Dutton must go or Turnbull will

Open letter to the prime minister of Australia, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Is your position untenable?

For the last month you have as our leader in government had the following issues placed upon you namely:

  • Mal Brough MP who by all accounts has either lied to Nine Network or the cabinet;
  • Jamie Briggs MP who had some sort of scandal in Hong Kong whilst on diplomatic business with a female; and
  • Immigration and border protection Minister, Peter Dutton MP who ‘mistakenly’ sent an offensive text message to a journalist being key points:
  • Dutton called  The Sunday Telegraph’s political editor Samantha Maiden a “mad f***ing witch” in a text message sent intended for Briggs.

Given the magnitude of the perverse actions, especially a minister that has a responsibility for his staff and in particular, refugees and border protection, gaffs like these are either deliberate to unsettle your future ability to be the leader of the nation or total stupidity on behalf of your government members of parliament.

To this end, I see no reason as a voter considering the LNP as my preferred vote to the elections this year given that you can’t control your parliamentarians shooting off at the mouth or worse, being discriminatory towards the opposite sex.

There is no room for any form of domestic violence in the public, especially in government and as your aware, domestic violence is not only physical but mentally abusive.

Minister Dutton must resign as he has squandered all of his resources of being totally incompetent in his position as minister.

As the Prime Minister of Australia, you need to desperately reign in these factional bodies and bring intelligent harmony to the position of leadership by all members of the LNP.

Roger Graf, Fingal Head

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