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March 4, 2021

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Byron Wildlife Hospital’s DA up for public comment

A development application for the mobile Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is now before the public.

Other News

Missing teen – Tweed Heads

Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a boy reported missing from Tweed Heads.

Letting go

Mary McMorrow, Mullumbimby I respect the parents forgiving the drunk driver who killed their four children (one a cousin) as...

Transparency needed

Janelle Saffin MP, State Member for Lismore. I read with interest Mia Armitage’s front page article in last week’s Echo...

Constitutional referendum/poll for LG elections for Byron Shire?

Is the wards fight back again? Byron Shire Council staff have advised, in the upcoming agenda, that ‘Council may conduct a Constitutional referendum or poll in conjunction with the Local Government Election, to be held in September 2021’.

PM forced

Narelle Rendalls, Ballina With reference to the recent serious sexual assault allegations in Canberra, our Prime Minister has a lot to...

Random Mullumbimby breath test leads police to cannabis and ketamine

Police say that a random breath test in Mullumbimby has led to the seizure of cannabis and ketamine.

September 17, 2013

Issue 28.15

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In this Issue:

From handstands to flying trapeze and beyond…

Just over two decades ago Leonie Mills put in for a modest grant for disadvantaged schools for Upper Main Arm. With that she planted the first seed for what was to grow into Spaghetti Circus.


The ARTE of Dance at Mullum Music Fest

One of the highlights for this year’s Mullum Music Festival is the sensational Arte Kanela, Australia’s foremost flamenco ensemble. Featuring Richard and Johnny Tedesco, Manolo Jaen and Chantelle Cano who spoke with The Echo about the magic that fuels her and ARTE Kanela.


Frances Ha

Noah Baumbach’s delightful new film might loosely be classified as a romantic comedy. But it’s wittier than the standard offering without ever striving for belly-laughs, and its central character is preoccupied with a long-standing, non-sexual relationship with another woman.


Some Very Weird Shit at Falls Festival – Legs Akimbo

Legs Akimbo are partners in life and crime: Amy Bee Sting and Ben Scott. Born out of the UK festival scene, the two have developed some wacky interactive games and on-stage antics to engage large groups of willing festival-goers.


Boomerang: Jerome Kavanagh – NZ

Te Haa Aio is music, dance, theatre and stories all rolled into an intimate journey. Be astounded by the lullaby of an ancient whale tooth or the wind instruments of an albatross wing. Hear the sound of more than 40 different Maori musical first instruments of Aotearoa,


Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen’s later movies are proving to be predictably erratic. His last, set in Rome, was a dismal affair, but the one preceding it, in Paris, was sublime. As for Barcelona… well, let’s just not go there.


Behind The Candelabra

Michael Douglas took on an enormously tough assignment when accepting the part of Liberace. How do you portray a larger-than-life celebrity whose career was built on excess without giving the impression that you are acting over the top?


Tater chatter for spuds and others

Byron outfit Potato Potato have garnered attention from the music industry with effortless humility. They may be high school students but that hasn’t stopped them being chosen to play Woodford Folk Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Byron Blues Festival.


Cuts mooted to Byron library service

Axing the mobile library stops in Suffolk Park, Ocean Shores and Federal, suggested in a Council staff report, is just one suggestion to achieve budget savings of $65,500. The report, to be tabled by councillors at the upcoming September 19...


Six-month wait for ADSL2+ in Byron

New high-speed broadband connections will be unavailable in Byron Bay for up to six months until Telstra gets around to upgrading its local exchange.


Songs for Swags to benefit homeless

Homelessness is a topic which sadly receives little mainstream media attention, but it’s one that became a reality for nursing student and single mum Steph Rouillon. She says she was inspired to organise a homeless fundraiser after finding herself evicted...


Our Daisy’s a hit on US TV

At just four years of age, Ocean Shores actress Daisy Sexton is already being watched by millions of television viewers across the US in the new NBC series Camp.


Louis reaches for tennis stars

At just 14 years of age, Louis Clark has already been playing tennis for eight years and competing for over a third of his life. A bit of a lone ranger, Louis spends his time at several clubs and benefits from the experience of more than one coach and a few training buddies. Photos Eve Jeffery


Tweed Council staff’s delegated powers debated

The question of what staff and councillors get to decide in relation to development applications was raised by Tweed Councillor Ron Cooper at the last Tweed Shire Council meeting.

Supporting independent news or making fat cats fatter?

The recent skirmish between Facebook and the government is hard to miss, even if you rely on Facebook for your news. But what does it all mean?

Koala groups lobby Tweed MP Geoff Provest for action

Local koala groups have been taking action to protect NSW koalas by meeting with Tweed State Member of Parliament, Geoff Provest seeking his support for action on koala protections and asking him not to support the koala killing legislation his government are putting forward.

Leadership lost

Paul Leitch, Ewingsdale Thanks to Hans Lovejoy for commenting on the proposed Ewingsdale Development (24 February). It is worthwhile noting that with the absence of clear...