illiterate, dangerous and devoid of a moral conscience.

      • From the Greg, “….They are economically illiterate, dangerous and devoid of a moral conscience.”

        Yes Keith, “OUCH!!!!!!” indeed, as your ALP happily copies and adopts Greens policies…OUCH!

        “Dangerous and devoid of moral conscience”, a perfect description of your Liberal-lite mob that refuses to follow the climate science that says ‘No New Fossil Fuel Adventures’ and bringing it home with Kathryn RoboDebt Campbell getting a nice ‘reward’ for her sterling efforts. OUCH!!!!!!

        • It looks like some pertinent comments by “the Greg” and myself have hit their mark dead centre, OUCH!!!!!! alright.

          • Keith, your inability to address ALP’s lousy actions and decisions is entertaining but you can’t hide.
            The ALP scandals are coming fast now.

            Kathryn RoboDebt Campbell has been left behind as Flaky Skaty Katy Gallagher takes centre stage.
            As the hapless PM Albanese gets caught in his own web of political spinnery. What was that promise by Albanese of ‘new politics’, of restoring ‘integrity and transparency’?
            O U C H!!!!!! alright.

  7. I shudder to even dare to think about the green’s being elected to government. Just think about the worst case scenario you can imagine, then double it and that’s what we would have. Please Australia, never give them the chance.

    • Greg, we feel your pain, some of those big moments of recent timers just wouldn’t have happened without the Greens doing the hard yards in the face of resistance from ALP and LNP –

      Banking Royal Commission
      Marriage Equality
      Disability Royal Commission
      National Anti Corruption Commission
      Emissions Reductions target enshrined in legislation
      National Net Zero Authority

      The Greens lead, the ALP and LNP belatedly follow the Greens.

      But of course if you want more of ex-PM Morrison style of rubbish governing then please do support the new style of ‘Integrity and Transparency’ delivered Albanese style that gives us Kathryn RoboDebt Campbell getting a plum new $900,000 position and the Flaky Skaty Katy Gallagher Affair.

      Greg you right, please Australia, never give ALP or LNP the chance to keep on screwing us over.

  8. Joachim, “the ALP scandals” are a figment of your totally f****d up imagination, it was a real dog act by the Coalition to try to weaponize what allegedly happened to Brittany Higgins and try and turn it back on Katy Gallagher- a woman, along with Penny Wong, Sara Hanson Young and Larissa Waters, who only wanted to help Brittany- but we expect that from that pack of shameless opportunists now in opposition. But for you to jump on the same gutless bandwagon in some pathetic and desperate attempt at getting at me, something you are never going to do, is beyond reprehensible; there are some good hearted and ethical people in the Greens but you are certainly not one of them, and that bad bight you received a couple of posts ago that caused you so much pain is much worse than first thought, OUCH!!!!!! alright.

    • Keith, Keith, Keith, I see we’ve hit a bit of a raw nerve with you.
      Keith, using bad word, you losing it old son. Get a grip, get some help fast.

      Keith, we feeling your pain. The ALP has scandals of its own makings on its hands, it is hard to swallow. Best then, keep your the blinkers on inside your ALP silo cocoon and trot out the daily talking point lines copied to you from ALP HQ.
      The Brittany Higgins situation, the ALP has been shown to be no better then the LNP but here you are defending it all.
      “New Politics”, “Integrity and Transparency”, these were the rallying one time calls from Albanese.
      It’s all gone to dust, hasn’t it Keith. OUCH!!!!!!!!!alright.

      Here we are in 2023, it admitted by Katy Gallagher herself that her saying in 2021 that “no one had any knowledge” was false.
      She mislead parliament but your ALP led by Mr ‘Integrity and Transparency’ Albanese pretends otherwise as the ALP scrambles to distance themselves from their playing in the whole Brittany Higgins situation.

      Keith old son, time you woke up. It doesn’t matter whether it is ALP or LNP, the same old rubbish keeps being served up to us.

      • Keith, the Housing Crisis, more nerve pain for you to absorb.

        PM Albanese has shifted and embraced the Greens.
        Following National Cabinet meeting last Friday PM Albanese announcing $’s2billions Social Housing Accelerator, direct Fed Govt investment for housing from the Fed Budget to be distributed to all states and territories BEFORE 30/6/23.
        Voila, ALP struck by another Greens lightning bolt. OUCH!!!!!!!alright.

        PM Albanese has had his own ‘Max moment’ – as the Max has said previously about the ALP, “Everything is impossible until its not”, 100% spot on Maxy!
        The ALP, too slow, too lazy to do the policy work – outsource it time and again to the Greens – as ALP finally does what was obvious months and months ago, to directly invest, NOW, into the Housing Crisis.

        But the ALP still coming up short on the Housing Crisis, the job is only half done, PM Albanese forgets all about the Rental Crisis situation.
        Do we need to keep waiting for action on Rent Crisis? Of course not, yet here we are twiddling our thumbs again until the “Everything is impossible until its not” ALP embraces the Greens Rent Policy. Stay tuned Keith!

        Keith, the Greens lead, the too slow ALP follows……eventually. OUCH!!!!!!!alright.

      • Joachim, Joachim, Joachim, we see your pain, we see your frustration my man, you are becoming paranoid, but we do not feel nor sympathise with your pain and frustration because it’s all self inflicted, as always with you, truth and reality hurts like hell. You live in your make believe Green bubble that is very susceptible to being busted repeatedly, causing you all of these OUCH!!!!!! Moments, that inflict so much pain and you are not smart enough to wake up. To continue to play the Brittany Higgins card and to slag off at Katy Gallagher after the massive own goal the Coalition just kicked last week and the damage they did to themselves, is the height of stupidity and belligerence. But for you old son and your problems, there is help out there if you act quickly, the ALP Govt is in the process of rebuilding Medicare, after years of neglect, so there is now more access to GP’s for people who are suffering from all forms of trauma and paranoia; It’s time you bit the bullet and got some help. We will continue to govern the country for ALL Australians and implement our election promises with or without help from the ratbag Greens, if your pathetic party is so comfortable serving up the same old rubbish and continually voting with the likes Pauline Hanson and the Coalition just to white ant Labor’s legislative agenda to appear relevant, you will be called to account, something I have warned you about.

  9. Labor crawl kicking and screaming to a piddly so called housing policy, then call the Greens “stubborn and un cooperative” just classic!!

    • Rod, 100%.
      PM Albanese to the nation, “no one held back, no on left behind”.
      PM Albanese is ever so s l o w l y catching up a bit on the Housing Crisis – the $’s2billions being made available, now, Halleluja PM Albo!!!!!

      Housing Crisis, housing is a basic human right, its like pulling teeth for this wreteched ALP mob.
      But more teeth need tugging to get the slow action, the slow learner, ‘Slowmo Albo’ into gear on the Rental Issue Crisis.


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Paco Lara Duende flamenco

Bringing the soul and spirit of Spanish flamenco, the acclaimed Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco Lara will inspire and capture the imagination of Australian audiences with the release and launch of his new album Duende, a self-produced album of original compositions. 

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