Headlong slide towards nanny state

In reference to Mark Oliver’s letter regarding our headlong slide into ‘nannystateism’ (13/1/16) the nannies were out in force during their replies in Echonetdaily, responding with an almost appalling disgust that somebody dare challenge the law.

People who wish to wear helmets to ride a bike, close their windows and lock their car at every possible opportunity and want to voluntarily offer their saliva for testing just in case you may have passively inhaled a marijuana joint the last time you went to the pub, are all welcome to do so freely. Mark’s point, and that of the majority of law-abiding conscious citizens living in the region that I have met and talked to, is that we are sick and tired of being told what to do when to do it and by whom.

Freedoms, just like democracies (even though the democracy we have is a farce), have been fought for by many for many years. Not just the right to vote or the right to a fair trial, but more significantly the right to live a safe but hassle-free lifestyle, away from police harassment and over-regulated day-to day-activities.

Once upon a time, a public servant’s job in the police force was to serve and protect: to chase down criminals and show empathy and compassion towards teenagers and the young, who are learning life’s tricky path.

Nowadays it is all about producing criminals, topping up the state’s coffers financially and producing enough crime to maintain and continue the privatized world of law courts, lawyers, barristers, jails and those who rely on the boys in blue to prop up their crony self interest..

This topic riles me because it is not about the freedoms we have any longer as much as it is about those freedoms we are losing at an enormously fast rate.

Risk is part of life, as is having fun, taking drugs, and believing somewhere in amongst all this that the state and its elected powers are there to produce safety nets for our own passage, as they are required, and not to legislate in a knee-jerk reaction.

Acts of law willy nilly favouring a few self interested lobby groups mean this fair, just and valid belief in our ability to self-govern and control most of our own lives and the consequences is sadly is no more. Shame Australia.

Kol Dimond, Mullumbimby

2 responses to “Headlong slide towards nanny state”

  1. Paul M says:

    It is true. The police seem to be getting more and more aggressive and focussing on arrests and detections.

    Gone are the days of police being nice to us and going after the violent and abusive people and having our respect, now it seems they are way more interested in catching people with the presence of cannabis in their system or people who are going 6 km’s/h over the speed limit.

    It is a real shame, as many people I talk to are becoming more and more frustrated at the police and the way they are acting or being told to act in their workplace (which is our communities).

    The way things are going more people are going to become violent and out of control because of the actions of the government and police, more hard crime and more hard drugs.

    Why on earth they are still focussing on cannabis seems a mystery to me, many places in the world are totally relaxing their laws in regards to weed and are seeing less crime, less violence and less hard drug use because if it. But here in Aus we are still promoting more alcohol use (sponsorship of the cricket where kids are watching etc raising a new generation of alcoholism) and ice still seems to be on the increase.

    So basically we have two options for recreational drugs that we are allowed to consume – alcohol and tobacco. Both being very addictive and deadly. Alcohol also causing many people to be abusive and violent. And we aren’t allowed cannabis, which is not addictive, not deadly and relaxes people and has no links to violence. That does not make sense to me at all.

    Maybe, just maybe if we allowed cannabis as a recreational drug we would see less violence, less ice use, less negative thoughts about the police, less cancer and liver disease and less crime in general.

    Get rid of sniffer dogs, get rid of this insane saliva testing (or just make it for meth only) and re-train the police to be nice and community minded again, not this heavy handed agro approach we are seeing more and more of.

    Give us back some freedoms and choice. Most of us are good people who just wont to live in peace and harmony.

  2. yi lu says:

    Absolutely agree. When i was young i was taught that the police were here to serve and protect the community. However the older i got the less this seemed true to me.

    Just the other day at 7am in the morning, before the morning school rush, I saw 3 glorified young highway patrol cars and 4 cops staking out a street sign for no right turns. And a week ago i was pulled over and fined $230 by a hidden cop car for doing a giveway motion at a car-less intersection for failing to come to a complete stop for 3 seconds.

    These actions were unconscionable to me. Since when is public safety about profit?

    But i guess some of them have to justify their own existence as we now have a much larger police force than our standing army.

    Collecting our money solves nothing, catch some real crooks and stop leeching off the community you maccas eating blimps!

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