Was inquest held into death of Whian Whian forester?

Re your article Seeking justice for Whian Whian

I am the next-door neighbour to the property on which the logging fiasco was conducted.

This was a NSW Government initiative to encourage logging of native forests on private land’. The ‘private land’ arrangement made it clear that rather than ‘look before you cut’ being the legally required approach by the logging contractor in respect of threatened species of flora/fauna (on public-owned land), a ‘keep an eye out’ larrikin-style approach was the modus operandi of Forestry Corporation which was aided and abetted by the NSW Government. Hence the 12 to 18 member police presence every day.

What I have been trying to ascertain is whether a Coronial Inquest was held following the unfortunate death of one of the loggers, an event which caused the immediate closure of the ill-fated logging operation by Work Cover NSW.

My understanding is that the decision as to whether such an inquest should proceed was in the hands of a local Lismore magistrate, but Lismore Court refuses to advise as to whether it was conducted, or to release any information concerning such an inquest if it was so conducted.

My endeavours to acquire FOI documentation from WorkCover were thwarted by the usual requests for more money up front from me to accommodate their ‘costs’, which appeared to be following a very steep upward curve.

The efforts by NEFA in following up the EPA/NSW Forestry Corporation wedding and reception are to be applauded: and the intentions of the NSW Govt are to be castigated to precisely the same degree.

Patrick Tatham, Whian Whian

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