Anti-gas protestors to target Nationals in Ballina

The revised exploration licence area approved by the government in December. (Supplied)

The revised exploration licence area approved by the government in December. (Supplied)

Anti-coal seam gas will converge on the Nationals campaign office in Ballina today to present 2200 ‘photo letters’ demanding a gasfield free region.

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers regional coordinator Dean Draper said the letters represented the ‘faces of real people from all walks of life who oppose the government’s plans for more gasfields’.

While Labor, the Greens and independent candidates have promised to declare the region gasfield-free, the Nationals have failed to do so.

Mr Draper said community members had included photos of themselves with the message, ‘all I want is a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers’.

‘These letters have been collected since the rally in Lismore last November, where 8000 people marched in the streets to declare the region gasfield free,’ Mr Draper said.

‘Another 1200 letters were sent to Premier Baird in the months before the rally. ‘These are only the ones that we know of, there could be hundreds more.

‘These people represent only a fraction of the community who will be turning out to vote on this issue on March 28.’

Mr Draper said Ballina was considered a key electorate.

‘We have been door-knocking in Ballina and it’s clear that people here are concerned about what coal seam gas will mean for this community,’ he said.

‘The renewal of PEL 445 is a threat to communities right across our region – it’s a massive area and it’s under licence for another six years.

‘This means exploration for unconventional gas could be carried out in these communities until 2020.

‘It’s a threat to our water, agriculture and tourism. It’s no wonder people are concerned.’

The Liberal-National party government renewed PEL 445 in December, just two-weeks after the rally in Lismore.

The license covers a vast area in the Lismore, Ballina, Kyogle, Richmond Valley and Clarence Valley areas, although two kilometre residential exclusion have been put in place.

Bentley landowner Ross Joseph said the renewal showed that the government wasn’t listening and ‘cannot look the people of the northern rivers in the face’.

‘All The Nationals are offering us is a flawed Gas Plan, with absolutely no protection for our region,’ Mr Joseph said

‘We’ve sent letters, we’ve met with them, and we invited them here today, but they won’t give us any assurances.

‘We feel we are being ignored. They refuse to spell out what their plans are for our region.

‘The other parties are willing to give us a gasfield free region, so why won’t they?’

Protestors will converge on the Nationals office at 11am today.

One response to “Anti-gas protestors to target Nationals in Ballina”

  1. bruce prior says:

    Quelle surprise……… the Nats (aka LNP) won’t commit to GF free NR. Blind Freddy could see their attitude when the (dis?) honourable Mike Baird took to being a FIFO Premier and (metaphorically) flicked off any locals wanting to speak/remonstrate with him on his official “opening” of the upsized mine. They (residents & people who care) were treated to a taste of the contempt in which they are held by those that wish to rule over us! And how delighted was the premier to cavort with his sponsors to officially open their upsized mine!!!

    Of course ALP mouth the words “GF free NR” but also deliberately don’t mention Maules Creek et al because they are sponsored by the Miners as well (just not so much maybe!!)

    Sick of the Ruling duopoly: I want a representative that is not in the thrall of corporates (independent maybe but if we must have a party person the Greens @ No. 1 Nats LAST!!

    Last Thing, the answer to those that would sic the police onto activists – Thomas Jefferson wrote
    “If a law is unjust, a man [person] is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

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