Izakaya Yu

Izakaya-YuIzakaya Yu is a Japanese (tapas) restaurant that opened in September 2012. Izakaya is the Japanese equivalent of tapas, and the Yu in Izakaya Yu is Japanese for pleasure – Takafumi and Kane, founding chefs from O-Sushi restaurant, take pleasure in the fact that they now own a well-patronised and loved local eatery in a town where they say, ‘Everyone is friendly and peaceful’.

From the Good Life article, Stop the train, I want to get on…

by Matthew Michaelis

Izakaya Yu is … a restaurant where the atmosphere remains comfortable and makes a diner feel as though it’s roomier than it actually is.

You get the sense that the two owner-chefs Takafumi and Kane decided on the name and concept for this little diner as a standard to pursue, and a statement to all who entered, rather than just tagging it….

The restaurant’s location itself is strangely magnetic. Not the kind of attraction you’d have to a beachfront or mountain retreat; rather this goes to the primordial in us all …

Izakaya Yu
1/53 Stuart Street
Lunch: 11.30am–2pm Mon–Sat
Dinner: 5–8.30pm Tue–Sat
Phone 6684 4545

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