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Infrastructure for east end of Mullum

Mullumbimby was founded 135 years ago. In the 1960s sewerage was introduced, as was I suppose drainage infrastructure. Are...

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Editorial – What are the people doing in your neighbourhood?

If you are stuck for something to do this Thursday, why not take part in local democracy?

A festival in laneways

Mullumbimby, a town known for its abundance of artists and creatives with a passion for what drives them, is set to host the much-anticipated Laneways Festival 2024 on May 4 and 5.

Tweed Council wants your ideas on future sports facilities

Tweed Council is looking for feedback from residents about future plans for sport and recreation in the area.

Wallum urban development back in court

The company behind the Wallum housing development in Brunswick Heads is once again taking Byron Council to court, this time for allegedly holding up its planned earthworks at the site in an unlawful manner.

Free healthy lifestyle program for families

Go4Fun is a free 10-week after-school program for children aged 7-13 and their families, which aims to support their health and wellbeing.

Stories about "Lake Ainsworth":

Amber alert for blue green algae at Lake Ainsworth

Blue green algae status in Lake Ainsworth currently is Amber level and investigations into the causes and increased sampling will be in place.

Amber blue-green algae alert for Lake Ainsworth

Slicks and scums should be avoided when present as they are areas of concentrated algae and may present a health risk.

Amber alert for Lake Ainsworth

Blue-green algae is currently at Amber Alert at Lake Ainsworth near Lennox Head. 

Blue-green algae ‘amber alert’ at Lake Ainsworth

As the summer heats up there has been an increase in the blue-green algae at Lake Ainsworth near Lennox Head and an ‘amber alert' has been flagged by Ballina Shire Council.

Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre reopening

There will be a community open day this Sunday 16 July to celebrate the reopening of the Lake Ainsworth Sport & Recreation Centre, on the shores of the lake in Lennox Head.

Blue-green algae scums on Lake Ainsworth – warning signs erected

Ballina Shire Council is warning Lake Ainsworth users that there are blue-green algae scums on Lake Ainsworth that should be avoided. 

Swimming and recreation at Lake Ainsworth banned

A Red Alert for blue-green algae at Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head has led to the continued banning of swimming and recreation at the lake. 

Red Alert for Lake Ainsworth – do not swim

A Red Alert has been issued for Lake Ainsworth in Lennox head following testing for blue-green algae.

Caution when swimming

Water quality is being tested regularly by Ballina Shire Council with The Spit showing poor water quality, one site in Shaws Bay showing fair water quality.

What’s happening with Lake Ainsworth?

Residents of Lennox Head and visitors have been commenting on social media and in person about the ongoing flooding of Lake Ainsworth since torrential rain hit the Northern Rivers in March.

Save Wallum now

The Save Wallum campaign has been ongoing and a strong presence of concerned conservationists are on site at Brunswick Heads. How the state planning...

Can Council’s overturn their decisions?

NSW Labor planning minister, Paul Scully, when asked about the Wallum estate by local MP Tamara Smith (Greens)  in parliament on March 20, said,...

The bridges of Ballina Council

Ballina Shire Council has started preliminary investigation works at Fishery Creek Bridge, on River Street, and Canal Bridge, on Tamarind Drive, as part of their plan to duplicate both bridges.

Tweed Council wants your ideas on future sports facilities

Tweed Council is looking for feedback from residents about future plans for sport and recreation in the area.