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June 20, 2021
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Localisation fantasy

Boyd Kellner, Newrybar The world’s richest person, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has increased his wealth from $130 billion to $186...

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Tom Tabart, Former Byron Greens councillor It seems that I may have touched a nerve in my attempt to give...

Backsliders coming to Lennox

Australian music legends the Backsliders are coming to Lennox Head for the first time, to play at the Lennox Head Cultural Centre on Saturday 26 June 2021.

Calls for Minister to conduct ‘genuine’ consultation on Murwillumbah mega-school

The Murwillumbah community and SOS (Save Our Schools) are calling on the NSW Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell to...

More bullying stories emerge in Lismore

Since local woman Sally Flannery decided to quit the Lismore City Council race, more stories of harassment and attacks have emerged, affecting councillors and others across the political spectrum.

Bad news

Raphael Lee Cass, Byron Bay I’ve taken umbrage with the expression, ‘fake news,’ – proud of our Echo – but...

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Trains, rails and questions of multi-use trails

The question of what to do with the disused rail corridor remains a hot debate 15 years after the last train ran. Rail trail, rail only, rail with trail; it seems the only thing people can agree on is that the corridor is being squandered while it sits unused.

Great train robbery

Louise Doran, Ocean Shores The thousands of people who turned out to ride on the first (solar) train service in Byron Bay since the great train...

Rail transport is the future for north coast

Louise Doran, Ocean Shores. In all the kerfuffle about the Byron Masterplan and the proposed bus terminal on the Butler Street reserve, not one person has mentioned the one thing that would save us wasting $20-million-plus on infrastructure to increase road transport, a train service.

Cycleway will destroy rail line

Louise Doran, Ocean Shores. After 14 years of campaigning by thousands of north coast residents, and all the information, studies and inquiries recommending a commuter train service be introduced on the Casino to Murwillumbah (C-M) rail line, a few local cycling enthusiasts, who want the line destroyed for a cycleway, continue to spread inaccurate rubbish.

Anatomy is destiny

Gareth W R Smith, Palestine Liberation Centre Five members of Byron Friends of Palestine visited Justine Elliot to discuss whether the ALP would endorse public condemnation...


Vyvyan Stott, Mullumbumby The government doctors have announced that vaccinations are compulsory for nurses . Yet our constitution states parliament may make laws regarding health, but...

Bad news

Raphael Lee Cass, Byron Bay I’ve taken umbrage with the expression, ‘fake news,’ – proud of our Echo – but the article on page 5,...

Tender to build rail trail from M’bah to Crabbes Creek awarded

The debate over the tender for the building of the rail trail between Murwillumbh and Crabbes Creek was ultimately held behind closed doors, Mayor...