Puppy farms must be abolished as matter of urgency

Puppy farms in NSW must be closed and banned as a matter or urgency, following various disturbing news reports recently.

The latest revelations published in Fairfax Media papers – which also refer to an internal RSPCA report – are just more evidence of the existence of a cruel and barbaric puppy factory industry that is prospering, unchecked and ignored, in NSW.

The puppy farm industry is rife with animal cruelty, with case after case exposed by animal rights activist groups such as Oscar’s Law.

The Greens have clearly committed to the abolition of puppy farms and other intensive companion animal breeding practices, and took this policy to the last state election.

We see it as a matter of absolute urgency for the new NSW parliament and we are currently preparing a bill that would outlaw cruel breeding practices and give the appropriate authorities the power to intervene.

There is significant community concern about how animals are treated and we need to elevate the regulation of animal welfare to a level expected by the people of NSW.

This includes the establishment of an independent Office of Animal Welfare to monitor, enforce and drive change in animal welfare law and practice in NSW.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, Greens NSW spokesperson for animal welfare

One response to “Puppy farms must be abolished as matter of urgency”

  1. Joe Monks says:

    I think we need to introduce balance into this debate In favour of human safety. Especiallymour children.

    I am all in favour of introducing compulsory breeder registration for any person wanting to breed but we need to go a step further. We need to introduce a new classification of menacing breed based on size, weight and breed.

    We also need to make it compulsory for non registered breeders to desex their dogs.

    The menacing breeds should be – all dogs used for hunting, “american staffies”, crosses of rottweillers, ridgebacks, mastiffs, etc etc.

    We will need to tighten the definition of “rregistered breeder”.

    With luck we might avoid another child having their life changed forever by disfigurement or death.

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