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Byron Shire
August 15, 2022

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Mud benda rant

Regarding last week’s Splendour Festival and all the ‘haters’ out there. I took along a few seriously fun-deprived teenage...

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Singing songs of sorrow and resilience

Tucked away in a Mullumbimby music studio, a group of local musicians have been pouring their hearts out through song.

A melodious morning

Dean Doyle and Sophistication are back this week for Morning Melodies at the Ballina RSL. Dean, Narelle and Paul...

Our growth under threat, say local distillers

Local independent distillers behind iconic labels Ink Gin and Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin say a longstanding ‘bad’ government policy that taxes spirits unfairly, compared to other alcohol such as wine, is putting thousands of jobs at risk in a ‘dangerous high inflation environment’.

Where the Crawdads Sing

Abandoned by her family as a girl in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina, Kya Clark, otherwise known to...

Mullumbimby Brunswick Valley footballers keep pressuring opposition Lennox Football Club

The Mullumbimby Brunswick Valley FC met up again with a much tougher Lennox FC in the Far North Coast...

NSW bans public display of Nazi symbol

In an historic moment a new law making it a criminal offence to knowingly display a Nazi symbol in public without a reasonable excuse, has passed NSW Parliament yesterday.

July 6, 2022

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.04 – July 6, 2022

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In this Issue:

Dog beaches

Last Saturday on Tallow Beach I met a tearful and distressed young woman. She was not local and was only in Byron for a short period to look after her friend’s dog, which she had on a lead. She...



You’ve probably noticed the shortages of various items in shops and the many ‘staff wanted’ signs around the area. A few years ago a local supermarket had hundreds of applicants for a position, now positions are suddenly difficult to...


Commitment awards given to local firefighters

Recognising the commitment, risk and efforts put in by local volunteers during the unprecedented 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires, 164 local Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers from the Far North Coast District were recently recognised. 


Landcare grant to rehabilitate endangered fern

Wilsons Creek Huonbrook Landcare has been successful with another grant, worth $183,000, to protect threatened species.


Happy holidays

I see that Airbnb recently ran ads showing happy people on holiday, followed by the tag line that all this happiness was made possible by ‘hosts’; or by Airnb.  Deary me; I hadn’t realised that holiday letting was invented by...


David Heilpern

In regard to the Heilpern article, Echo 22 June: perhaps he should be the one to pull his head in, as he is giving criminal lawyers a bad name. Tim Harrington, Lennox Head

Sport and gender

Gregory McKay states (Echo, 29 June) there is ‘prejudicial fear masquerading as false concern about transgender women competing unfairly with cisgender women’, and suggests we should all ‘just be kind’. That’s all very well from the transgender point of view,...


Madness from fear

As said by a councillor in the Byron Shire Council (BSC) debate, as possibly the worse decision this Council could make, it fell to a casting vote by the mayor to give approval to an underground car park in...

ENOVA protection

As a community owned enterprise, ENOVA needs protection by law. Consumer and green energy producers can make law claims; sue the government for not protecting their interest. There is no question that solar and wind are the cheapest way to...

More than just a holiday – education creates opportunities

The journey began on the descent into Nadi International Airport. The view from the port window promised a sublime experience to say the least!


Post-flood biz survey highlights the damage

A majority of local businesses will change the nature of their operations in response to the February/March floods, a survey has found. The survey, conducted in April and May, attracted 62 responses across a range of industries including accommodation and...


Suffolk Park three-storey DA

I have lived in east Suffolk Park for 52 years, as you can imagine I have seen some remarkable changes. The most spectacular was Papa Bears Night Club on the corner of Bangalow Road and Clifford Street, complete with...

BayFM shares the air

Tomorrow over 20 BayFM presenters will head to the Bangalow Bowlo to ‘Share the Air’ with locals and listeners with a two-hour live broadcast.



I lost it in public question time in Ballina Shire Council (BSC) last Thursday. But hey, there was surely provocation? Firstly, cash investments policy. Submissions: 53 in favour of retaining the 0.05 per cent advantage for non-fossil fuel investments (and...


It is so distressing hearing of incident after incident of reckless drivers killing or hurting people and animals around the Shire.  In built-up neighbourhoods like Tallowood and Pine Avenue it would make a lot of sense to reduce the speed...


‘Soft stabilisation’ works for Byron beaches

Byron Council will undertake a major dune recovery operation at Main and Clarke’s Beach, after securing much-needed government funding for the project.


Editorial – Here’s a tiny violin

There are a few times when a tiny violin is required to be taken out of its small instrument case to sooth the sounds of the monied class.


Value of the intangible and Suffolk Parks future

It’s hard to know what value to place on the environment – until it changes irrevocably.  A place is defined by its aesthetic and in the case of Clifford Street, for instance, it is the black-green of the coastal cypress...

Where is the love?

I have lived in Mullum and the surrounding hills for 35 years.  Yesterday I drove to Upper Main Arm, to Kohinur, to visit a friend, and I have never seen a place so devastated as what I saw yesterday. Seeing...

Weaving through NAIDOC

DJ and Delta with some of the Weaving for Reconciliation exhibits. Photo Jeff Dawson.


Management of Byron’s fragile coastline impeded by NSW government: report

Insufficient funding and guidance from the State government is inhibiting Byron Council’s attempt to effectively manage its famous but fragile coastline, a Council report has revealed.


Developer fees and charges cut

Council fees for construction and development in Byron were the equivalent of paying $160 for a coffee, making it ‘entirely unviable’ to invest here, industry representatives told the Council last week.


Taqueria in Byron celebrates four years

Chupacabra Mexican restaurant in Suffolk Park is turning four this week! Through the ups and downs of the past few years this little taqueria has moved with the times and managed to keep locals happy with their offering of...


Celebrating 40 years of Fig Tree Restaurant

It all started with a simple dream, to convert its original farmhouse in Ewingsdale into a restaurant in which its guests could gather to share in their collective passion for local seasonal produce and the beauty of the ‘dining...


Crabbes Creek Woodfired

By V. Cosford There’s a contingent of Europeans who don’t mind travelling a considerable distance in order to stock up on Jon and Gina Hutton’s wood-fired bread. Which could possibly be the highest compliment – most Europeans know and love...


Autocracy or democracy for Byron Shire?

The New Yorker Magazine recently wrote a quote from Mr Rupert Murdoch ‘The truth is authoritarian governments do work!’ Hold that thought. It has been...

Criminalising protest

In another Sstate government descent into criminalising protest, to protect their own government’s sabotage of a liveable planet, last Thursday new laws were passed...

Mullum pods

First, Hans Lovejoy’s article ‘emergency wedged’ was educational, factual and provided valuable information to the community. Michele Grant’s letter (27 July) was emotive overgeneralisations...

Flood residents get $650 from Lismore Council

Lismore City Mayor Steve Krieg today announced that 1,558 residents will receive a grant of $650 from the Lismore Flood Appeal.