Credibility on the thin blue line

Australia’s police forces routinely lie to us about the value of seized drugs.

This week we learned the AFP busted $1.26 billion worth of methamphetamine, which apparently equates to 3.6 million individual hits of ice. The maths says every single hit of ice is worth $350.

Similarly with the recent marijuana raids in Mullumbimby, 759 plants valued at $1.518 million, that’s $2,000 per plant, regardless of size.

This is deliberate misinformation provided to the Australian taxpayers who fund police operations.

So what other lies do they routinely feed us? Can we believe anything they say?

As the thin blue line representing honour and decency, our police must tell the truth or lose all credibility.

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One response to “Credibility on the thin blue line”

  1. Jenny Smithers says:

    NO, we can’t believe anything they say. The NSW police and the people who advise them are out of control. The police are doing more harm than good these days. They are so in your face and agro that no one is trusting of them anymore.

    The drug driving tests which are making criminals out of people who have used cannabis many days prior to being tested and testing positive is a complete joke, all the while they are not testing for heroin, cocaine, LSD or any pharmaceutical drug (which are all tested for in the UK saliva tests).

    I think our politicians and police are waging a war on citizens and their civil liberties. We need to step up and vote them out and protests in any ways we can.

    Lock out laws, overly strict saliva tests, sniffer dogs, revenue raising, targeting of end users of small amounts of drugs, all of these things have been done with an abuse of power.

    What happened to the police protecting and serving us? I know a few people who have called police when they’ve been broken into or had a road rage incident and other various matters and the police are hardly concerned. They seem to have an agenda for anti drugs and making more money by fining people.

    Pretty sad. Loads of people I chat to are over it. It’s ruining peoples lives who have not hurt anyone at all but are now faced with a huge fine, loss of license and a criminal record. They cant work anymore and will have to join centre link and are pushed right down in society. For what reason? Because they smoked a joint 4 or 5 days prior to driving? Totally outrageous.

    If this government thinks it can lower people wonting to use cannabis this way they are way off the mark. Many people use cannabis because it helps them and isnt harmful for us like alcohol or tobacco.

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