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pabloPablo Gascon has been teaching Yoga & Pilates worldwide for more than 10 years. His passion is to help provide awareness of the individual body and mind through the amazing function of breathing techniques. He is one of the presenters at next year’s Starlight Festival of Healing.

How did you find your way to Yoga and Pilates?

I found the way to Yoga when I was 20 years old. I was on the Canary Islands and the person whom I was living with at the time was a Yoga teacher. I did practice with him and got very inspired by his teachings and energy.

My stronger call to Yoga was seven years ago when I had a car accident and broke my left femur! Since then my practice became very strong and also teachings.

Pilates has been always a good support, as a physical exercise and workwise. This practice is more physical than anything else but still a great path for physical body development, including some awareness of the breath.

How did it change you or your life that you found meaningful?

Definitely Yoga change my life! It’s a very powerful practice that embraces all aspects of life, creating a new realm of consciousness. The path of Yoga is very exciting. There’s something magical about it. The way to experiencing is trusting and practising and everything will happen by itself.

Why do you think it is so important for people as exercise and spiritual practice?

I think it is very important because in this days of modern living there’s not much connection with our own self and nature.

Practising Yoga or Pilates, the practitioner develops a great awareness of the body, mind and spirit, which is the ultimate resource for a fulfilled life. As human beings we have some needs and desires that sometimes create discomfort and unhappiness. The physical exercise and any kind of spiritual path may help people to connect and feel happier just by practising them.

Tell me about the benefits of breathing techniques.

Breath = Life, basically breathing deeply brings more energy in to the body and improve the energy levels, slow deeps breaths actives parasympathetic nervous system which is when the body got the chance to recuperate, regenerate and heal.

Less stress and more awareness are two very good benefits from breathing properly, a deep, slow and rhythmic breath is essential for a conscious life.

How can a person improve their general health with your practice?

The practitioner would improve their overall health, practising different breathing techniques, which creates awareness of the present moment. With my practice there’s something very beneficial and that is to open the mind and heart. Meditation is a big part of my teachings too; by watching thoughts and focus on the breath the practitioner would remain present and aware of the surroundings avoiding any distractions. My practice includes stretching and strengthening the physical body, which improves fitness condition.

Yoga Beats is a therapy that I create myself and it’s very powerful and different; it focuses on Yoga asana, free dance, breathing, chanting, meditation.

What should we expect from your session at starlight Festival?

A great time! Deep but also fun. The practitioner may open the heart and mind connecting with other people sharing the experience.The session builds up energy and brings all kind of feelings and emotions to surface. Most of the people can let go the first time but there’re some people who hold back first time but it’s my job to help them to open through techniques and love, moving energy and letting it flow.

Yoga beats is an beautiful way to practise Yoga and dance!

Starlight Festival of Healing – at the Bangalow A&I Hall 7–10 January 2016. $20 admission. 2-day pass $30. Locals’ 2-for-1 days, Thursday 7 & Friday 8 January. Tickets online or at the door.

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